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  1. Soda Popinski

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - So Funny I Could Cry

    In 2 years the Rams assembled Suh/Whitworth/Cooks/Kupp/traded for an elite corner and completely revamped their entire offense and defense. We are not even close to doing what they have done in the past 18 months. Turnarounds always seem to take time for us, but then we see other teams do it in a year and a half. Now this should be a big offseason, we can get free agents in with big money and we can draft some good players with high draft picks. Should be no excuse in 2019
  2. Soda Popinski

    How and Why The Bills Could Win Monday Night

    Not being down by 21 at the end of the first quarter will be a victory.
  3. Soda Popinski

    Trade for DeVante Parker???

    I think after the Dolphins traded Welker to NE, they realized it's not a good idea to trade within the division.
  4. Soda Popinski

    Marshawn to IR & Gruden on Carr - no more trades

    Getting a 1st for Cooper was a good move for him. now if he would just ship us a 3rd for Benjamin we'd be in on the action.
  5. Soda Popinski

    Is following the Bills a fun pastime for you?

    Admittedly I enjoy the offseason more than the regular season now. I can see the team making some moves at that time that should actually steer us towards relevancy. This year has not been fun, but there are ebbs and flows you enjoy the good ones and try not to lose your **** over the bad.
  6. Soda Popinski

    Trade deadline escapism

    I'd just ride this mess out and listen to offers. With what we have at the QB position this isn't a year we can contend anyway. i'm not shopping anyone, but i'm listening to offers. I'd move Benjamin if I could.
  7. Marrone doubled down on himself and it's biting him
  8. Soda Popinski

    Mega Millions this Tuesday: $1,600,000,000

    i really have no knowledge of that. Probably missing the boat on currency investment but oh well.
  9. Soda Popinski

    Mega Millions this Tuesday: $1,600,000,000

    It's fine. If you take that lump sum and put it in the bank you take the same gamble, and if you bury it in the back yard that's even worse.
  10. Soda Popinski

    Mega Millions this Tuesday: $1,600,000,000

    how do you not take the payments? It's 40 mil a year isn't it? for 30 years? Give me that. If I can't make that much money work a year i'm not trying hard enough.
  11. Soda Popinski

    Worst Fall season ever.

    hail damage
  12. Soda Popinski

    McBeane Confidence

    Pretty much the same, my problem is the offense is so bad this year I don't see Allen learning much, now next year with a better line and better wrs he may actually learn something, so the 7-9 season I had this year pegged as might be what we get from Allen next year. Then in 2020 you might see a competitive football team.
  13. Soda Popinski

    Amari Cooper Traded To Dallas

    I don't agree on Carr's performance all being on him, doesn't Cooper have more drops than anyone?? Isn't that why he was traded? So you have a bad oline, and no weapons, and it's Carr's fault?
  14. Soda Popinski

    Predict the score vs NE

    48-6 Pats, we don't cross midfield until the 3rd quarter
  15. Soda Popinski

    Amari Cooper Traded To Dallas

    In the same conversation if Gruden says "I can't win with Carr" why on god green earth do you wait until week 7 of the regular season to shop him? Or Amari Cooper for that matter. You make those changes in the offseason.