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  1. He was on the field and got run over on the 3rd and goal TD run. Other than that goal line situation I didn't see him out there.
  2. Ok I will check back in before the trade deadline.
  3. Unlike the Houston game where Ford was blocking towards his end-zone, McKenzie's block was fine. He was blocking toward the opponent's end-zone. Not parallel. It was the right call in Houston and a bad call today. What is happening is any violent collision is being flagged by the officials. It was a good hard block and was perfectly legal. Now he could have just stood there and the play would have netted the same yards. But it was still a legal block.
  4. It's not panic. It's about going all in to win now while Allen is cheap, playing well, and they finally have the skill players to win.
  5. Ok maybe you all watched a different game than I did. Here is what I saw. Defense gave up 28 points and it could have been 31 or 35 if Dolphins go for FG or don't drop a TD pass(though he may not have crossed the line). Bills were losing to Dolphins in 4th quarter with a defense that could not get off the field. No pass rush with just four guys. Oliver had a nice hustle sack after falling to the ground and Poyer had a nice blitz sack. One turnover in two games. They won't beat better teams without a pass rush and forcing turnovers. The Bills had Bruce Smith when they traded for Bennett. This team finally has an offense to compete. Go get a difference maker on defense.
  6. This offense can make a deep playoff run. This defense lacks a pass rush and is average to below average in causing turnovers. 13th last year and only one turnover in 2 games so far. It's time for Beane to go all in and give up some draft capital for a pass rusher. There are several teams that have no future in 2020. Find someone that can play a hybrid DE/OLB.
  7. Daboll and Allen won this game. Davis made one of the finest catches in the last 20 years. Diggs is absolutely amazing. Moss may be a downgrade from Gore. Way too slow for NFL. Tight end still sucks for Bills. McD will lose a game this year with poor coaching decisions.
  8. McD is a bad game day coach. Daboll saved him from himself today. Moss has no business getting equal snaps with Singletary. His defense got gouged today and 3rd quarter adjustments are non existent.
  9. Daboll is killing it this year. Just needs to find the right mix of Allen running the ball.
  10. Allen not overthrowing the deep ball this year. Giving his recievers a chance to make plays.
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