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  1. His contract this upcoming offseason. They need to bring him back or find a replacement.
  2. Not a bad idea and probably of more value than an extra WR. One would think Hauschka would be the first guy they call as he is still a free agent
  3. Harbaugh had very good success at San Fran and his run at Michigan is about to end. The Chargers lack discipline and focus. He would bring that. I doubt Daboll will get a HC spot but its possible. Many of the recent hires are retread white guys or from college. Harbaugh fits both demographics. Lynn already had COVID over the summer. While repeat infection is possible it is extremely rare( 4 cases reported worldwide I believe and only 1 in the US). Good observation. Eagles line is decimated with injuries though too.
  4. They struggled to beat a 3-7 badly coached west coast team playing an early game on the east coast with a rookie QB that played like a rookie. But it was a win and in some areas the defense looked better. Honestly I'm more encouraged on how Josh led them to a late lead at Arizona than I was with what I saw yesterday.
  5. It wasn’t all offense. Both denses got torched but instead of forcing punts they got turnovers.
  6. There is another thread on here stating how important the home field advantage is. Look I'm not disagreeing with you. Lynn seems terrible. The Chargers were my darkhorse team to make a WC run. They have crapped the bed. Lynn will go. They appear to have at least a very good rookie QB, they play in LA, and they have talent on the team. They should be the #1 landing spot for a HC job. My hunch and way too soon to make a guess - is it will be Jim Harbaugh.
  7. Let's not. While I'm in favor of moving Edmunds to OLB, Klein is not the answer at MLB. He is fine as a 4-3 LB but they rarely have more than two linebackers on the field at the same time.
  8. Edmunds lined up at OLB several times today.
  9. Yes that is why White tackle was ok. Oliver blasted Herbert in a high low combo hit with White. It was a violent collision. Like it or not they are going to throw the flag more often than not when that happens. If the same hit happens to Allen this board would be screaming for roughing.
  10. First year he had to deal with the move to LA. Then they were playing in a soccer stadium with more opponents fans than their own. Rivers was a train wreck last year. I'm not trying to say Lynn is even a good coach but he has had some obstacles to deal with. Gase has been terrible everywhere he has gone and he had some weapons to work with in NY last year.
  11. Brady and Mahomes just had a brutal sequence of bad throws. Happens to even the best. Tyreek Hill has a chance to break single game yardage record
  12. Barring injury Murphy won't be active the rest of the year
  13. Because the NFL is making an example of the Broncos who were not following rules.
  14. Bills RBs are about tenth on the list of issues they need to address. They are average cheap guys neither of which has trade value nor is so bad they would considercutting them. Nothing wrong with that. This off-season they will need to address: 1. RT 2. RG 3. DE 4. OLB 5.DT 6. TE 7. Nickel slot DB 8.Back up OLB 9. Back up Safety 10. RB rotation And that leaves off MLB only because I think no matter how Edmunds plays McD and Beane are going to stick with him
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