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  1. Dave Allen

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    I'd love to see him go to Ohio State if Meyer leaves. The testosterone would be off the charts for the OSU-Michigan game every year.
  2. Dave Allen

    Desean Jackson requests trade

    Is he worth trading for? There would have to be an agreement on a contract extension first, of course. What would TB want for him? Shady for Jackson would seem to be a good start, possible with some draft pick play to even it out.
  3. Dave Allen

    Wyatt Teller?

    You're right, my mistake. I meant to say he continues to be inactive every week. Teaches me to type before I'm caffeinated up in the morning.
  4. Dave Allen

    Wyatt Teller?

    What's the word on Wyatt Teller? I've heard nothing but radio silence on him since the beginning of the season. There was enough buzz after the draft to give hope that he could get up to speed quickly and contribute. But the fact that he's still exiled to the practice squad worries me. *Note: I meant to say inactive list, not practice squad. That's what I get for double-checking my posts before hitting enter.
  5. I agree. It's a long-term project; they can't fill all their holes in one offseason. If they can find a true #1 WR and solidly upgrade two OL spots, the offense should be significantly better next year.
  6. Dave Allen

    Bronco's cut Chad Kelly

    Dude's got skills, but he needs help before seeking another NFL job.
  7. Dave Allen

    McDermott and Beane have done a Very Good job.

    Overall, it's been a mixed bag. McDermott's blind spot for Peterman was a killer. They overestimated the OL's ability to succeed without Wood and Incognito. They also misjudged KB and Jones' skills, which left them without a bona fide #1 (or #2) receiver. On the plus side, they're close to having an excellent defense. They paid too much for Murphy and Loletuli, but they've been solid. They've drafted well (other than Jones). It's too early to judge Allen, but I'll give them credit for taking the gamble on him. I'm not sure how effective Daboll's game plan can be with such a lack of talent. The process called for a step back, but nobody foresaw the offense being a dumpster fire. In the end I'm content letting McBeane continue playing this out, rather than hitting the reset button again too soon.
  8. Dave Allen

    Todays game is a good ex to not pass on Oliver if avaiable

    I agree - as much as we need to fill other spots, you don't pass up an elite player at an impact position. Bosa or Oliver could give the Bills an elite talent at all three levels on defense and set it up for years. Keep the D elite while you build the O.
  9. Dave Allen

    Long hair is not a strategic advantage

    Get a haircut, ya hippies!
  10. Tyrod's far from done. His decent time in Buffalo is still on his resume, so he'll continue to be brought in as a stopgap for teams, for the next several years. He's still a leader, a hard worker and a good teammate, so he won't have any trouble finding work.
  11. Dave Allen

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    There are so many needs, so a trade down for multiple picks would be tempting. But an elite pass-rusher is a necessity for a contending team. If they think Bosa is a generational talent, I'd stay and grab him at #1.
  12. Dave Allen

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    Kelly already had two years of pro experience, even though it was the USFL, by the time he got to Buffalo. And when he was in Houston he had Bruce Threadgill, who had five years experience with the NFL and CFL, to mentor him.
  13. Dave Allen

    Josh Gordon to be released-now traded to PATS

    If he hasn't done anything to warrant a suspension, I can see him taking a 'prove-it' contract with an eye on cashing in at the end of the season. Beane will surely do his due diligence, and he could step in at #1 pretty quickly. But I see him going to the Pats. he'd not only have a better chance of racking up stats and earning a ring, but once Belichick sprinkles his magic fairy dust on him, the blinding Patriots aura will make him worth millions more on the open market.
  14. Dave Allen

    Complete Board Implosion

    1. It was easy to forsee a step back on offense - they lost three OL starters two unexpectedly, and traded a decent QB with a low ceiling to draft Josh Allen. 2. With the addition of Murphy and Star, the defense should have been better, much better, even factoring in the Davis move. 3. Peterman earned the start in preseason. That being said, he lost it this afternoon. From all appearances he's a good man, a hard worker, somebody like my daughter should marry someday. But the NFL is a hard, cold business. He's not cutting it. 4. I want to see how this regime's draft picks play this year - that's how I'm judging McBeane. Today, Allen looked like he's on his way up. Edmunds was a beast. I didn't see enough of Phillips to make a judgement - I want to see his grade. Milano was all over the place. White didn't do much, but we know what he can do. Zay Jones was invisible.
  15. Dave Allen

    The Decline of the Legion of Boom

    When the locker room goes south, the on-field product goes with it. Outside of Wilson, they've got almost nothing left. I predict the Seahawks have a top-five pick in next year's draft.