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  1. It’s still really early in the process but here’s a few guys I like. Where they go? I do not know. Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU Jedrick Wills, RT, Alabama Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
  2. I’d also say that forcing Pittsburgh into 3rd & long situations is paramount. Hodges is more of a check down kind of QB, see what happens when you force him to air it out. I think our secondary matches up marvelously in those types of situations. Keep n extra man in the box, eliminate the run and check downs, build up a lead and then blitz them into oblivion.
  3. Antonio Brown Colin Kaepernick Stephon Gilmore
  4. I think it’ll be Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson. I suspect we’ll be adding a few linemen too on both sides of the ball.
  5. I’m concerned that this will be another jailbreak every time Allen hikes the ball. They got Watt, Dupree and Hayward, arguably a better pass rush than the Ravens. If we protect Allen, we win. If these guys explode into our backfield we will be humiliated.
  6. We stood toe to toe with a giant. Not once did I expect a win here. Bottom line is we are 9-4 and we play a very beatable Steelers team. One more win and I think we get into the playoffs. I stand by my 11-5 prediction. Nothing to see here folks.
  7. 1. Jedrick Wills, RT, Alabama - Plug him in on the right side and slide Cody Ford into LG. Bills get a true RT while upgrading the OL. Ford although adequate is playing out of position. Put him in at LG and the Bills have an above average OL. 2. Kenny Willekes, RE, Michigan State - Bills add a fearsome pass rusher opposite of Shaq Lawson. Becomes a rotational piece behind Jerry Hughes. 3. Collin Johnson, WR, Texas - Big and tall WR opposite of John Brown. Move the sticks kind of possession WR. Red zone threat, big target. Starts right away. I want a RB and CB somewhere in the draft but it seems I ran out of picks. Gotta wait til free agency but mocks at this point is more so about identifying players you like, it’s too far away for me to start banging the table for any prospect but there’s some guys I like. We actually have quite a few holes.
  8. Hopefully he plays fired up. It’d be nice if he caught a few TDs.
  9. Josh Allen Devin Singletary John Brown Cole Beasley Jon Feliciano Jordan Phillips Ed Oliver TreDavious White
  10. I think you stop the Ravens by containing the run. You allow TreDavious White to play 1 on 1 and you give the other guys help. Force Lamar to beat us with his arm. We have a decent secondary. The occasional DB blitz may pay dividends as well as Jackson’s speed may be mitigated on some level. We need to clog up running lanes and just force their running attack outside.
  11. 33% chance and that number goes up if McD and Frazier can make Lamar look human.
  12. See, this type of banter and homerism will get you likes here but I fear that fans like you will be the first to flip if Allen has a bad game. He’s a young QB, he will take his lumps and even look lost at times during his growth and maturation. It’s to be expected. I love Allen and wanted us to draft him, I still think he’s going to be awesome but let’s be real here, it’s a process. Let’s try n stay even keel here.
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