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  1. Really???? Just look into all the voter fraud in California.
  2. Let me speak, in a language you can easily understand. The reason the criminal left wants to use mail in voting is because of covid19. That's what started it.
  3. I love how people can go out and riot in the streets, but can't go out to vote. Love it!
  4. This can't be true! The commies on PPP said it has been peaceful since the stormtroopers left? I thought silence is violence? I'm confused!
  5. How can a anyone not see the scam for what it is? All of a sudden they're worried about lines? Yet they pack a funeral home and have been rioting in the streets for months. But on election day they're worried about lines? The left openly flaunts their hypocrisy, then tells everyone else they can't do what they themselves are doing. We are living in bizarre times. The lack of respect and lacking any morals is the reason the left can do what they do. They depend on the right to stand by their character and their morals to not stop this movement. They pretty much are correct. Until we law abiding citizens stand up and stop this nonsense, it will continue and become more and more brazen in their law breaking. Enough is enough!
  6. Hell, that would be tibs on a good day!
  7. If biden wins, the "pandemic" will be over by the end of the year. If Trump wins, it will last at least four more years.
  8. That's an Interesting strategy Cotton. Let's see how it plays out?
  9. The commies on PPP approve of that. You won't hear one of them disavow it.
  10. No surprise. The radical left have always been racist. KKK, Jim Crow, etc, etc...
  11. Lol, I was just quoting the mayor of Seattle. Definitely not the summer of love. More like the summer of hate.☹
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