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  1. That's not a cool thing to say. From my understanding Quinnen is a heck of a kid, if anything I'd be weary of Gase. Holy moly what is that guy doing in New York? Bizarre. I almost feel bad for the players almost.
  2. I think if Allen plays competently, like a slightly above average starter, we are golden. We should have the #1 rush offense in the NFL and I think we are going to have a top 10 defense. The question is, can Allen manage the game well and click on some of these play action passes to keep defenses honest? We don't need Allen to be a top 10 QB, hell if he is a top 12-15 QB then we should see the playoffs. We will have a good indication of our future once we start rolling through training camp. Can Allen take a baby step this year? That's the question.
  3. I think he can be an enforcer. Kind of guy WRs are going to be sure to watch out for and a guy that we can plug in the box. Never will be a star, but we don't need him to be. Just a thumper that can chop some heads. Worthwhile run defender.
  4. I'm still a big fan of Siran Neal. I think he can be a force. We're good, plenty of depth.
  5. He's better than all of them as a runner. I can't count how many times he turned an "oh crap" moment into a "thata boy!" I think he'll be solid this year, just not at a Pro Bowl level. He needs to dump them passes off to the RBs and WRs this year, the hero ball will get his ACL blown eventually. That's why we brought in Beasley, Singletary and Yeldon. Maybe run options.
  6. I've never seen anyone like him. Urlacher maybe? He's 6'5 and 250, last year he was only 20 so he could still add a few pounds. Crazy.
  7. Allen should be around 78 I feel. Last year it started to click for him at the end and we were seeing rapid progress. I think by the end of the year he'll be around an 85. Im expecting continued progress, far from from elite but very adequate and acceptable progress. Enough where McDermott keeps his job and we all feel good. 11 wins and a wildcard.
  8. See, Mahomes can actually throw in a straight line so his ball doesn't have to travel as far. When Josh throws the ball it will inevitably travel diagonally and not in a straight line, making it much more impressive if he can actually throw it out of arrowhead stadium.
  9. I'm not an Allen skeptic, I think he'll be good, but Elway? Sorry, but I think some people say the most outlandish and foolishly optimistic things because they're fishing for likes. I see a QB that struggles with basic mechanics and fundamentals. He is obviously going to improve but let's not act like we're all 5 years old and how he is going to be the next Joe Montana, seems kind of childish to me, sorry if you disagree.
  10. Elway? After a 10 TD 12 INT season? Did you type this after just getting out of the dentist's office while still under anesthesia?
  11. Belichick. He coached up Brady to what he is today. You have to give Brady credit for being coachable though. Bledsoe, Garrapolo, Cassel and others all looked good under Belichick, but I do concede that none of them would have been as successful as Brady. Brady is very good, but Belichick would have multiple rings without him, albeit nowhere near as many. 60% Belichick, 40% Brady. Brady wouldn't have been Brady on the Bills, the coaching just wasn't there.
  12. This is going to destroy the record books. Once prestigious records will now be everyday norms. That pisses me off.
  13. He reminds me of a mobile Kerry Collins.
  14. Of course it matters, but football is a team sport.
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