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  1. I think Gabe Davis. I mean the guy was basically forgotten until Manny got hurt. Then he came on with a vengeance culminating in his best Eric Moulds impersonation at KC. Work out warrior, very clean head, is getting a lot of pub from the Bills online. I don't think any of us really know what he can be long term. Just how good he can be. He toe taps as good as anybody and showed more deep ball threat than I ever expected. He seems to have natural synergy with Josh, especially on broken plays. He could go to the pro bowl this year or not really advance past what we have seen. Large swing for this kid. I'm pulling for him, he seems like a class act, just doing everything right and being a team guy when his number isn't called.
  2. While I think people are stuck in some euphoric bubble (despite entering and exiting and entering the same bubble last year). It would really, really take a lot. I mean Andy Reid was given over a decade in Philly. He has a great relationship with our GM. I would say even with a clean playoff miss he is still around. If we keep getting close, like it or not, he will be given a lot of chances to finish the job.
  3. So he hits a golf ball a mile, can crush a baseball, arguably one of the strongest arms in NFL history. Runs a 40 that is sneaky and shockingly fast (throw out the combine numbers) and he's the size of a large TE. It's getting to be rather obvious why Josh was so hard to figure out early in his career and remained polarizing for some time. He's an all timer of an athlete and he leveraged that as he learned to read defenses more. I still don't know if he will ever be like a Peyton type in how well he can read a defense. He keeps getting better and that's scary. Still, even with how he is progressing, he is above the athletic ability of just about every QB to ever play this game and he works his butt off. That will take you very far.
  4. Schobel, Kelsey, and Ryan Denney meet every Friday to discuss motors and over achieving, In all seriousness, he was a very good player for us in that era. Most these guys really struggle with losing the competition, spotlight, and purpose when careers end. The fact that we don't hear much likely means he is a well adjusted individual that is living his life the way he wants. If that's the case, good for him.
  5. Ever hear the crazy story's about FG's these guys make in practice? He kicked it over 90 yards in the air in a game situation. I imagine he has had 95-100+ yard punts in practice. I have to go with Araiza
  6. Nuts he lasted this long, he has to be worth at least 1 point above replacement level if not more, if not even more given how difficult it can be to punt in Buffalo.
  7. As other have pointed out the Ravens have tried to come to the table a lot with Lamar, as he's acting as his own agent. At this point, Lamar has not worked with them toward even starting negotiations. The weird things is it's not as if he is saying I won't sit down unless X happens. He's saying nothing.
  8. Dudes an absolute beast. I watched him at least 4 times in 2021. That was an excellent Rams team that somehow ended up 3-9, likely as a result of awful QB play in Centeio who is transferring to an FCS school from Colorado State (that should give you an idea how bad he was). Yet McBride still posted the most receiving yards by a TE in Mountain West history and 5th most by an FBS TE ever. He's a big target and can move but his hands are ridiculous. Certainly a first round talent in my mind.
  9. I mean, so many bad thinks start to happen with pressure. Interceptions, incompletions, future disruptions just based on the perceived threat of pressure. Sacks can be all you care about, but it's just one of a lot of things that matter. I think you know as much.
  10. Nice, the first time in 25 years my handle was relevant. Go Broncos!
  11. I think this is plausible for a couple reasons. Giants make a natural partner and the Bills don't need as much depth as they do an impact player at an impact position that would be cap friendly for a few years. This makes me think the target is Hamilton or Gardner. If we did draft Hamilton I think we play a ton of Big Nickle and Poyer and Hyde are not traded. More of a 4-2-5 base defense. We certainly have the DL.
  12. I'm 40 in May, from Detroit suburbs. My first clear memory I have watching a football game was the Bengals and 49ers Super Bowl in 1989. Slowly by the time the Bills and Giants played I became more of a fan and the Bills in general. I clearly recall crying myself to sleep after the Washington Super Bowl. I do not remember doing so for the Giants Super Bowl. So something happened after that game. Reflecting, I fell in love with the team and the way they played. I loved the cold weather and snow games. I identified with the fans as loyal and dedicated, all of the above as resilient. I also have no doubt I was influenced as person by those 90's teams.
