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  1. Two games a year in these and two games a year in the standing buffalo woudl be perfect mixed with eight games in the new unifroms
  2. I agree. His comments are spot on. But the guy that should move up is Jay Feely. Maybe not all the way to MNF but at least to the second crew. He is really good with quickly going through different strategic decisions.
  3. Beane's tendencies are easy to figure out. He acquires extra picks during the season and off-season. he's been masterful at this. In general, he then trades up for positions of need - QB, MLB, TE, OT, RB burning many of the picks he acquired. He stood pat and allowed Oliver to fall to him. He should have moved up for Josh Allen but DT was a bigger need than DE in last years draft as they already had Hughes, Lawwon, and Murphy under contract. If he hits on Allen none of this matter. If Allen regresses and Edmunds doesn't get any better then the heat will be on him to find a QB during this window of opportunity.
  4. Up 16-0 with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, defense then gave up 19 straight points in a little more than 16 minutes. That is a collapse. Yes the offense needs to get better. Yes one block by Knox in OT and they win the game. An explosive WR will help, but defense wins in the playoffs. They need to get younger at edge/pass rusher and Edmunds needs to continue to get better.
  5. Defense collapsed against the Texans. Another WR would not have made a difference last year in the playoffs. Diggs maybe gets them one more win but they still are in the WC spot. Diggs will be huge in 2020 when the schedule is much harder.
  6. We don't. They need a RB, two edge rushers, and a punter. After that they can take any depth player they want. Given how deep the WR group is it will be likely a WR that is still quite good can be had on day 3.
  7. New CBA adds players. They will definitely add a third QB to the roster even if he is a low round prospect. I don't see DiMarco as a lock with the special teams guys they signed. I think they keep 4 TEs and use Sweeny or Kroft as a FB/Hback when needed. They will add a RB in the draft and I would not be surprised if they don't bring in another vet by trade. That leaves a Punter in the draft and two edge guys in the draft. They are old and still not explosive on the edges at both DE and OLB. The draft is so deep at WR they still may grab a great player on day 3 that could push for the final spot.
  8. Nobody hates Josh Allen on this board. He was the QB I wanted most. But he needs to play better. That is not hatred. That is just a fact. He improved in year two in every category. He needs to continue to get better. No reason to think he won’t, but there is no guarantee he will either.
  9. Agree but the solution is not rewrite the memory. The solution is earlier recognition so the oh-***** moments are less. Even the great ones throw bad balls every game. Just need 1-2 less bad throws, 1-2 less drops(Knox), and 1 miracle NFL holy ***** how did he catch that pass per game(Diggs and Brown). Then Allen is a 63% completion guy and the offense is lethal.
  10. Good call out. Josh was much improved 10-20 yards. The deep ball is always going to be less successful but last year he was so far off that teams didn't need to double deep and few PI calls as the ball was nowhere close. The most troubling thing was there were guys that had multiple steps on the defender and Allen missed them - usually an overthrow. To me that is anxiety, not mechanics.
  11. I disagree pending the draft. We lack explosiveness on the edge. They got older on the DL. I think the new guys will be capable. If they add an OLB on day 2 I will be happy. I agree edge will be a need in 2021 and 2022 with aging front 7. Of course edge would be fine if they just moved Edmunds to OLB where he would be an all-pro. Philosophical question. Can you be a top 5 roster without a top 15 QB? I say no.
  12. 2000 Buffalo Bills 11 231 132 57.1 21.0 1,700 7.4 154.5 8 3.5 3 1.3 52 29 4 10 68 86.5 1999 Buffalo Bills 15 478 264 55.2 31.9 3,171 6.6 211.4 19 4.0 16 3.3 54T 40 7 26 176 75.1 1998 Buffalo Bills 13 354 202 57.1 27.2 2,711 7.7 208.5 20 5.6 11 3.1 84T 36 8 12 78 87.4 2017 Buffalo Bills 15 420 263 62.6 28.0 2,799 6.7 186.6 14 3.3 4 1.0 47 36 4 46 256 89.2 2016 Buffalo Bills 15 436 269 61.7 29.1 3,023 6.9 201.5 17 3.9 6 1.4 84T 33 7 42 192 89.7 2015 Buffalo Bills 14 380 242 63.7 27.1 3,035 8.0 216.8 20 5.3 6 1.6 63 45 11 36 212 99.4 Board favorite Flutie vs Board punching bag Tyrod. Stats do suggest TT got worse each year but they also changed OC and the entire offense in 2017. 2015 Greg Roman was OC. What if Rex doesn't get rid of Roman in 2016?
  13. The second lowest interception percentage in NFL history. Ultimately that was not good enough to win in Buffalo. Rivers was a turnover nightmare last year. My guess is Tyrod will start 8 games and the Chargers will be 3-5 and turn the reins over to the rookie they get in the draft.
  14. I had a thread on this game several months ago. Amazing if you watch it. The offenses were great but there were also a number of turnovers. And the defenses for both teams made some big plays too. The closest the Bills came to punting I believe they faced a long 3rd down and they turned the ball over. If not for that turnover they would have been forced to punt.
  15. Stram was pretty good as an analyst in this game.
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