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  1. Can Dee Ford even play a 6 Tech? Hes 245. He’s not not a 4-3 DE. That’s why he “cheats” when he goes to a 3point stance. He can’t rush the passer from the 4-3 without cheating
  2. Bills and Chiefs are in different parts of the road in the journey to the Superbowl Buffalo is still building, and holds a higher value pick than #29
  3. Injury? Mahomes literally throws deep passes in the offseason for fun I bet Josh Allen does the same
  4. Heaviest man to run 99 yards is pretty impressive though
  5. The second round pick is too valuable to use on a backup
  6. Wasn’t even close to Mahomes’ best play last year. GMFB got caught up in the “no look” hype
  7. You can’t go wrong with any of the great backs My vote is for Walter Payton
  8. They won’t when Brady retires, so will Belichick
  9. Funny, I’ve never seen him whine. He rarely struggles, and his last drive of the season was a clutch game-tying drive. He’s pretty impressive
  10. Chiefs just made their first AFC title game since 1993 Bills-Chiefs, and he helped turn Mahomes into the MVP. This year probably bought Andy some time I don’t think Rex wants to be an assistant coach. Too arrrogant
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