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  1. Jackson would have cost a lot less to draft as well.
  2. The INT was a bad pass and it unluckily popped up off his knee.
  3. I give Mahomes an A+ today. Oh and Watkins too. Oh, and throw in McCoy as well...
  4. I was not able to watch the game live due to being outside and being useful on a nice day. I just got done watching the first half, and I must say the Bills outplayed the Jets, they just had too many costly mistakes.
  5. Lamar Jackson had 5 passing TD's today against the Dolphins lol. Can't wait until the Bills play them...
  6. Just had a dream the Bills lost and Allen played like crap. Also, Allen said they lost because of "sticks and mushrooms". So, not sure what I am supposed to make of this premonition...
  7. The Jets are the better team until proven otherwise in the eyes of the media.
  8. The Jets have more talent on offense. The Bills' offense is made up of a lot of low cost 2nd teir talent.
  9. This was a painfull game, no offense and too many penalties.
  10. Becsuse neither of those teams were a thing when these two were playing.
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