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  1. He has been since game 1. He is playing the role of the Lee Smith blocking TE.
  2. He struggled on the first few series but was solid thereafter. Maybe I missed a play or two later in the game but he seemed to hold his own.
  3. Only the third game they have played together and they appear to be getting better each week. Williams was outstanding against Young. But I don't want to shortchange Dawkins either. They did not show many replays yesterday, but I don't recall Dawkins getting beat all game.
  4. Agreed. I was a holdout with Montana as the GOAT QB up until jsut a few years ago. And Rice is my greatest player of all time even over Brady
  5. Two of those sub .500 teams are the Chiefs and Colts both of which will be very difficult games. Titans and Chiefs still the two toughest opponents on the schedule regardless of record.
  6. I like winning. Last I checked the Bills haven't been close to beating the Chiefs and they have a SuperBowl win. Their culture must be working.
  7. Wow. Boomer Esiason hinted at this in the post-game show. Wonder if he had any inside info?
  8. Marino was such a talent. That he is on that list from that era is incredible. With today's rules he would pass for 400+ every week.
  9. Here are some highlights. The short punts are about 8 min into the video I think
  10. He's the 4th WR. They are better in 3 WR sets and committed to running the ball more. Sanders is great and can get open all over the field. And of course the top 3 are all healthy.
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