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  1. The Titans pounded the run at us last year forcing Edmunds and our safeties to play in the box, then hit crosses right behind them. Wonder if we could use 3 LBs. Milano and Klein near the LOS with Edmunds playing a deeper middle S role like a 3 deep zone? Just thinking how to counter what they did to us last year.
  2. Simply put, Star is a big reason our defense has turned the corner this year. He is doing the dirty work and fans can finally appreciate what he brings to the team when he is in the line-up especially after witnessing the soft middle of our defense last season. Been watching him more closely this year and kind of in awe of what he has done against the doubles with his quickness, positioning, anchoring, and leverage. He has been a disruptive force.
  3. Can't pick one player on a team that really plays complimentary football, just hard as so many players have been unselfish on this team and stepped up when needed. Its a good problem to have.
  4. You're right, but the rub vs pick is a fine line and has some judgement involved whether it is a legit route and not OPI. Contact certainly is a big part of whether it gets called. But whether the offensive player is running a real route or one designed to pick a defender is still a tough call. Usually as long as the offensive player does not face up on the defender and TRY to make contact they are picking or are looking back at the QB it's viewed as a rub and it does not get called...also just about anything goes within 1 yd of the LOS. Was watching the Tampa game where Gronk got "Gronked", but earlier that game he ran a short post where he slowed waaay down dragging his feet and impeded the defender and it was called. Gronk's been doing that for a while, he did not contact the defender nor did he face him, so go figure. Judgement call by the ref that dragging his feet and running in slow motion was not a real route?
  5. Yeah, does not come without risks - we had Gronk completely wipe out DBs covering Edelman (which is why he was so often open on those crossers underneath), and no flag and lots of yards. So obvious or not it is a risk to have your coverage guy not try to avoid the traffic cone. Better perhaps to use a Steelers Palms/2-Read coverage kind of technique rather than a defender assigned to a specific player...
  6. I think in this league it is still a pick, they just don't call it unless it is noticeable. Best thing is for the coaches to call attention to it to the refs and the next time have White run right into him and flail about and fall on the ground like a soccer player if you want to draw the flag.
  7. Yeah he said if he could get inside the chest plate of a DL he could hold them all day. Although that is something you are taught in pop Warner, I am pretty sure any DL player would rag doll him and toss him aside. Delusional glory days rambling of a retiree.
  8. Can never have too many good corners and as good as Star and Zimmer have been we could groom another NT with Star getting up there in years. He is playing at a high level now, but hard to maintain that the deeper into your 30s a player in the trenches gets. Not sure what we have in Horrible Harry as he has not been able to stay in the lineup... C and G depth would be good, but if the Bills invest there I expect it will be between the 3rd and 5th rounds where they seem to find good OL value. This may be their philosophy going in, but you know if another Groot-like player falls to them Beane will not hesitate to pull the trigger.
  9. I don't think McBeane and OBD policy of keeping team/NFL policy things "in house" is too much to ask if that is the case here. They seem to respect player personal choices, they have shown flexibility and support when players wanted to show their solidarity around policing reform after the Floyd incident, but in regards to personal choices that are ripe for news bulletin board material they would likely prefer that players keep those choices and opinions to themselves. Just speculating, but it sounds like Bease just needs to be more mature about what he sounds off about publicly. You cannot control how some folks will feel about your opinions, but you absolutely have control over whether to make those opinions public and how you choose to do that. His teammates clearly appreciate him, they are playing well and winning. If I were a coach and GM I would probably work to nip the distractions in the bud too - no one player should be bigger than the team. They are all working too hard to row in the same direction towards a championship goal.
  10. I enjoyed seeing the boards on their fan sites freaking out about how much time Allen had back there - one guy was talking about Allen ordering ribs, waiting for them to be delivered, and eating them. He had time, and to Gunner's point I think a few times Spencer got caught in space with extra rushers coming at him or going wide, but nothing Allen was not able to side step and for a Rook starting his second game not too shabby. Williams did a better job inside on the right than some of the other space fillers we have used there - was active and kept his feet moving and maintained pretty decent balance and leverage.
