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  1. Ethan in Portland

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    They drafted a G at #6. That is how you build the OL. Not with a coach.
  2. Ethan in Portland

    Can't the Bills find a TE that can block like Gronk?

    TE is the historically worst position the Bills have ever had outside of perhaps PK. Researching before I posted, I found only Ernie Warlick has ever made the ProBowl as a TE. I didn't know much about him but after reading a bit he sounds like he was a great player but for a short period of time. The rest of the bunch have been physically average neither possessing speed or size to any dominant degree. Metzelaars was tall but never a dominant blocker. He amassed just over 100 catches during the four SuperBowl years COMBINED. Even an aging Tony Gonzalez would have been the best TE in history had he not blocked the trade from KC to Buffalo.
  3. Ethan in Portland

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    Sadly I think you are correct. I would not agree with it but I think you are correct. McD talks his process crap and i'm sure the Pegulas eat it up. Yet his process and Beane's moves made the roster worse, was wrong on every challenge in 2018, and had one of the worst penalized teams in the NFL. Two games against AFC 3rd place finishers plus four more against Jets/Miami. Add two more games against the 3rd and 4th place finisher of the NFC division they play next year and that is 8 games against bottom feeders. The time to win is at hand.
  4. Ethan in Portland

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    Just add two new pieces to the line, add a WR, and draft an OLB and this team can easily win 10 games on a 3rd place schedule. They don;t even need to use all the cap space to fill all the problems. Bodine was just above awful and if he is the worst player on the line then that would be ok. Personally I would bring back Mills and sign veteran C and RG, draft an OT, and find a TE somewhere. Then have to hope Teller and Dawkins get better
  5. Ethan in Portland

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    7 wins in year 3, playing a 3rd place schedule and you give them a pass? 7 wins can't happen unless Allen gets hurt. If Allen bombs then they both get fired. They pushed all the chips in and used multiple picks for Allen. I think it was the right pick but if he regresses then they have to lose their jobs. It doesn't take long to get better. Must make playoffs in 2019 barring injury or crazy tiebreaker scenarios
  6. Ethan in Portland

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    Barring no injuries, it is playoffs or bust for me. Three years is more than enough time in today's NFL. They chose to go the rebuild route and they are the ones that created the dead cap space. Therefore they must produce in 2019. Anything less than the playoffs and I fire both of them unless there are mitigating circumstances like crazy injuries or they win 10 games but still end up out of the playoffs on tiebreakers.
  7. With Peterman at QB I don't think they win 2 games all year
  8. Ethan in Portland

    Vance Jospeh named DC in Arizona...how???

    You missed the point. Daboll's offenses in the NFL have not been historically that good. And yet he keeps getting OC jobs. Its the same thing. Only of course Daboll is white and now on the Bills staff and Joseph is black and not a Bills hire. The analogy is spot on.
  9. Ethan in Portland

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    Byrd may have been the luckiest player in Bills history. Many of his INTs seem to be terribly thrown balls where Byrd wasn't even in good position to make a play on the WR. But he is still the best of the list. AW was ok at safety. A bit overrated. Parrish was dangerous at times. Dawkins regressed this year but is still solid. Darby will be an interesting story to play out. He was given away for a rent for a year WR that was terrible. He has played well for Philadelphia though injured twice. I was ok with the trade because I thought Darby played fairly poorly in year two with Rex but then again so did the entire defense. Rest are awful. What a terrible track record of drafts. And then add in all the picks given away to move up
  10. Oh please. Drafting Mahomes would not have brought Andy Reid, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. If and it is still to be determined, Allen and Edmunds are high level players for years even if not MVP caliber they make that trade everytime. A DB, MLB, and QB will be the cornerstones for the team. Now they just need to fix the line and get a WR.
  11. Ethan in Portland

    Tremaine Edmunds - Season Highlights

    Draft a pass rushing OLB. That is the missing piece on this defense. Let Shaq and Lorax rotate at DE.
  12. Ethan in Portland

    Bills 2018 Season Highlights in 3 minutes

    LOL. Even in a season highlights video they can't find one great catch. Off-season can't come soon enough
  13. Ethan in Portland

    Which prospect do you NOT want the Bills to draft?

    So you would you have passed on Quenton Nelson if available at 9? Or are you saying there are no OL worthy in in 2019?
  14. #8 made more great catches in one single quarter of football than the entire Bills WR group did in two years.