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  1. Typically rookies take some time to get up to speed at the NFL level. My biggest question is how are players from last year or the year before will handle their own. A good veteran presence is needed to guide the younger players into the right direction. I'm not sure I see that. We are very inexperienced and lots of mistakes are made by the younger guys, which to me is caveat of having a team with too much youth. Good draft but is the pipeline loaded? Is the train stacked.
  2. I feel the same way. Although I feel Rosen will be a journeyman too. Murray will be a failure too in my opinion. Probably should have traded down.
  3. Clowney would be awesome. A 2nd + a 4th would be great value. Especially if the 4th was in 2021. Maybe they'd take a player? Shady? Zay Jones?
  4. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you set someone free from prison without consequences, it just means that you forgave them and moved on with your life. Let him do his bid and may God have mercy on his soul.
  5. He's okay I guess. Not a bad player, definitely will be paid more than he's worth but he's a good player.
  6. Thanks for stopping by. The way I see Darnold and the Jets is the way I saw Romo and the Cowboys, although I think the Cowboys are better ran. Darnold reminds me a lot of Romo. He very well may be a Pro Bowl QB but ultimately I think the Jets are so dysfunctional that I don't believe you guys will ever enter the promised land. In my mind's eye, I do think you have a good future at QB. In the end I just see us as having a much more refined FO. Beane is a brainiac at GM and a brilliant mind. Allen was my second rated guy behind Mayfield based off of potential not because of where he's at. Darnold is much more pro ready and although he has a high ceiling, it is not as high as Allen's. I think both the Browns, Jets and Bills all picked good QBs. I feel Rosen will be a journeyman and I think Jackson will fail.
  7. I'm guessing we'll be picking around 17-22. It all depends on Josh Allen at this point but I think we are good enough for 9 or 10 wins and a wildcard spot. I can hope, right?
  8. After McDermott gets fired we'll hire Gase to be our next head coach.
  9. He'll be an okay not great acquisition. Feel the same way about Brown. Both of them combined though makes a great impact on Allen's development. Hopefully Zay and Foster grow and we have a solid group of guys.
  10. I think Darnold will be a good QB but ultimately I think the Jets will be Buffalo's footstool because of gross mismanagement.
  11. Sure he could and at times he may. Will most likely be moved around against weak links along the OL trying to find chinks in the armor.
  12. I'm going to venture that Allen passes for 3,800yds with 22 TDs and 10 INTs. Maybe another 500yds rushing and 5 rushing TDs.
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