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  1. I would imagine Jenkins and Darrisaw will go to the Vikings and Steelers.
  2. I don’t think there’s any reason to think he won’t be sitting there at 30.
  3. I love everything about the giants offense except their QB.
  4. Plenty of reasons Phillips might not work- time to root for those.
  5. Don’t care. Could be good, could suck. I would’ve been more worried about Fields due to the athleticism.
  6. Why the ***** is this non-draft bull#### on my screen already? and why is Whoopi Goldberg on my screen??
  7. Watching the national media carry the water for Wilson using the same exact phrases they did for Darnold the past three years will be awesome.
  8. Jets really betting on the potential with this one, but if he pans out and makes it through puberty, watch out....
  9. Is Sharleth still just broken from watching josh Allen violate his broncos?
  10. If they’re gonna be in the AFC, better to be in the west to beat each other all year.
  11. Rodgers said he trusted the decision makers to make the right choice draft wise last year and they screwed him over real good. This year he’s making sure they give him a shiny new toy. Expect them take a flashy WR.
  12. I don’t hate that. I think there’s a better use of the first rounder, but I can get behind ETN if it happens.
  13. Nah, that ship sailed a couple months ago. The buzz on him is first round now. (For what that’s worth)
  14. 100%. They have proven they can make a SB contending team and keep it together. Half the idiots on here and social that doubt them and will whine if they don’t trade up for a ***** running back are the same luddites who were so damn sure they got the wrong josh.
  15. Trade three first round picks for Rodgers, then send him to SF for #3 and Nick Bosa. Draft Kyle Pitts.
  16. I’m sure this has more to do with Sanders than it does with Trubisky. Stupid.
  17. Just tell me what I need to know to be confident that the Jets pick (and potentially the pats) will bust.
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