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  1. Well that is nice to hear, I always felt he was pretty quick to jump to a conclusion. I will have to try and listen more often to his show.
  2. I listen to Cowherd every so often. He has strong opinions on the QB's taken in the 18' draft, they are ( Baker is a bust and completley undraftable, Josh Allen has a low completion percentage which also makes him a bust, Josh Rosen is going to be a superstar, Lamar Jackson is also a superstar, Sam Darnold is the birth child of Elway and Rodgers.)
  3. Every year I go into the season thinking "this is the year it comes together" and every year im wrong. So im biased I guess, but this year I really feel that it is a ANY GIVEN SUNDAY type of vibe
  4. If we have a Thanksgiving game, then I will need all of you guys to give me your best excuses to get out of going to the in laws
  5. I don't think the Bills make the cut to be on Hard knocks. They were in the playoffs two years ago. If im not mistaken on the requirments, but i would also love to see this some day.
  6. Just a couple future legends hangin' with a legend. No big deal
  7. Is this for real? Or is it a delayed april fools thing?
  8. I remember freaking out over this game. Two things i took from this video, I miss Fred Jackson (still one of my favorite bill's) I do not miss Fitz's interceptions. Man he threw a ton of them every year
  9. I can't get myself to buy these draft hats, they are just awful, year after year.
  10. I haven't logged into my twitter in years. This was a good reason to go through the steps to recover my password.
  11. So many emotions, I remember that night. I was running around the house screaming like a crazy person.
  12. The amount of money fitz has made in the nfl is just insane. Welcome to 6-10 miami
  13. I would smile every day also
  14. This is nuts. Every other tweet is a different team is "close to signing Bell." His agent is definatley earning his paycheck.
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