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  1. I will settle for a simple interception. And a well executed middle screen to Knox. And one ping, one ping only please...
  2. Probably so but if it was a fracture they would have done surgery by now. It may be a high ankle or fibula fracture that does not require surgery. Those coudl be 4-8 week injuries. Given they have 6 more games and the playoffs, they might see if he can come back. But it is more likely than not he will be on IR when they sign someone.
  3. So if Allen wins it doesn't matter how, but if Lamar wins he has to do it in a non Roman offense and passing the ball?? I thought all that matters was winning?
  4. Cut them both. Yeldon should be active. And they should sign a reserve OT
  5. Thanks for the stats. Everyone can see he is getting better. His pendulum has swung a little too far to the conservative side after the Patriots game. Last week he seemed to have the right balance of smart decisions and taking chances. Now just beat Denver.
  6. I agree with you. That is how I would vote but the two rigs will get Eli in the HOF before Rivers
  7. It's not cheating. We don't even now if it made a difference. And how do you know even if it did help that it would stunt his growth long term. Win now by any means necessary, worry about tomorrow another day
  8. Based on pure talent Brown Sanders OJ If I was starting a team now, I would go OJ, Tomlinson, and Sanders.
  9. What about props for Cody Ford? I thought he played well too. Maybe his best game.
  10. Why? None of those teams you mentioned have a WR group much better than Buffalo's? Michael Thomas is probably the best WR on all these teams and maybe the best in the NFL. He alone may make the Saints group better than BIlls. Davante Adams is very good but Brown has a higher YPC. Kittle is top weapon for 49ers but now hurt. I'm not opposed to drafting a big WR to go with Brown and Beasley. I just rank it far below DE, DE, OLB, DT, and RT at this point in terms of needs.
  11. Murphy should not be starting. The film shows it. Laswon should be starting or at least getting an equal number of snaps. Hughes is still very good but just not at the 2017 level
  12. They were playing and hitting hard right to the whistle and our guys were pushing right to the whistle and beyond - Feliciano and Knox in a few early series. These guys know everything is on tape and they are playing for jobs too
  13. You can try and extend him but he would be silly to sign. The only reason would be to get a signing bonus now as insurance for an injury later this season. Just tag him. No other Bill is worthy of a franchise tag this offseason. Pay him one year. They have plenty of cap room. And it avoids a huge signing bonus. For all the let's cut Star posters, I agree he is expensive but how do you replace him? They need two edge players in free agency or draft.
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