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  1. If they were allowed to call witnesses, this sham of an impeachment might not be happening. Hey, don't let the truth interrupt a rail roading of the President.
  2. WTF??? Have you been smoking some of Bob's "medicinal" marijuana?
  3. Three times I've had to put my dog down. I stayed to the end with each of them. Just had to put my dog down this past summer. I'm not going to lie, I cried like a baby each time. It still hurts to think of them sometimes. Good luck with your bull dog steptide.
  4. I heard season 3 of mindhunter on Netflix has been canceled. Anybody else hear this and why?
  5. He thinks if the Democrats win the house, all of there corruption will be swept under the rug.
  6. Daboll coached the entire season while in a coma. Expected to wake up before training camp starts next year
  7. Perfect example of why you should never post when you're stoned off your gourd.
  8. Some fans can't get over the Allen pick. They never will.
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