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  1. NewDayBills

    Steelers listening to trade offers for Leveon Bell

    I'd wait until he is a free agent next year, would definitely definitely definitely sign him to a lucrative deal then.
  2. NewDayBills

    Allen is a budding superstar

    Am I thinking of @Buffalo30 ???? Maybe that's who it was.
  3. NewDayBills

    Tre White: “You like that?!”

    When Tre's contract is up, we better back up the Brinks truck for him.
  4. NewDayBills

    Kelvin Benjamin is NOT a Number 1 WR

    He should stay at #1, just needs to get over the dropsies, he can be a good receiver, he is just in a funk.
  5. NewDayBills

    Allen is a budding superstar

    You were one of the first on his bandwagon, even before we drafted him. Props to you, I remember you taking a lot of flak for it.
  6. NewDayBills

    Allen is a budding superstar

    This isn't a told you so thread, I wanted us to draft Allen but I did not expect this. 3 TDs, but should have been 4 but Benjamin dropped that EZ TD. McCloud also dropped that huge bomb. The guy is even better than I thought, I'm glad they were so fearless in the way they used him, I was yelling at my TV telling him to get down every time he ran the ball, the Superman TD run where he hit the pylon was something Cam Newton would do. This is Allen's team, Shady is no longer our best player, Josh Allen is the franchise.
  7. NewDayBills

    Is Binghamton Bills country?

    Love that place! I'm HHDS Highschool class of 05. Many many many people here are Giants fans I noticed, probably 60/40 Bills to Giants fan ratio.
  8. NewDayBills

    Is Binghamton Bills country?

    There is a Wegmans in Elmira though.
  9. LESS cooperation with police the BETTER! The less you cross paths with law enforcement the better, don't get it twisted.
  10. And when we run Benjamin out of town he'll be a 1,000 yard receiver again!
  11. NewDayBills

    Alabama would beat the Buffalo Bills, 'analysts' say

    A 19 year old boy will lose to a 25 year old hardened NFL vet. College players still haven't hit their prime physically.
  12. AB is calling his bluff. He's not going anywhere, Ben loves him.
  13. NewDayBills

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    I'm cautiously optimistic, the tools are there but will he step up or step back as teams collect film on him? Could be Paxton Lynch, could be Cam Newton. It all depends on if he develops mentally and keeps his composure.
  14. NewDayBills

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    I liken him to Joe Flacco as a passer with Big Ben's mobility. He should be an above average passer and long-term starter, nothing great but steady and pretty solid.
  15. NewDayBills

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    His accuracy is better than I imagined, I was expecting a guy that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn but that simply has not been the case! That throw to Benjamin between two defenders for the first down was very encouraging to me, not to mention Allen is very hard to bring down, strong runner, I'd like to see more QB sneaks in short yardage situations, Allen is very good at it. It's only one game though, he WILL have some bad games though but today, the game did not seem too big for him and he did not seem overwhelmed. That's huge to me, the fact that he did not seem overwhelmed today is by far the most encouraging aspect to today's game. I will not jump ship on Allen until it seems like the game is too much for him, until then I will ride it out until he cuts his teeth.