  11. Will love to find out if having such success for my Bills changes me Challenge accepted.
  12. Yep - that maturation was on full display, and you are right. With the dropped balls, the normally back-breaking phantom calls killing drives in a hostile environment, the storm delay, there were all sorts of things a person could blame for getting derailed - Allen was a rock.
  13. Spencer played very well and Williams was not the liability playing right guard that folks thought he would be. They looked pretty solid and Allen had loads of time on most every play and they were often getting to the second level on run plays. Mondo was in at left guard and I am not sure if Ike B. took any snaps - would have to look for our snap counts that game. I do not believe Ford took any snaps.
  14. At one point after 2 or 3 flagless plays, the laundry flew and Al sarcastically said that we were due another flag... Hard to argue with him. The Refs unnecessarily inserted themselves into the game and ruined the entertainment value and the flow with ticky-tacky phantom calls all over the field. The Bills had some amazing runs called back on the weakest of holding calls - who calls a hold on a center away from the play? Not only that, but Morse did his initial punch to the chest of the defender then just settled into his pass-pro stance. That was it - I nearly choked when Collingsworth started babbling about when you grab a jersey during the replay of what was clearly a phantom call... Was wondering what the hell kind of hallucinogen is was tripping on. They were effectively ruining the product - I cannot imagine that is what the NFL wants.
  15. Nothing to apologize for. Most fans saw the potential, but needed Knox to become more consistent catching the ball and to stop putting the ball on the turf or popping it up with a tip drill. Knox has done just that and I cannot think of any fans that would be upset by this growth in his game.
  16. I got blasted early for criticizing Allen for that one play on our first possession when he ran backwards 20 yards and the intentional grounding. When I see a bad play it is just that - a bad play and I think Allen just misjudged the defenders speed on that play, BUT what separated that play from years past is the growth and maturity of Allen. In years past he probably would have dwelt on that and tried to do too much to compensate which would lead to trouble. KC message boards were awash with "here is the Allen we all love..." with laugh emojis galore - Allen quickly shut that down. It is a bit of a privilege to watch the maturation of Allen into one of the top NFL QB's before our eyes. Allen shook off that early miscue and just went to work taking apart the KC defense with his arm and his legs. I have always thought that if he could just hit some of those under routes, dumps, and screens he would unleash so much more of his potential that teams have worked to counter by taking away his bread & butter intermediate routes around the sticks and he is doing just that. The chains keep moving and teams have no choice but to start to gamble and creep up a bit which opens things up. I was a bit worried early that he was not sliding enough on his scrambles, but when he bowled over the KC defenders to score a TD with a wall of blockers in front of him on a designed run, I had to remind myself that this is who Josh Allen is and he is not some fragile piece of glass out there. His ability to run for the sticks causes the safeties to hesitate and cheat towards the LOS and then he is able to unleash absolute bombs to guys that get behind them. It is a necessary element to this offense. The bombs do not happen if Allen does not have the time and space to either step up or outside the pocket. The Bills are on to something with this OL combination - guys sometimes gave up ground to rushers, but they were fighting the whole way and Allen had room to slide around and side-step those battles. I did not see the jail breaks with O-Linemen standing around looking sheepish. They blocked fantastic and had push when they wanted to exert their will and run the ball. For Allen and this offense to get closer to their potential we needed to block better, but also we needed to run and be able to get our RBs and TEs more involved as pass receiving weapons out of play action. I was getting annoyed at the number of well-thrown but dropped passes our RBs had early, but they eventually warmed up to the task and Knox is a bonified receiving threat that will open things up for the rest of our receivers. Those passes to Sanders on a rope were just sick - loved Sanders saying he had to shake off his own Josh "fan-boy" moment:) Posters come here and try to stir stuff up by talking about how Bills fans were hating on this player or that player and perhaps that happens, but I think for the most part that is misleading LAMP material. Wanting our players to play better in areas is not hating on them. I wanted Knox to become that