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  1. Dave Allen

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    I've read he's light. It's said he could move to guard or center.
  2. Dave Allen

    Second half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    Allen has some work to do in the passing game, but the dude plays balls-out - all game, every play. I wouldn't trade him for anybody. ANYBODY.
  3. Dave Allen

    Kyles retirement probably puts DT as a possibility in round 1

    Jerry, Trent and Star are all 28-30 years old. The Bills definitely need to add some top-tier youth to the DL, soon.
  4. The problem is that some fans' expectations are too high. The Bills are aiming for long-term, high-level competitiveness, and there are too many holes to fill to reach that mark in 2019. I doubt they are going to try to cram a bunch of overpaid free agents and overreached draft picks just to aim for a playoff spot next year, at the expense of long-term success. If the team can draft solidly again next year - I'd expect a WR, OL and a DL/CB in the first few rounds, and the same in free agency - then they should take a good step forward. But significant upgrades at 11 different starting positions is unlikely in one offseason.
  5. From my view, the elite defenses have at least one elite playmaker at each level. White and Edmunds are on their way, but we don't have that one guy on the DL who strikes fear into the quarterback. If the Bills have a shot at a guy like that in the draft, I'd be all for it. Otherwise, I expect them to focus more on adding depth.
  6. Nothing is uglier than Oregon. Except maybe the Seahawks' neon yellow highlighter uniforms. I'd take the Astros late-70's rainbow uniform over those. That being said, I think the red uniforms are good for snow games. I enjoy watching games when I can actually see the players.
  7. Dave Allen

    Josh Allen’s Adjusted Completion Percentage = 72.7%

    Stats do need to be put into context. Then again, which context? For me, it seems that if you had him stop throwing as many intermediate and deep passes, and give him more checkdown options, his completion percentage as well as his off-target percentage (as judged by ESPN) would improve a lot. What I really want to see - and I'm sure it's out there somewhere - is a week-by-week breakdown of his accuracy on short, intermediate and long throws. My guess is that he's improving in all areas.
  8. Dave Allen

    Bills defense is overrated.

    The defense is very good. One thing I'd like to see is the addition of an elite talent on line. They're solid, but they could use a franchise pass rusher or tackle.
  9. Dave Allen

    2019 draft Wish List(trade back)

    Seems like the upcoming class is top-heavy with defense. If the Bills falter and finish with a top-5 pick, I can see them drafting a DL stud rather than reaching for an offensive player. If they stay where they are now, around #8, I like Metcalf, although his injury scares me.
  10. Albert Breer said the Bills are going to be pain in the rear for teams in December. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/11/26/baker-mayfield-hue-jackson-browns-philip-rivers-broncos-steelers-vikings-packers-bills-jaguars-mmqb-week-12?utm_campaign=themmqb&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social “It’s human capital—it’s people,” McDermott says. “People willing to work through these types of moments, that can build strength. You look back to my early days in Philly, early days in Carolina—we learned from the bumps as we grew, and those things make you stronger in years to come. You’ll have those to fall back on in years to come. Some teams would go south, and that’s what I’m most proud of now. “This is a resilient group, and it’s only going to get stronger And the cool part is, these guys are the ones that are going to teach next year’s crop.” Wins haven’t been easy to come by, of course. But consider that the Bills are getting through the hard part now, and in the standings just passed a Jaguars team that knocked them out of the playoffs last January. Those same Jaguars, by the way, were all in for 2018. And as a result, it seems pretty clear who’s in a healthier spot going forward.
  11. Dave Allen

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    So how many games does (Marcell) Dareus think the best Alabama team he played on would win? “The NFL is way too strong, way too fast. There are too many dogs in the NFL,” Dareus says. “I’ll safely say four wins. We’d beat teams because they would make more mistakes than Alabama. We may not be as physical, but other teams would make mistakes we would not.”
  12. Dave Allen

    [Name Only Title] Wyatt Teller?

    There's a good story in the D&C about Teller: https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/sports/football/nfl/bills/2018/11/22/buffalo-bills-rookie-wyatt-teller-ready-big-test-against-jaguars/2079011002/
  13. How many Super Bowls have been won with quarterbacks on their rookie contracts? Since 2000, I see three - Wilson, Roethlisberger and Brady (I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong). Each of those three weren't just 'competent' rookies, but guys on the road to the Hall of Fame. It's only a trend worth copying if it works. Building around a rookie contract buys you a short window in which you hope to get lucky. The Bills are trying to build a sustainable Super Bowl contender.
  14. Dave Allen

    2019 Draft Big Board

    The Bills value versatility, so I could see them taking him, if there isn't an offensive player to their liking.
  15. Dave Allen

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    I'd love to see him go to Ohio State if Meyer leaves. The testosterone would be off the charts for the OSU-Michigan game every year.