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  1. I think if anyone who was responsible for helping raise me saw that live updates about an event such as this had captured my attention so much, they would be mournful.
  2. Good point on both ends, but either way, it still causes massive problems. Mahomes can raise the level, but you can’t replace a Hill, Or a Kelce, or that offensive line with underpaid nobody’s and expect that much of a difference. They were a decent team with Smith last year. Only two players that I’ve ever seen play QB could truly hide all of the issues on a team- Manning and Brady. (And the argument could be made that Brady didn’t do that, but Bill did) For me, it just doesn’t seem like the current explosion of QB salaries is a sustainable model.
  3. That’s a weird title, I know, but I didn’t want to be vague. I’ve heard a lot lately about how team building is all about getting a good young QB, then surrounding him with pieces while you can before he commands an ungodly amount of money. The Seahawks, I think are an example bandied about. I had someone mention that Reid only has like 2 years left to figure out how to win in the playoffs before Mahomes is the million dollar man x200. But this seems crazy to me to think that getting a good QB can actually become a crutch after a couple of years. I suppose this thought could be blown out of preportion, but it seems like there’s some truth to it. All that to say- what would be your solution? You have a young QB whose playing great and you know in the next year or two you’re gonna have to pay him. How do you handle this?
  4. It’s really hard for me to root for a team that got in based on that no-call. I will hope they beat the Pats, but it’s a bad taste either way.
  5. It’s about personal responsibility. If the MLB is busy checking where people are, he can’t communicate necessary coverages and fluctuations. If he’s distracted by if double dumbass defensive end is where he needs to be hes going to miss the snap and that half a second of reaction time is going to cost him a chance to make a play. Then he looks like a dumbass. Dee Ford is responsible for Dee Ford. He cost his team a chance to play on the biggest stage. If there was justice in the world, teams would factor that in to any offseason contract Offer for him. I doubt that happens.
  6. Roby-Coleman will get hit with 15 PI calls as markups + going against Patriots. Jared Goff will be made to look like a worthless rookie.
  7. Maybe if they won without being supreme ***** and all of their fans (which is an exiting new subspecies that was invented in 2001) weren’t *****.... maybe I wouldn’t hate them... nah. I would.
  8. I would take a large safety and beat the hell out of him at the line every snap.
  9. It’s this new thing called holding. also, it won’t mean ***** with Talib and Peters back there acting so bad and being worthless *****.
  10. Andy ***** Reid watching from the sidelines with three timeouts as his gassed defense tries to make a stop. What a ***** dick. Those timeouts dont turn into cookies.
  11. ***** YOU ANDY REID!! ***** YOU!!!!! ***** YOU YOU FAT ASS WORTHLESS PIECE OF HORSESHIT!!!!! YOU'RE AN ANCIENT ####### WHO DOESN'T KNOW ***** ABOUT *****!!! ***** YOU!!!!!
  12. Honestly, if they're going to artificially prop up offense as they have this year, then there's no point for these damn overtime rules. Either play a full ten, or make it sudden death.
  13. Cause everyone knows its that fuzzy B word... The Chiefs just don't do anything.
  14. If both championships go into overtime does that mean the NFL has gotten too close together?
  15. Why the ever living hell do you run the ball into the endzone and give Brady 2 minutes and 3 timeouts. Andy ***** Reid.
  16. Stupid penalty on Ford. You cost your team the game. Also, Eric Berry is a shell of what he used to be.
  17. The hoody upset about a pick play... bull####! Kiss my ass!
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