consistent reliable target that does not put the ball on the ground - that does not mean I hate the player... just wanted to see that growth. He has shown that and I could not be happier for him or my Bills. I also wanted Edmunds to get better at reading plays, taking the right angles, shedding blocks, and coming up to make stops. This is not hating on Edmunds either, but wanting that complete player we need at MIKE. Most of us have a good idea what he does very well for this defense and where he has struggled. In a recent interview Allen said something to the effect that Edmunds has been playing smarter reading offensive plays and is making it more difficult to practice against him. I think that sometimes physically gifted players have a longer football learning curve as they may have more of a history leaning on that superior athleticism and really do not need to become students of the game as much as others players. Edmunds seems to have a better understanding of his own assignments this year and is more decisive - admittedly having an effective rotation of Star and Zim in front of him manning the middle of the DL keeping him clean does not hurt either. Dabs got a bit predictable in the 3rd quarter. I am not for abandoning the run or the desire to keep the clock running with Mahomes cooling his heels on the sideline, but if you consistently show a pattern of running on 1st down when the opposing team is selling out on run blitzes on 1st down you are effectively throwing away that very play action benefit you worked to create. He needed to let Allen do more play action on 1st downs and unleash passes behind all those defenders selling out... we got a bit predictable and stagnant and I think their self-scouting will show that. Other than that, I thought it was a solid game. Gone were the missed tackles, instead I saw our secondary coming up and laying the wood on their receivers and everyone flying to the ball gang tacking. Hill may not have alligator-armed that pass that went into Hyde's hands if he had not been hit as often or as hard as he had been. For a defense that had played on its heels too often last year I like the change in this squad and the injection of young talent along the DL that Beane found. Big test of the run defense coming up against Henry who is a beast, but I like our odds on offense pulling away making it more difficult for the Titans to remain run-centric. Last year the Titans went away form the man/blitz defenses teams were using against Allen and introduced the double-high safety looks to our beat up squad and our offense sputtered trying to move the the chains against that. Since then Allen has seen it over and over and he has had to work hard to learn what is needed to beat those looks. Good time for a rematch. Sorry for the long post, but in a weird zombie-tired and wired zone.... like a lot of us I suppose.
  17. We are protecting better, and getting more push from our OL in the running game. For that defense to work it has to stop the run with 4 and be able to pressure the pocket... KC's front 4 could not get it done so they started to bring the extra guys on the blitz and play man downfield which led to some big completions. Our defense on the other hand was getting it done with our front 4... game, set, match. Also when Mahomes tried to dink and dunk one ball went through Hill's hands for an INT and TD, and Rouseau tipped one to himself when they were knocking on the doorstep. If you are going to dink and dunk your way down the field you have to have a lot of precision timing and execution.
  18. Kind of feel like that is how defenses have been playing Allen a lot since late last year... nice to see our D be able to use it too. 2 safeties high and 4 down linemen and a mix of man and zone underneath that forces you to either run it successfully or chip away at it with short passes.
  19. Nothing dirty there. The kid cut it back into pursuit and his cleats got stuck in the turf with guys landing on top. Shame, but that happens from time to time on the field.
  20. I did not recognize that OL. Jones not playing helped, but those guys blocked their asses off tonight. Great job OL both pass pro and run blocking with attitude!!!!! Great job by our RBs picking up blitzes when needed and our defense played lights out and punished anyone that caught a pass.
  21. Apparently not as they keep paying that pompous flatulant orifice to blatantly crap on my Bills. He has to be throwing up in his mouth tonight having to praise our team.
  22. Mahomes dirting passes that would get Allen lynched on the board.
  23. Shut up Chris. The penalties only are too close when called against KC. Al just thinks the refs suck both ways.
  24. Being able to use our backs and TEs to actively extend drives and score... the missing element is here if teams sell out covering Diggs and Sanders. That catch and run by Moss was key as well as that hurdle by Allen.
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