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  1. This is my upset game of the year. Bills will beat GB and Rodgers the week before. Then have a mental lapse on the road. Almost nobody picked a loss to the Jags and most did not expect a loss to Pittsburgh last year.
  2. I could live with 1 preseason game but they played none in 2020 and the competition and quality of play was fine
  3. The gap between Jerry Rice and every other WR in the history of the NFL is greater than every other position. Yes I do think Brady is best QB of all time but he doesn't even have all the all-time records. You can make legit arguments for Marino, Elway, Rodgers, Brees, and Manning in the best QB category. Lastly Brady is not in my top 2 NFL players of all time - that would be Rice and LT. I think the gap between Lawrence Taylor and all other linebackers is the second widest margin. Jim Brown is probably even a better argument than Brady. Though his records have been surpassed he was more physically dominant than any RB in NFL history. As for overall athlete, it is Gretzky and there is no further discussion. Male or female there is no other athlete that was more superior in their respective sport across all eras.
  4. I agree. They open up a roster spot by getting rid of Gilliam. With Howard and Knox you then get rid of Sweeney. Then the decision is how many and which RBs do you keep?
  5. Why wouldn't Quessenbury be first to back up IOL? I thought he could back up at all 5 spots and compete to start at RT.
  6. Honestly if he hadn't gotten hurt he probably would have been cut by now. I guess the only spot he is really competing for would be Kumerow's. And I say that because those are two guys with size. Both are listed at 6'4" though many sites also say he is 6'3". Davis is 6'2. I just can't see him making the roster for the rare red-zone opportunity. His only shot would be if Kumerow got hurt and even then I'm not sure he would make the roster.
  7. Knox is top 10 talent but just doesn't have the numbers. Maybe this year with a new OC. Dawkins was playing at a top 5 level late last season. He struggled early. Morse is just outside top 10. Oliver I can see anywhere from 7 to 15, and getting better every year. Didn’t like the pick but he is a solid starter. And of course PFF sees the same thing we do in Edmunds. He is nowhere near a top 10 LB. Hope he plays like one this year.
  8. Agree. I didn't like but was ok with the Rex hire. I thought he would keep Schwartz and just add some of his blitz concepts. People forget he took a bad Jets team to back to back AFC Conference championship games with Sanchez. If he had just left the defense to Schwartz and had the same results on offense Bills would have been a contender just like the Ravens are year after year. Rex in game decisions were ok I thought too. But he got silly and stupid with his devotion to his outdated defense, his brother, and stuff like choosing captains for the week based on antagonizing the opponents.
  9. Please stop with the #1 defense stuff. No rational person thinks the Bills had the best defense in the NFL last year. As for the rest of your post. I agree with all points. The DL overall talent level looks much better than last year. I would have kept Hughes for one more year, but I liked Lawson when he was here. I really hope Basham earns a lot of playing time to keep Miller fresh down the stretch. I'd be fine if they started Tre on PUP list and he came back week 7. Hopefully they will have a better sense of how ready he will be. There are still some veteran corners they could sign for the first 1/3rd of the season.
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