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  1. I was speaking solely in terms of cap effect. I like Hyde as a player and I edited my post to clarify that.. In terms of this year's cap and his security, there is no bonus money so he can be let go with no dead cap hit. If he plays well enough to justify his salary figure then they can keep him. If he doesn't they can cut him with no dead money on their books.
  2. This is a good but in a way a meaningless move. Its really just a gesture by the Bills. There is no up front bonus money and therefore no cap effect now or in the future. Meaning they can cut him after next year with no dead money hit in the future. So there really is not a lot of added security for Hyde. All it really does is lock in his salary figure for the next three years. I like Hyde as a player and I did not see any drop off in his play last year. That said, I still would not be shocked if either Poyer or Hyde is let go after 2021 and is replaced by a draft pick cheaper option.
  3. Only makes sense to go after Thuney in two scenarios. 1. They bring back Williams, cut Morse, and move Feliciano to C 2. They let Williams walk and plan to move Ford back to RT
  4. Only three objectives in FA. Bring back Williams or find his replacement, restructure a handful of contracts, and add a pass rushing DE or OLB. After that they can sit back and find a couple cheap players perhaps at G or TE and then draft RB and front 7 defenders
  5. Don't think it will happen but its not a bad idea. Watson is a young proven commodity. Nobody knows if Lawrence eventually be a star. But the conventional wisdom is he is a great prospect that they will have on a cheap contract for several years. If they are wrong they have screwed themselves for another four years.
  6. You think Mahommes is threatened by the emergence of Josh? Based on what? It's a good thing Brady and Allen are white, otherwise their competitiveness will be misconstrued as ego, bravado, and being unable to control their emotions.
  7. Cutting McCoy for Gore was a bad decision. Stupid move to even sign Gore in the first place.
  8. Injured more than he plays just like Chris Carson in Seattle
  9. So you are saying the Bills lost because Daboll and Frazier were preoccupied? It just doesn't make sense. My point was, wouldn't they have been preoccupied when they played the Colts and Ravens and won. The Bills were injured, the Chiefs played better, the refs let the Chiefs manhandle our receivers, and the lack of pass rush cost them dearly. The loss had nothing to do with Daboll and Frazier being HC candidates. All that said, I think they should not allow any coach or front office movement until after the SB.
  10. Agreed. I think FA will be really slow process as guys try to wait out deals that may never come
  11. Cuts I expect - two of the three DL - Jefferson, Addison, and Butler will be gone Cuts I fear will happen - Brown Cuts I would not be shocked but don't expect - Morse, Star Cuts that could happen but I would be shocked - Hughes, Hyde, Fromm
  12. How about if you recover an onside kick you automatically get 3 points and the ball. Then the losing team has a real fighting chance!
  13. I don't think they have the cap space to waste on a high-price proven FA tight-end. I'm going all in on Knox for 2021. If they can get Cook or Reed on a 1 year cheap deal I'm fine with that. Kroft, Smith. and Gilliam combined for 16 receptions all year. Any street FA or mid-low round draft pick can replace that. Save the cap space for the lines. Don't make it more complicated than that.
  14. Good analysis. My only quibble is Goff was a big part of LA making the SB. I would not call a SB appearance a failure. The Titans got a ton of draft picks but had already selected Marriota. He then failed. Titans have been solid and a playoff team, but no SB appearance and still don't have a star at QB after that trade.
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