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  1. Is it just me or do the raiders have back to back picks every year?
  2. Palmer is a guy that people in the know have been pointing to as having a much higher grade around the league than around the press like Payton Turner.
  3. Here’s my way of accepting this: Would I trade a late first and two low seconds for an elite pass rusher? In a heart beat. We have 3 chances for one of these guys to become that, and maybe all three become something.... ^ that logic helps a whole lot.
  4. Okay so here’s our DL as of now: we got Efa and we got Epy, we got Eddy and we got Rous. We got a star, and we got some boogie. There’s a Harry and Jerry and don’t forget Mario! There’s a lot to work with there, but I don’t have the mental energy to get this more organized. Some great nicknames though.
  5. Melifonwu might drop to within reach of our 3rd pick. Also, BSJ, and Paul’s Son Also, % chance Richard Sherman is a Bill by Sunday? im coming around on the pick. I have long been an advocate for teams not f-ing around about fixing issue positions. It’s a harder pill to swallow when it’s your team.
  6. Stupid. Needs to be 90 when random dude gets cut. Letting roster fodder get premium #’s is asinine.
  7. Why not just swap next years first for this years second?
  8. Only on TBD would someone decide that we reached at pick 30 for a “late first to late second” player....
  9. The love for Meinerz is asinine and a perfect illustration of what is wrong with draft season. Let’s take a player from the lowest possible competition level who was just okay there, train him up in the year and a half he isn’t playing football, have him go to the senior bowl where he can hold his own for one week and make people fall in love with him based on his personality and belly, and he’ll get drafted in the second round.
  10. Anyone who doesn’t like the pick needs to hit up the Locked on Bills podcast from today. Marino spoke with Brently Weissman (former scout, works at TDN) and he raved about Rous. One mans opinion, but it took me from “meh, we’ll see” to “let’s ***** go!”
  11. I’m not a “tape dog” but watching his highlights I can tell one thing that I’m sure the Bills love about him: he keeps his head up and he watches the football. How do you stop Mahomes? Keeping in the lane, and watching the football.
  12. I will say, I fully expect ROUS and Epy to become our dominate DE tandem for 10+ years simply because it makes sense that I’ll be second guessing how to spell their names for the next decade. Also, Rous fits in with the short name vibe: Efe and Eddy and Epy and Rous. Throw in a Jerry and and a Harry and you can really break it down.
  13. All I know is that I liked this whole process a lot better when I had fridays off.
  14. Go google: “Way too early Mock draft” followed by 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and tell me if you see any familiar faces in the top 10. Then, on Sunday, when the “way too early 2022” mock drafts come out, bookmark them and familiarize yourself with the top 10-15 players. Early scouting for next year.
  15. Legitimate question- is Wilson’s collarbone already aching from the first time Greg touches him and it snaps?...
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