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    Chiefs fire longtime DC Bob Sutton

    Chiefs just made their first AFC title game since 1993 Bills-Chiefs, and he helped turn Mahomes into the MVP. This year probably bought Andy some time I don’t think Rex wants to be an assistant coach. Too arrrogant
  2. Oldfan

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

  3. Mahomes is 6’3 230. That’s not small
  4. Oldfan

    Are the Lions sort of the Bills of the NFC?

    Yes but with no Superbowl appearances
  5. Oldfan

    Big Picture: I am optimistic

    A 6’5 250lbs quarterback who runs better than Vick is absurd
  6. Oldfan

    Nice game but Allen needs to pass

    It’s better to not compare to Mahomes. That kid has 20 more touchdowns than Brady. He’s in debates with Brees, Luck, and Rodgers No reason to compare Allen to any other QB except Tyrod, Peterman, and Anderson. When the dust settles we can compare him to other rookies, but even early success doesn’t guarantee future performance. Have to hope Allen will get better, and an offensive revamp in 2019 would help him immensely
  7. Oldfan

    Playoff chances

    All Bills can do is win
  8. That Mahomes guy is on pace to score more total touchdowns (57) than anyone in NFL history Not fair to compare
  9. Oldfan

    MVP race

    Mahomes put up 6 touchdowns and 478 on that Rams defense (both season highs for the Rams defense) His problem was Aaron Donald. A true game changer and Defensive MVP. 2 forced fumbles. Enukam didn’t help either, as he was responsible for 2 interceptions. Donald and Ebukam we’re the difference for LA
  10. Oldfan

    MVP race

    Goff had 2 turnovers himself. One was returned for a touchdown. Mahomes accounted for 6 TD and 5TO Goff accounted for 5 TD and 2TO