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  1. A person can increase his height by an inch maybe even two by hydrating and hanging by your arms (or upside down) for a period of time. It's all about elongating the spine and increasing the space between each vertebrae a little bit. Add a little to each of the 20+ vertebral spaces and you can "grow" by an inch or two shortly before being measured.
  2. Odd, I don't recall any middle infielders in baseball needing Tommy John surgery. I don't buy an elbow injury will put him on IR. His sleight frame will be broken early and often in the NFL. He will be in an A's farm system by 2022.
  3. Year 3 of a tear down and rebuild can't fail. If it does then regime change is the only option. Injuries would be the only possible excuse to keep their jobs
  4. Bills, Jets, Dolphins, and Browns are most dependent on the progress of their young QBs. Browns probably have the best defense and on paper the best collection of offensive skill players. I think OBJ is overrated but I think the Browns pass rush is going to get even better. It's all about Mayfield though.
  5. Gilmore, Dareus, Watkins, Darby, and Glenn would all be starters on this team if not traded away or let walk. There was more talent on the team than you give them credit. Whaley just couldn’t get the QB and Rex’s scheme and influence ruined everything. Its 95% on Allen. If he flops then Beane and McD will be shown the door. McD let Gilmore walk. And then blew a 3rd round comp pick by keeping two too many special team depth players on the roster. Whaley let Bradham walk before that and he has started ever since.
  6. If they are picking 4th it won't be Beane and McDermott making that pick. Anything less than 8-8 and they should both be fired.
  7. Ducasse, Sirles, DiMarco, and probably Teller will be gone. My last roster spot currently is a toss up between Teller and Feliciano.
  8. Never been much of a Gil Brandt fan, but I do agree year 3 and with your QB in year two and all the money they spent, it really should be playoffs or bust. Anything above 8-8 and they both keep their jobs even without a playoff game. Losing record and they should both be fired.
  9. I’m not buying the Browns. OBJ is great but the Giants won that trade. TheGiants should have taken Allen. They could have gotten a QB later in the first.
  10. Cardinals should get a F- As for Bills, I like many of the signings and picks. I didn't much care for the guard signings until the landed Spain. Same for the OT signings but with Ford drafted the group looks solid now for present and future. Oliver was my fourth choice after Allen, trade down, and Hockenson but with two of the three gone and probably no good value to trade down Oliver was the right choice. My only worry is I do not recall another franchise signing as many free agents and making it work. New England with BB first two years perhaps. Can anyone else think of an example that had this much roster turnover and panned out? On paper the line and WR group looks so much better. But almost the entire offense will be new. Incredible challenge for Daboll but far better than trotting out the same group of below average guys they had last year.
  11. I never wanted EJ. A good example of a high character guy that simply was not good enough for the position. Plenty of arm chair GMs in Buffalo wanted Nassib. Hell when he fell past the third round I was saying they should draft him and let him and EJ compete. Hindsight is amazing isn't it. If you are going to criticize at least be willing to put your opinions out there ahead of time and own up to your mistakes. Mine - I thought TT was good enough and if he makes two more completions in that Jax game(terrible overthrow in end-zone), he would have been the starter last year. But just not turning the ball over is not good enough in today's NFL
  12. Player gives honest answer to a question. Good for him. Don't rip a guy for giving an honest answer. It's not his job to be a mentor. He was signed to be the starter. If he was a third string bum like Anderson then maybe part of his job is to be a mentor. But that is not the case in Denver. They have a great defense and added weapons on offense. He wants to win. Good for him.
  13. Time to get rid of the DiMarco. He isn't even good at being a FB let alone the fact that FBs are useless. Still a role for a blocking TE.
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