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  1. At this point it might be fair to rank the OL 19th, but that's a big leap from being the bottom-ranked last year. And if the WR group can make a similar jump, that should equal a massive overall improvement in the offense. Assuming Oliver plays to his potential, it's reasonable to see the Bills make a playoff run.
  2. I was wondering if the study was skewered by market size. Did he use raw numbers or per capita? If it's in the article, feel free to slap me down - I didn't read the whole thing.
  3. It's never too early to start identifying players for long-term, cap-friendly deals.
  4. Before the Jets fired Maccagnan all I read was were stories about how great New York was, how terrifically they mastered the offseason, that Sam Darnold was set for a powerhouse year... Now the media can't jump off that bandwagon quick enough. They're breaking ankles, lol.
  5. I wish him the best, and hope he gets all the help he needs.
  6. So signing Peterman to compete for the third QB spot behind Carr and Glennon is a sign the Raiders are planning to tank? Wow.
  7. I expect the line to be vastly improved this season, but I'm keeping my expectations tempered. There will probably be five starting O-linemen who have never played with any of the others, and none of them having ever played for the new OL coach. There's a lot of promise, but nobody has played at a blue-chip level. This is going to be a 'get to know you' season, and will likely take several games into the schedule to start gelling - I wouldn't be surprised to see the lineup change a couple of times along the way. And with so many FA signings, odds are that there will be a couple of busts. On he upside, I see pass protection being greatly improved from Day 1, giving Allen a lot more time to throw. If all goes well. the Bills might be competing for a playoff spot. But next year, 2020, the line will be set and experienced going into the season. Then, I see Buffalo being an absolute beast. Not just a playoff team, but a threat to win multiple games.
  8. So his grades are based on a team's ability to patch it's biggest needs. I prefer Beane's choice to play the long game; let everyone else play Whack-A-Mole.
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