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  1. Best way to try to stop elite TEs is with corners not linebackers. Edmunds can't cover Kelce and you don't want your MLB split out wide. They will play zone with a safety over the top of Hill most of the time.
  2. Yes I'm sure they are up at night thinking about their final games against the Bills instead of their 8 SuperBowl wins
  3. I've posted many times they should be in win now mode just like the Rams. That said, any season that ends with a Division title and a playoff win has to be considered a success. I've posted a few times that the season was not necessarily enjoyable. But that was born of frustration of inexplicable periods of bad play and the constant background issues of COVID this year. Any wins after beating the Patriots will only add to a good season and each win will make it even better. Madden always said all but one playoff team ends their season with a loss. They are not losers. They just lost a playoff game. Hope this is our year. Hope a resurgent DL and OL along with superstar play from JA is enough to bring home a title.
  4. Chargers - I had them as a WC team Cleveland - I also had them as a WC team with the Bengals a year away and Pittsburgh falling apart. They had their share of injuries and COVID but they also played poorly. The question will be how bad was Mayfield's shoulder and how much did it hinder him. Only they know.
  5. You must see the difference between week 5 and the divisional round of the playoffs?
  6. Similar narrative to Manning needing to beat Brady, even though in both cases they don't really face each other. But they are two of the four best QBs in the league and until Allen and the Bills beat the Chiefss it will always be brought up. It was the same with Kelly and Marino. Is it lazy to compare QBs in such a way? Yes, but it's the reality.
  7. To be fair they outperformed their talent which is a testament to BB as a coach but also a knock on his ability to draft. I dont see MacJones ever threatening the Bills. Can they win 10 games with him consistently? Sure. Can he get better? Who knows. I try to give players a few years before passing final judgement on them. Im not always successful in that endeavor. Jones was not the reason the Pats lost to the Bills but I just don't see a guy athletic enough to compete long term. He was good enough to be the starter next year which means the Pats have a starting QB on a rookie salary and their defense despite what the Bills did to them was #2 in the league in both yards and points. They played the same weak QBs the Bills did, but they made the most of it too. Feels like Jets with Ken Obrien vs Bills and Kelly.
  8. First guy that came to mind was Namath. I had to look up the others. I didn't realize Stabler won a National championship. Joe Montana 1977 National Champion Troy Aikman was a partial starter for Oklahoma when they won the national championship A few starting QBs got rings as backups in the NFL like Kosar. And Brady was a backup on Michigan when they shared a national title.
  9. Agree on your take with Tua. He has a pop gun arm but could survive in a west coast type offense. He is fairly accurate. Hursts is so far below Jackson even calling him a poor man's version of Jackson is too much of a compliment and an insult to Jackson. Jackson is a far more accomplished passer. His OC has a bad track record over multiple franchises developing a passing attack. Jackson will never be as good as Allen and it looks like the younger guys Herbert and Burrow have passed him too. If I'm Baltimore I let him play this year on the 5th year guarantee and then franchise tag him next year.
  10. After nightmare getting home, I'm skipping this week. I've been to KC three times before. Saving my money and energy for Tenn or at home against Cinci.
  11. Mayock is a clown. Why do people keep going to the Patriots??? It was 90% Brady and 10% BB. Most players and almost all coaches that leave are failures.
  12. To the coaching staff's credit they took a 3rd round rookie and have made him a fixture at RT. That helped a lot but starting Bates seems to be the key. Or maybe sticking with Singletary as the feature back.
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