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  1. Ethan in Portland

    moving up?

    I think it is 80/20 they stay at #9 mostly due to a lack of a willing trade partner. Ideally AZ and the NYG take QBs and there is a bidding wat for #9 pick for Lock. I would package a few late round picks for 2020 higher rounds. They don't need 10 draft picks to fill the 53 man roster. Probably only need 6 or 7 to make the 53. Ideally they trade away two picks and draft 8. I doubt they take a QB late in the draft. If they do, I suspect they will just move Anderson to a coaching role.
  2. Ethan in Portland

    Mcdermott's thoughts on Bills aging backfield.

    Shady is fine. It was the oline. I just am in wait and see mode before saying they will be any better as a group than last year. On paper they should be. By how much I don't know
  3. Ethan in Portland

    Gronk retired

    I haven’t read all 12 pages but here are my thoughts on reading about half the comments. I always felt defenses played Gronk wrong. His size made him a matchup nightmare for either a LB or a DB. But his speed could be neutralized by a DB - not all the time but some of the time. This was comfiremd to me by the comments from Jalen Ramsey. A DB could at least stay with Gronk making it somewhat more difficult to complete a pass. He was the premier blocking TE of his era. He will be in the HOF. I suspect he will get in the first ballot but It will depend on the rest of the eligible class. He is not in my top 5 tight ends of all time so nowhere near the GOAT My top 5: 1. Tony Gonzalez 2. John Mackey 3. Kellen Winslow 4. Ozzie Newsome 5. Antonio Gates (Gates would be higher but he never was much of a blocking threat) I probably put Gronk at 6, ahead of Sharpe and Ditka.
  4. Ethan in Portland

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    The kid did just about everything right as a leader. He didn’t complain when McD started Peterman. He didn’t complain when he was hurt and running all over the place behind a terrible OL. He didn’t throw Clay under the bus when he made likely the most athletic throw a QB has ever made as a Bill. He played hurt. He got better. He seemed to learn from mistakes. He showed enthusiasm and energy on the sideline which is leadership for white QBs and out of control behavior for black WRs. Honestly he did just about everything you want from a leader. So yes, I agree he wants to lead this team.
  5. Ethan in Portland

    This data suggests waiting until 2nd and 3rd rounds on WR and TE

    Trade down and get DL, TE, edge, OT in any order you want in the first three rounds.
  6. Ethan in Portland

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    Because winning is all that matters. And a high Td:Int ratio and high Yard/attempt are more important than leadership. I wanted Allen over all the other QBs in the draft and am pleased with performance to date. But now that he is on the team we have to objectively determine if he is the franchise QB they need. Leadership will not solve his lack of touch on short to intermediate passes. Experience and preparation will. If you equate hard work with leadership, which I do, then yes he has embraced the leadership role. But if you think running for 8 TDs, high jumping a LB, or getting hit in the head by Kiko is the recipe for playoff success you are entitled to your opinion. These are not the skills of Brady, Manning, or Brees. But to some extent they are of Wilson, Rodgers, Newton, and Roethlisberger. All of those QBs win prior to the snap, from the pocket, and can to some degree hurt teams by extending plays. If Allen is going to be the franchise guy, he needs to improve on the first two qualities, he already is great at the third.
  7. Ethan in Portland

    LB - Starters/Depth - Is more needed?

    They need an edge rusher more than a true linebacker. They play nickel 60% of the time and need a player that can replace Lorax as an edge rusher but who can stay on the field at OLB in the base defense when needed. Top 4 need in the draft along with TE, OT, and DT
  8. Ethan in Portland

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    Defense and offensive coordinators I completely agree that coaching is crucial. Special teams coaching matters very little if at all especially with the rule changes outlawing things like the wedge.
  9. Ethan in Portland

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Nice move. Levi, Taron, and EJ can compete for CB#2,3,and 4. Also decreases the likelihood they use a top 4 draft pick on a DB
  10. Ethan in Portland

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    I didn't think you were calling me out. I agree change was coming and hope for the better. I'm firmly in the camp that Shady is not in decline and it was all the OL and inexperienced QB play that hampered the run game. FYI, there is no evidence Einstein ever said the quote most attributed to him....
  11. Ethan in Portland

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    That is a good question. Best guess is within coaching circles he probably knows what he is doing and is respected far more than this board knows his qualifications. Again, I don't care who the STs coach is. I won't give any credit to the new coordinator if they perform better nor criticize if they are the same or worse. Its all the players on the field.
  12. Ethan in Portland

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    I'm not defending them. I am just not saying they are the root cause of the problem and simply replacing them will be an improvement. I don't believe there is any correlation between ST coaches and performance on the field. Look at April and Crossman's careers. They both have had awful and highly rated units. The Bills have had terrible WR and LB groups for a couple years now and the depth behind the starting secondary has either been injured or just not good. Those positon groups make up the bulk of the important ST groups. My question for you is, every person who has ever watched a football game knows you can't block in the back yet game after game multiple penalties. Do you really think Crossman did not teach that? And if you throw Crossman under the bus for the penalties, what about the rest of the staff for all the presnap penalties??? Again I don't care one bit who is the ST coach, I just know changing the coach is not an effective improvement strategy. As for Miller and Mills, neither are even average but had ok moments. Im just not convinced the replacements, while more expensive are any better. I've also criticized Teller who was even worse last year but hope will improve.
  13. Ethan in Portland

    Devin White LSU LB: I’ll be looking for $100 mil in 5 years

    Or he is saying, draft me I'm going to be a superstar.
  14. Ethan in Portland

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    So did Losman, Fitz, EJ, and TT. Leadership has not been an issue. Hell even Peterman lead them right down the drain but the players seemed to back him. Allen needs to cut down the turnovers and make more throws from the pocket. A 2:1 TD:INT ratio for year two would be nice. No one really knows how much he should run, but the odds of getting hurt are not in his favor.
  15. Ethan in Portland

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    Crossman wasn't the reason for the flags