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  1. I'm fine with getting rid of the divisions. No way would I want to only play teams in one conference. That is dumb. You want national exposure. It is too infrequent now for the Bills to play Dallas or Green Bay or Chicago. It is much better for small market teams to get national exposure. At a minimum I would recommend two things. A playoff team must have a .500 record or better to make the playoffs. No more 7-9 or 7-8-1 division winners. And they must take away the automatic home field playoff game for division winners. The top 6 teams should be ranked by record. It is not fair for a 11-5 Saints team to travel to a 7-9 Seattle.
  2. Every game that this board thinks is a lock to win, has a team message board with the Bills as a lock win for their respective teams. I'm sure the Jets see 4 wins between Buffalo and Miami. Denver and Baltimore look at the Bills as must win games to make the playoffs.
  3. 8-8 would be a huge disappointment three years in to a new regime with the schedule they have. Just start 2-0 and 10 wins is very possible
  4. I'm worried about the two first games. They are must wins games to make the playoffs. They are on the road with a completely new OL. Very difficult but must wins. Lose either one and they will need an upset over New England, Philadelphia, or Dallas while still sweeping Miami and the bottom feeders of the AFC.
  5. OLB is a mess and backup MLB is even worse. My 53 prediction has at least one player that is not on the roster now making the team.
  6. He doesn't look like he would make most college teams. Probably had a better shot when he was fat At least he would have had some girth to move. He won't make it past week 2 of TC
  7. He was in my early prediction for final 53. It will come down to him and McKenzie for 5th spot. They will keep Roberts as the 6th WR/KR. Does Daboll want a gadget guy or a true WR?
  8. No way he makes the team. His sole role is to keep Beasley's reps down until camp is over. Then he gets cut.
  9. Other signature moves Roger Craig - high knees Lawrence Taylor - strip sack Rich Gannon - full shoulder pump fake Jim Kelly - fake pass scramble Earl Campell - tear away jersey Jonathan Ogden/Walter Jones/Orlando Pace - Left tackle punch in pass blocking
  10. That was Gilmore and the rest of the players sucking in Rex Ryan's defense
  11. Most on here didn’t agree with the money Whaley paid Shady. However the Bills have no cap issues and have no need to save money by cutting him. Single Gary is small and comes from a nowhere school. He might be great but it’s a very big if. And the fact Allen came from Wyoming was a very big question mark too. One that hopefully will be answered this year.
  12. The bigger issue with this game was McD played for a tie when a tie eliminated them from playoff race. Agree
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