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  1. Yes, he has a plan and sticking to it regardless of anything else. That's a level of decisiveness most preach but few actually practice.
  2. I never understood the concept that fans of winning teams are somehow more educated and more obligated to make opinions than fans of losing teams.
  3. Really? Lol check out my history. I almost never complain. I was trying to be facetious.
  4. So do we go back to complaining since we now expect everyone to sign here?
  5. As per the leaked draft board, when your #1 QB drops within reach at a reasonable price after a team traded up beyond your reach for a QB and #1 went QB you are laughing all the way to the bank.
  6. I don't understand the outrage here, everyone pays for sex in some capacity, how many people here can honestly say they haven't gone out for some shopping, dinner, gathering or got a really expensive piece of Jewelry to get what he did in 10 minutes? Take notes my friends lol
  7. If anything he should be applauded for going to cost effective route for sex instead of marriage or being some young girls sugar daddy. Shows why the Patriots are such a well run organization, pragmatism always wins out in the Long haul.
  8. Remember when we needed a QB and everyone on here were able to do mental gymnastics to justify every single team ahead of us taking one? Fun times
  9. Suddenly those 10 draft picks are an embarrassment of riches. We can sit back and BPA all the athletes to coach up.
  10. I just hope we draft high upside athletes we can sit and patiently develop for a year or two with most of our picks.
  11. I was just pointing out what Beane could be thinking in response to your assertion that it's not an definitive upgrade.
  12. Was being discussed above that they could add Ansah then move Hughes.
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