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  1. I agree. It’s a great move for the Giants.
  2. Poyer is a leader in our secondary, I bet he gets re-signed. So long as he isn’t asking for too much, I see us paying him. I think he wants to be in Buffalo so he’ll take a moderate pay bump and get his money. This coaching staff, this defense is perfect for his skill set and I think he knows that, he fits this scheme like a glove. Maybe $8M-$9M is what I’d value him at.
  3. Eno Benjamin or Najee Harris wouldn’t be bad options there as well.
  4. I like Travis Etienne, Najee Harris, Eno Benjamin and Ke’Shawn Vaughn from that list.
  5. I think that’s the characteristic of a good RB. Making guys miss in a phone booth. Straight line speed matters but quickness is more important when judging a RB.
  6. Be sure to get back to me on Guidry, I’d love to hear your thoughts. He’s a 3rd round / 4th round prospect.
  7. Wirfs is a good player but according to your board I’d rather have Justin Jefferson. If Justin Jefferson was gone I would not mind Wirfs. I totally understand your logic and I would not be one iota upset. Wirfs is a good player and I’d love to have him, move Ford into LG and all a sudden that O-line is looking damn good. He’s a good option. The folks that say he is not just aren’t aware yet.
  8. First four picks are 🔥🔥🔥. I don’t think Shenault will be there though. I think he goes just outside the top 10. How do you feel about Justin Jefferson, Henry Ruggs and Stephen Guidry though?
  9. He’ll be gone. I think it comes down to Jefferson or Ruggs at #21. Even then it’s 50/50 either of them will be there.
  10. By meat and potatoes I mean our OL and core players. By upgrading RT we can move Ford to LG and our line is above average. Two birds, one stone. Dawkins, Feliciano, Morse, Ford, Knox, Brown, Beasley and Allen Is a great base for a stew but I think RB and WR will look a lot different after April. Could use another RB and a few WRs but the nucleus is still there.
  11. Need to rework the OL too, I might add. Ford into LG and a true RT gives us an above average OL. I think Allen, Singletary and Knox will see a jump in production too. Typically year 3 for QBs is a good indicator in what you can expect going forward. Allen did good spreading the ball around, if he can connect on the deep ball more often, look out.
  12. Glad to have him back. I expect our offense to explode under Daboll year 3. Barring a catastrophic injury to Josh Allen I think we go deep in the playoffs next year. I find it awesome that Allen has the same teacher 3 years in a row. We have talent on the offensive side of the ball but we’re still really rough around the edges. OL needs to be tweaked, need to drastically rehaul the skill positions, but the meat and potatoes is there.
  13. Splashy players don’t necessarily mean more production.
  14. I like Josh Uche and Willie Gay if we turn to the draft for LB.
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