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  1. Dave Allen

    Josh Allen, the slot WR and a summary.

    You're right about Beasley. If he stays healthy, He'll lock down the slot for the next couple of years. He's quick, get separation and has great hands, which will help Allen out tremendously. I can see the Bills drafting another WR early, but they won't be desperate enough to reach now.
  2. Dave Allen

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    I still expect the Bills to draft a RB on the second or third day. Whoever it is will get one hell of an education behind Shady and Gore.
  3. Dave Allen

    CB Kevin Johnson (Texans) to the Bills

    True. But it's important to have quality players down the depth chart, at every position, because injuries happen. And even if starters stay healthy, most will need a little rest at some point late in the season. I can see the Bills drafting another corner on the third day, or even the second if someone falls.
  4. Dave Allen

    CB Kevin Johnson (Texans) to the Bills

    Given his injury history along with Taron Johnson's, the Bills are going to need to add another CB or two.
  5. Dave Allen

    T.J. Hockenson

    I've seen him mocked to the Bills at #9, and he's rising up the charts quickly. He might just wind up a top 10 draftee.
  6. Dave Allen

    2019 NFL Combine updates

    I've got my ticket to the Combine on Saturday, will be scoping out the WRs.
  7. Dave Allen

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    So we have three rookie deal qb's who actually won rings in the past 20 years. Three quarterbacks who are going to be Hall of Famers, and who have continued to keep their team contenders in the second contract and beyond. That's not a rookie deal model, that's hitting the lottery. The other guys don't interest me. They lost. I want to see the Bills in the playoffs as much as anyone else, but I'm not going to act like it's the endgame. If Beane starts looking at the draft and FA's like it's playoffs or bust, they're screwed.
  8. Dave Allen

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    A second-year quarterback getting to the playoffs isn't the 'model' just because a couple of teams have done it. Beane is building a perennial contender. He's not going to sacrifice long-term success for a wild-card one-out, or throw all of his cards in on the 'get to the playoffs on the rookie deal' myth. I expect a good draft class, a lot of FA depth and maybe one or two quality FA starters. If it comes together for a playoff run, great. I'm okay if it doesn't as long as the arrow keeps pointing up.
  9. This doesn't pass the smell test for me. Kap may have rejected the contract, but a $20 mil demand is not believable given the standard wage scale firmly in place. To print this without some kind of confirmation, or even a second source, is irresponsible.
  10. I believe in second chances. If it's true he's rehabilitated, he might be worth looking at. My guess is someone will pick him up in the second round. But I disagree with your calling it a mistake. Two plus two equals five is a mistake. Forgetting to put out the garbage can on collection day is a mistake. My first marriage - huge mistake. Beating the hell out of a girl is not a mistake, it's a conscious decision to commit a criminal assault. Calling it a mistake minimizes responsibility; there no 'oops' moment.
  11. To little too late. Teams want players with an singular, unconditional passion for football. Murray was clear a long time ago that this was a financial decision, by trying to hold up the A's for more money to forgo football. A lot of teams are going to have him flagged, and he may have very well cost himself several draft sport. Then again, it only takes one team to overlook that - I'd say Washington or Miami are the best bets.
  12. Dave Allen

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    I'd take two firsts, if one of them was Oakland's 2020 first-rounder.
  13. Dave Allen

    AlphaMock V1 - 4 round mock (pre combine)

    Harry will go 10-20. 31 teams will have him as a second-rounder, but there's going to be that one team... My money's on he Redskins or Raiders.
  14. Dave Allen

    Ex-Bills Behemoth Mike Jasper named HC of Bethel U.

    Glad he's doing well. I'm always happy for the young guys who find direction and succeed in life. Wishing him the best.
  15. To me, the 'rookie deal window' strategy is foolish. Surround a rookie QB with a bunch of high-priced players and hope to get lucky before you see them all leave as FAs. That's how you pin your hopes on Blake Bortles. In the past 20 years, I count (I eyeballed the list - correct me if I'm wrong) five QBs who won on their rookie deal. Brady, Rothlisberger, Eli, Wilson and Flacco. Four of those are going to the HOF, and Flacco played out of his mind. (They also all had top-tier coaches, but that's another argument for another time). Smart way to go is to build for long-term success. Good coaching, franchise quarterback, smart drafting, and you have a super bowl contender every year for the next decade. Not rubbing a rabbit's foot hoping to get lucky before the salary cap screws you.