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  1. RosenNOTchosen1

    Any Buyer's Remorse From Teams That Drafted QB in Round 1?

    If this is true I think we're screwed. Darnold is going to be a very good NFL quarterback.
  2. Darnold is much better than Allen. Those two big passing plays Darnold had in the 4th quarter were just phenomenal. Both were completed with perfect pin point accuracy (something Allen can't do). Jets fans must be feeling good knowing they have the better overall QB.
  3. No it's still very boring. Just wait for a night where you're having a hard time falling asleep and listen to this podcast. Much better than a sleep aid 😊
  4. RosenNOTchosen1

    Sal Mairano = the new Jerry Sullivan

    So just because he's critical of the Bills you don't like him? Is the guy not allowed to have his own opinion?
  5. RosenNOTchosen1

    Big Picture: I am optimistic

    My optimism went way down after yesterday's game. I just think Josh Allen sucks at passing.
  6. RosenNOTchosen1

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Why did Barkley seem to have time to throw against the same team?
  7. RosenNOTchosen1

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    What does he add to the team? In the one game he's played this year - 232 yards passing, 2 TD's and 0 Int's, and a 117.4 QB rating.
  8. RosenNOTchosen1

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    Has any team given him a real chance? The Eagles drafted him in the 4th round so they were never invested in him and don't think he was given a chance. I believe he started 6 games in Chicago for a terrible Bears team and he did have multiple 300 yard passing games.
  9. The exact moment we traded with the Chiefs my gut instinct told me we're about to get *****. Really unbelievable.
  10. RosenNOTchosen1

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    Why do we need to let Allen finish the season? Are you just saying that because the organization has so much invested in him? Allen is no doubt a dynamite RUNNER, but I have serious doubts about him as complete overall quarterback. What if Barkley is the superior player? Should he just continue to sit on the bench after he tore it up against the Jets?
  11. RosenNOTchosen1

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Just when I was getting excited about Allen I think he took a major step backwards today. There's no doubt he's a dynamic runner, but when it comes to being a complete quarterback he just hasn't been very impressive. He leaves the pocket way too early, has big time accuracy issues, and makes incredibly stupid decisions with the football.
  12. RosenNOTchosen1

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    For you guys supporting Allen can you explain to me how a 50% completion rate, two INT's and a 44.4 QB rating is a positive? Barkley tore it up against the Jets and we beat them by like 40 points. Also, keep in mind that was after we signed him off the street. Imagine what he would with more time to practice and know the playbook.
  13. Isn't awesome that we passed on him?
  14. RosenNOTchosen1

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    I know I'm probably in the minority but anyone else wanna see Barkley start next week? I think he's a far superior passer than Allen. I really would like to see him start again to see if his performance against the Jets a few weeks ago was a fluke or if he has real potential as a starter in this league.
  15. RosenNOTchosen1


    Those guys are a joke they really need to be replaced. Nate Geary's post game is 100 times better.