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  1. Walter football was my go to for several years until I realized that he sucks, his sight is poorly run, and he’s contrarian about stupid stuff to generate buzz. I like the Draft Network, and NFL.com’s mock drafts, but mocks are pretty pointless by and by. I use them to try and gauge where players value is, but that’s always hit and miss.
  2. Not necessarily. Dismissed could mean that the judge dismissed it, whereas dropped just means the plaintiff withdrew the suit. Do we know for a fact how that happened? I didn’t see anything on it other than this tweet.
  3. Trade back and draft him in the second! Hard to put much stock in this kind of things these days.
  4. Hmm.. There's an interesting contradiction in this tweet that actually makes a huge difference: Pelissero says "has dropped her civil lawsuit" Hardin says: "We've got one dismissed" Which is it?
  5. Man, this pick being Ossai is gonna be wayyyy too rich for a Edge that is a questionable scheme fit.
  6. I like Campbell, but the consensus on him is late 2-3 round pick. Not sure why, except that some say he's very raw? Lance Zierline has him highly rated, and I usually appreciate his take on things.
  7. It is about you though. Your first post, which is now gone (either due to you deleting it, or a mod doing so) was you declaring your way to be the bona-fide truth of enlightenment, while all others are intellectually inferior. That's a you problem. There are two sides to this conversation, and declaring the conversation over and the dissenters idiots doesn't work when the second most powerful person in the world (and someone who is on your side of the conversation) along with the governor of the state in question flip flopped their position mere months ago to fit the political expediency of the moment. I'm not getting into the minutia of the debate, nor have I tried to do that with you. Rather, i was pointing out that your initial ad hominem was douchey.
  8. Including the Vice President who is helping with the rollout of the vaccine, or the governor of NY who signs the checks of the guy whose statement started this thread? Or does skepticism only = low intellect when it fits the side of the fence you’re currently munchin the grass on? Your initial post calling anyone who disagrees with you/this decision of low intellect is pretty telling for how willing and able you are to engage in useful dialogue about your believes and held opinions. I’d encourage you to rethink that.
  9. A good post. I don’t attend games so I’m not gonna lose my ***** about this excluding me, but the principle is ridiculous and the very thing some people have been waiting for since last March.
  10. It’s always amusing to me the rhetoric that has to be attached to those who question a rushed, conditionally approved medical treatment for a disease with a 98% survival rate. I suppose since your arguments are so clear and above reproach that stooping to ad hominem’s is your own personal flavor? Anyway, I won’t question the vaccine process until someone of high authority in our country does..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/03/18/what-andrew-cuomo-kamala-harris-said-about-vaccine-skepticism/%3FoutputType%3Damp
  11. Shove this fury miniature chinchilla d*** into a cannon and blast his dirty cheating ass in into the sun. ***** that guy.
  12. I like what the panthers have done in this. also, dolphins reaching on an OT is the chefs kiss of realism this mock needed. Good work people.
  13. They’ll trade up our ETN. They already know. 😛
  14. What a wonderful WR to get 3 targets a game with 1 catch. I’m delighted.
  15. You're gonna tackle Melvin Ingram running from the H-Back position? Good luck. Your funeral.
  16. Getting Surtain and a couple extra picks is sweet for the falcons.
  17. That’s a good get for the Skins. I like Lance in a place he can sit and learn, and Scott Turner seems to be trending up as a play caller. Good young core on offense as well.
  18. The lions are rising quickly on my "dgaf" board. I have no idea what they're trying to build, and if we're being honest, nobody has known for years... At least with Stafford they were interesting. My only hope for them is that when they're 0-11 that comment Brockers made about Goff ends up leading to a lockeroom fight. That's probably the only thing putting them on the radar for me this year.
  19. That's why next years picks are always weird to judge... Look at the Dolphins. They have the third pick in the draft cause two years ago the Texans thought they were a Tackle away from regularly competing and drafting late 20's. If the cardinals trade next years first and Murray blows his ACL in the first game and they go 4-12, its a good deal for the Bengals, but if they go 12-4 and win the SB, it's a less good deal. So much risk with the unknowns.
  20. That looks a little better to my eye as well, especially cause 410 for next years first is a very conservative number.
  21. It's pretty much in stone at this point. The only thing missing is you explaining how this "toolsy QB with a lot of upside" is different than the last one you just ruined.
  22. By my figuring: Arizona's 1 and 2 this year = 1410. Their 1 next year would be about 410, and 3 next year about 50 for a total of 1870. 6 overall is 1600, so he got a positive of 270 or so. Closer to 17% bonus for the Bengals.
  23. I don't like this, but it actually seems pretty realistic given their offseason so far... Seems like Kliff and Keim are fighting for their jobs this year. Too rich for my blood, especially when you likely could have gotten Darrisaw at 16.
  24. Hey, when you can trade a future first round pick for a mediocre WR in the deepest WR class in history in order to prop up your bust QB who you way overdrafted the previous year, ya gotta do it.
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