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  1. Yes he will get in. No he doesn't deserve to be in the HOF. I also don't think Kurt Warner should be in the HOF. But if they put in Warner they will put in Eli
  2. I agree with your assessment. I'm worried it will be harder to replace Phillips via the draft than finding a better edge option than Murphy. I like Shaq a lot and hope he comes back. He is a good pro and if he was a starter or primary backup at DE it would be fine with me. I've posted many times, my priority is a pass rushing OLB. But I'm an old timer now who grew up with Lawrence Taylor, Cornelius Bennett, and Derrick Thomas. Maybe in 2020 it should be a 4-3 DE.
  3. As others have pointed out he is at risk for being cut, but I think that would be unwise. He will be an overpaid TE#2 but his contract won't prevent anyone from getting signed in FA. Cutting him only accelerates the cap hit and they would still need to find another TE#2. He is a fine #2 and the team has bigger issues to deal with
  4. DE or OLB in first, second and fourth. DT in the second. Get your WR in free agency
  5. Well played. O-line was garbage last year and we cut a guy that was a good teammate and good to the city. And played injured in the Jax playoff game...but never did anything for this team Cutting him and keeping Gore was a mistake. No other way to spin it. Add it to the list of personnel mistakes McD has made over the years. No HC or GM is perfect but keeping Gore over McCoy made no sense, nor did it make sense to play Gore over Yeldon.
  6. Both teams are loaded with talent and both only lack good QB play to be a consistent winner. Rivers has reportedly relocated his family to Florida. One might assume Brady would want a warm weather place to finish his career, or play a majority of his games in a dome. Both have offensive minded head coaches. Free agency this year will be incredible if these guys decide to keep playing and take their talents elsewhere.
  7. Agree. Hughes is still effective but is on the decline.
  8. Agree with your post. Trust in Knox. He is on his way to being a top 5 TE in this league.
  9. We had a top 3 defense in yards, not in performance. We need a defense that can rush the passer. I'm fine with targeting DE as the pass rusher, but I think those guys are harder to find than an OLB that can come off the edge.
  10. Defense and run game again wins. Bills need to add four front 7 defenders this offseason. The most critical is to get a pass rushing OLB. They also need at least two defensive ends. Shaq would be fine as one of them but if he walks they need to add two more. Lastly another interior DL with the assumption J. Phillips is gone. I would let Spain walk, move Ford to LG, and sign a veteran RT. They will need to add a running back too. I would address in free agency saving my draft picks for defensive guys and a WR.
  11. Knox and Kroft are fine at TE. They need four front 7 defenders, a WR, and probably a RT. Of course that assumes Allen keeps getting better.
  12. Knox has potential to be best TE in Bills’ sad history at that position. Kid looked great at times.
  13. Defense and run game just can't win in today's NFL
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