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  1. He did good, he did good.
  2. I think you deal him. I disagree that he has no trade value.
  3. I think we need to move on from Zay and I think he equally needs to move on from us. He can be a good player but I think a change of scene is desperately needed for him. I wonder if there is a WR desperate team that would be willing to trade a mid rounder for him. I think we keep: Beasley, Brown, Duke, Foster, Roberts and McKenzie. McCloud to the practice squad.
  4. He’s always been that way though. He had two monster runs that were called back due to questionable calls. I guess the refs couldn’t wait until the regular season to screw the Bills.
  5. I don’t understand what’s so funny, Shady looked like himself. Gore looked great too, as did Singletary. It’s a good situation to be in because there is no way Allen carries this team on his arm.
  6. He looked like a Pro Bowl caliber of RB. I have egg on my face for saying he should be traded, there is no way you trade him at this point. I was completely wrong.
  7. Allen looked terrible. I’m still a fan but he had a bad game.
  8. Well, I deserve a kick in the can for saying Shady was done. He looks recharged.
  9. Less than playoffs is disappointing. I want double digit wins.
  10. I do light scouting every draft, just enough to have a solid opinion. I don’t go deep into it like some do but just enough to get a feel for the players. Daniel Jones is better than I expected, I think most people can agree on that now, right? He’s better than he was advertised, not such a crazy pick now. I think I got it wrong with him.
  11. I actually think Daniel Jones will be a decent starting caliber QB. With that said, I don’t think there is any chance on God’s green earth that he can overcome that poor Giants roster and pull an upset over the Bills. Daniel Jones though has impressed me this preseason, I think I was wrong when I said he’d suck. He’ll be decent.
  12. I will not admonish you or anyone else for it but I would not be astonished to see it happen. Somebody will project their miserable day on us all unfortunately.
  13. Darnold is going to be good, I really do hate to say it. Jets and Bills will be a heated rivalry for a long time me thinks.
  14. Well, I think we’ve seen some really positive things out of Oliver, Sweeney and Singletary so I think the guy I’d most like to see do something is Knox. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, Sweeney has looked promising so Knox better do something and get rolling.
  15. I agree. Imagine Zeke and Singletary back there. I’d offer a 3rd, but I think someone would offer more. Fun to think about but so is winning the lottery.
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