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  1. Yep, well.... That's probably a fair way to put it. I don't think anyone can really argue with that.
  2. NewDayBills

    Lorenzo’s contract details

    Thanks for the details. That seems like a very team friendly deal. Glad to have him back.
  3. NewDayBills

    GB Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

  4. NewDayBills

    Report: Joe Philbin has interviewed with Bills

    Hell yes. I'm on board with that.
  5. NewDayBills

    Deep draft at TE this year

    He plays for UCLA, one of Josh Rosen's favorite targets. Great receiver, apparently not the best blocker. No idea where he'll go, I just like him.
  6. NewDayBills

    Deep draft at TE this year

    I want Caleb Wilson.
  7. NewDayBills

    Colts flying “1-0” flag outside Lucas Oil

    I'd love to see them win it all, for Frank and Luck.
  8. NewDayBills

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    This move kind of scares me. They got some really nice players over there and I think Gregg could really guide them. Yeah, this isn't a good thing for Buffalo, not in the very slightest. I hope they hire someone else. He will make the Jets competitive. I still like our players and coaches way better but the Jets could be a problem.
  9. NewDayBills

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    People love to spend other people's money, but they never like reaching into their own pockets.
  10. NewDayBills

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    Only reason why I want a new stadium is because it marries the Bills to Buffalo for at least another 30 years. I want an extremely modest dome, something well under $1 billion. Something to keep us warm in during the winter and also a big venue for concerts and other forms of entertainment in the offseason.
  11. NewDayBills

    McBeane Confidence Update

    Beane is the brighter of the two. I'm 50/50 on McD but I have 100% faith in Beane. If McD falls on his face I'd let Beane bring his own guy in.
  12. Those guys go top 5 and you rarely see those types. Very rare.
  13. Speed. Size isn't everything. I've seen many 5'10 guys have illustrious careers and many 6'6 guys that are out of the league in 2 years. The bigger guys careers can end much easier than a smaller guy's. ACL tears and knee injuries are much harder for them to overcome. Their joints get out of position much easier. In many ways I don't think big guys are as durable. Give me a quick and fast player that can create separation. Those kind of players are ideal.
  14. NewDayBills

    Tampa Bay: hires new HC Bruce Arians

    That coaching staff is actually not bad. I think Winston can be a nice QB but not good enough to ever really accomplish something meaningful.