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  1. guys you can't cut Star because he oppted out you can't cut him
  2. cut v butler, quinten jefferson , john brown, mitch morse restructure , lee smith retire , do not sign matt milano,
  3. DUKE WILLIAMS can't catch the football he got 41 yards on the last play of the game WAIVE HIM IN THE OFFSEASON NO ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT
  4. pancho never lived in buffalo why do people love him so much
  5. Jason peters has missed a lot of time because of injuries. NO WAY IS HE A HALL OF FAMER!!!!!
  6. the bills need to trade for gordon hes a difference maker and worth 10-12 million in ducasse and dimartino we can save 8-12 million get rid of useless players and get a differnce maker its not a question LETS GET HER DONE BEANE!!!!!!!
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