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  1. I think we should sign Jerome Bettis! He looks great in a flag football game! Go Bus!!!!
  2. Coming from someone who laughed at the Americans who died in Benghazi, I find your outrage over Acosta full of schiff. Spare me your moral outrage, since you've never shown to have any morals before.
  3. With the economy booming and more people working, I don't think not being crazy would be enough to beat Trump in 2020. Especially with the pathetically weak field of democrats they have running.
  4. Maybe I'm different. Bills games aren't life and death for me anymore. I guess after over 40 years of being a fan, I might be a little jaded.
  5. Are you crazy!!! Shiff, Pelosi, Nadler,Waters etc,etc,etc....are not moderates by any stretch of your imagination.
  6. Registered Democrat, socially in the middle and fiscally conservative. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I'm against abortion. I have no problem helping people who really need assistance. I'm really not for or against gay marriage. I consider it none of my business. I believe in America first. I think the democratic party is corrupt at the top. They need to go and let more moderate Democrats take charge.
  7. Of course she will. Have to keep the corruption in the family.
  8. They have to impeach him first, then figure out what for.
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