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  1. Soda Popinski

    David Carr: Vikings Made a Mistake Paying Cousins $84M

    The Vikings are not the same without Shurmer calling plays either. They are having the same issues the Eagles are, they lost good coaches to success. Same problem we had when we lost Ted Marchibroda to the Colts 28 years ago.
  2. Soda Popinski

    Farting controversy clouds dart championship...

    One of the players allegedly "crop dusted" the other player on his way back to his bar stool.
  3. Soda Popinski

    TBD Secret Language re. Buffalo Bills

  4. Did you notice the trapper in the last one sounded and looked exactly like the medicine man in True Grit?
  5. Soda Popinski

    Football families at Thanksgiving

    We're all Bills fans in my house and my family. Never had any issues at the table but we've had some good discussions about who we should draft, who we should get rid of, and which coaches should be fired.
  6. Soda Popinski

    Given the Keys to Draft How Would U Drive The Car ?

    I wish I had seen him play enough to have an opinion. I like to wait until January to really dig into the draft. But looking at what we have in Hughes/Lawson/Murphy it doesn't seem like a weak position, not when we need help at OL/WR/CB
  7. Soda Popinski

    Preston Brown Lands on IR with the Bengals

    Hardy Nickerson is still in the league? EDIT: his son lol!
  8. Soda Popinski

    Given the Keys to Draft How Would U Drive The Car ?

    I'd take him! Now again if there's a LT like the one from Alabama you have to consider him too. I don't think there is a blue chip WR this year worth looking at in the top 10. And if someone offered to move up you have to consider that as well. I just don't see a bunch of guys teams will be clamoring to move up for. QB class is weak, WR class is deep with #2s and #3s but thin at the top. There are bunch of edge rushers but are we even in the market? And if it's not Bosa/Oliver really not interested in top 10.
  9. Soda Popinski

    When should the Bills look at drafting another QB?

    I would role with Allen/Barkley for the next year (2019) and probably 2020. That said if the QB from Oklahoma State Cornelius was there in the 2nd round I'd probably take him as a backup.
  10. Soda Popinski

    Given the Keys to Draft How Would U Drive The Car ?

    I'm just saying what I would do, if given the keys. I want a pair of lockdown corner to go with our good safeties. Johnson is good at nickel and we should leave him there. If we draft a CB top 10, and then in 2020 we extend Tre it will be 8-9 years before we need corners on the outside again. That sounds nice to me, especially entering Josh Allen's prime where we will need WRs and OL and we'll have to pay them.
  11. I really hope he gets caught at like 2am in Buffalo Saturday night eating a garbage plate and 2 dozen wings
  12. Soda Popinski

    Given the Keys to Draft How Would U Drive The Car ?

    First pick would be a CB in the top 10. Should be one worth taking that high up and should get us a blue chip corner to pair with Tre and complete a very good secondary. My next pick would be BPA but would slant to either OL/WR. Then OL/WR again. In the 4th round I would probably use some of my later picks and move up for either a LB or TE. Still looking for starters at that point.
  13. Soda Popinski

    Your Concert Experiences

    Best concert probably Ozzfest 98. SOAD was on the side stage, I had no idea who they were but they were killing it. Sevendust was there, then Tool opened for Ozzy. People were passing pinners while you waited in line to get in, it was an all day concert. Good times. Worst concert Earth Day Birthday 2008. Even with the girls finally putting pasties on and painting themselves instead of wearing shirts I don't remember enjoying any of the bands. Spent the whole day on a blanket waiting to go home. Bucket list would be a Jimmy buffet concert on the water in the Keys. Everyone floating in boats and drinking and having a good time. In 2000 I could have gone to see U2 and I think it was the Lemon tour, my cousin went to Tampa and saw it, said it was fantastic. Oh and props to the Tans-Siberian orchestra we went 4 years ago in December and had a good time there. Definitely something to do at least once.
  14. Soda Popinski

    Which one of you did this?

    If they had put cokes in their hands it would have been better.
  15. Corner with our top 10 pick, then offense the rest of the draft.