  13. I'm basing my thoughts on reading articles about the Ravens when they drafted Jackson. Most focusing on his athleticism more than anything else. Baltimore knew he was not conventional. When you combine those articles with Roman, a guy who is one of the more successful coaches in the QB run game as an OC in the last 20-30 years relative to his peers. The lack of resources Baltimore added at WR early on. Bulking up the RB positions, OL, and defense. Looking at what Lamar did in college. It seems obvious to me they did not expect to field what most would view as a conventional offensive attack. Only as teams figured them out in time have they looked to evolve into a more balanced approach which has yet to really take shape.
  14. 🤣 I like Office Space? I don't know what happened.
  15. You sound like a minimum flair kind of guy. We will need you to step up that flair a bit.........
  16. I made a post about this back then and got scorched for it. Then again that was an ugly week of posting. Most peoples opinions on here at the time was it shouldn't have been called. Which I agreed with, but my point was it was a rule and was being called all year in that spot. So it should have been called.
  17. With QB/WR/CB contracts making up such large % of the cap. That's if you're even lucky enough to be in that position with a QB. Now put yourselves in the shoes of teams that don't have a clear QB. Do you really try and model teams like Buffalo? It took us 20 years to find a QB and plenty of wasted draft capital in the process. The league is always evolving and I can't help but think we are at a crossroads with the way teams go about building. We saw Baltimore take Lamar with this type of mindset. They had no intention of running a traditional NFL offense. Ironically, they very well could end up paying a traditional franchise QB price tag. Then New England last year. Both franchises really did not place a big focus on the traditional passing game. Spend resources in areas other teams aren't. Run the football and play great defense. This has been enough to allow playoff appearances by both teams but that is as far as it's gotten. Perhaps that's as far as it can go. All I know is if I'm in the AFC right now I'm looking at about a dozen teams that have a nuclear bomb and I don't know if my goal is to keep up with that arms race. I think I have a better chance fighting this battle differently. Is this something you expect we will see championed by more teams in the coming years? More teams essentially reverting back to more of a traditional football strategy?
  18. I'm from the Detroit burbs originally and was actually happy to see they would be featuring the Lions. I think Campbell is more than just a meat head coach. He's certainly learning on the job but the Rex comparisons are not accurate. Lions players would run through a wall for the guy, in a real way. They played competitive football when they shouldn't and didn't stop. They need a serious talent upgrade. Detroit also shares a lot with Buffalo. For a very long period of time we were the two teams in the NFL with insane playoff droughts. Both teams won championships but never a Super Bowl. Both areas are pretty blue collar on the great lakes. Both teams have very loyal fans. Even if I wasn't from the area I would rather watch something on Detroit than say Dallas, Pittsburgh, Vegas or some other NFL fan favorite BS.
  19. I think it's pretty obvious teams just don't want to put themselves in the same position Cleveland didn't want to be in. Namely having to payout a big contract to a guy they aren't sure is the guy. Why would any team want to trade resources just to put themselves in that position? If he gets released I think at that point we will see a lot of teams interested. Then he can sign more of a prove it deal.
  20. I have bet on a ton of Iowa State games in the last 5 years, likely because Matt Campbell seems to do so well in the 2nd half of the season and his teams seem to always fly under the radar. I watched a lot of David Montgomery and then his predecessor, Breece Hall. While I liked both players, I feel Montgomery played faster than his 40 and Hall slower with Montgomery being a much more physical back. Hall is still a good player, but can I say he is better within 10 yards than Motor? Further, do I think his 4.39 really matters at the next level? No on both accounts. I just don't see how he warrants a selection by us early. We are better off with our current puff puff give than adding another guy to it.
  21. Can set the edge in the run game, we have shown a weakness in that area against higher end run teams since his departure.
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