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  1. I'm with you. Only 14K fans in a stadium that can hold over 70,000 would be far worse than any preseason game. It would be terrible and almost distracting for the players. If there are games, which is extremely unlikely at this point, it is better to just have them be in empty stadiums. This will all come crashing down when the NBA reboot goes poorly.
  2. I love Knox and I'm fine with what they have at TE. DE and OLB are still problem areas. I stated that before the draft and free agency. They added run stuffing quality linemen in free agency and the draft. I have no issue with the guys they signed. They veterans should be stout at the point of attack and should play mistake free football while letting the rookie learn. They lack explosiveness though. I would have traded up for Josh Allen instead of sitting tight for Oliver but past is pas/. Hughes is aging and though he may be capable with a better complement he is not the long term answer. They need a dynamic playmaker on the outside. Is that Ngakoue? Is it that Clowney or has that shipped sailed to Vegas? If they play football this yer, the Bills should be all in and not wait until next year to get a dynamic OLB/EDGE/DE whatever you want to call it.
  3. I kjow Tampa is longer but they were an expansion team just starting. Detroit lost 19 games in a row in from 2008/9 going 0-16 and 2-14. This in the salary cap and free agency era. That is the single worst two year stretch of football ever.
  4. 112-39-7 is his overall record. I think I'm more amazed with the 7 ties in ten years. How is that even possible? Shula had 6 in 33 years. Landry also had 6 in 29 years. Noll only has 1 ties in 23 years.
  5. Win a playoff game and then I will come around on McD. He's the best coach since Wade though is that really that high of a bar? His game plans appear solid and his ever improving/teaching philosophy resonates well with the players. Even elite athletes crave ways to get better. That said, he started Peterman, he has a FB on the roster that isn't even that good as a FB, his defense gets gashed in the run game from time to time, he has a terrible challenge record, clock management before the half is suspect, and his defense collapsed in Houston. His teams have been 10th, 27th, and 24th in penalties. And lastly he is 0-6 against Belichick. No shortage of things to improve upon. All things being equal, 2020 will answer a ton of questions for the Bills with a harder schedule and division winning predictions.
  6. He has a long way to go to be elite. He was inconsistent last year but never played much better than above average. He still misdiagnoses plays and is late in many of his run fits. Until I'm proven otherwise I believe he would be in the top 3-5 OLB in the NFL. I hope he can crack top 10 MLB this year. He looks like he should be a great one but I'm not sure you can teach instincts.
  7. Cmon man. I like Josh a lot but drops were not the issue with his long ball last year. He was missing guys by 5 or more yards routinely. None of us are smart enough to know what the issue is. And almost certainly it is not one thing. Josh made great progress in making decisions and the short to intermediate throws. Diggs will help but so will better play at RT. Honestly I don't care if his long ball game gets any better. Just get his comp percentage over 60% and cut the fumbles in half.
  8. You can correct drops most of the time though Perry Tuttle never could. Bills history at TE is as bad as any position on any other team in NFL history. Zero ProBowls. Knox has as good a chance to end that streak as any TE they have had. All that, said, I'd still add Njoku if they can as he would be an upgrade over Kroft at a minimum.
  9. Long overdue. Chief Wahoo is mostly gone and Redskins needs to go next.
  10. Knox is going to be a star. Best TE talent Bills have ever had. He is Jeremy Shockey 2.0 I really like Kroft as #2. And as I posted before I'm fine with Lee Smith as #3 TE. I'm also fine with Sweeney as #3 TE, and a reserve OT playing in the heavy formations. That said Njoku is a talent. Give them DiMarco and a #4. That adds more talent at TE and gets rid of a useless position. Dress 4 TE and line up one in the backfield from time to tie if needed.
  11. I guess we will find out in a couple months
  12. Delaying the season wont do any good. Once we get to October then it will be influenza season as well. Most hospitals get close to max capacity when influenza season hits along with their normal acute and elective business. Once you add COVID-19 to influenza the health care system will buckle. Influenza season was just about over when first case occurred in Seattle and was well over by the time NYC buckled. There is virtually no chance football will be played this year college or NFL. Just passed 50K cases in a day, 10K from Florida alone. Will easily pass 250K dead at this rate. Stay home and wear a mask. Study just showed the curve started to flatten with just voluntary common sense even before lockdowns. But it is just a matter of time before nationwide lockdowns occur again. Probably not entire businesses but those that have crowds.
  13. Great now let's make it permanent. There is no need for any preseason games. They only exist because guys in the past needed training camp and preseason games to get in shape and learn new stuff. That is not the case anymore. No need to risk injury to any player in a meaningless game. They know maybe 48 or even 50 of the 53 already. The last 3-5 guys are no better than the final 10 guys that get cut and all can be replaced easily. Really all you are talking about is deciding between a couple backup OL, DB, and LBs.
  14. I thought this board hated Cowherd because he loves Brady and Belichick???
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