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  1. Woodman19

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    Some fans need to learn to let go of former players. Often times when a player is cut or traded it's because they are not welcome anymore. No point stalking outside the window late at night.
  2. Woodman19

    Doug Marrone Not Getting Fired Per Ian Rapoport

    Why does it even matter to us?
  3. Woodman19

    Has anyone here ever met Doug Marrone?

    You all take it way too personally. Can you imagine having your career tied to a GM who is forcing EJ on you and a new owner coming in? What are the chances he gets another shot as coach somewhere if he stays one more year and gets fired after?
  4. Or dropped long balls that hit receivers in the hand, some for Interceptions after. The dropped TD alone would have drastically boosted his stats.
  5. Scoring a TD on offense is our Superbowl this year.
  6. Woodman19

    I think I'm out on McDermott

    Why do people need to announce their feelings when it has no impact on if they get fired, nor will they stop watching the team regardless of what happens?
  7. Woodman19


    How many will have more cap space and higher draft picks?
  8. Woodman19


    Well, having money to buy value free agents and draft picks in the top 5 range in theory should help more than no surplus cap space and picks in the 10-15 range...
  9. Woodman19


    The blame lay with the previous regime who capped us out being an 8-8 team. Yes, we could have rebuilt slower and maintained a 7-9 type team to make everyone feel better but we chose to bite the bullet and take our medicine to fix it in one go. This off-season is going to be what makes or breaks this regime since they will have the cap room, young players and surplus draft picks
  10. Woodman19

    How would you fix the Offense?

    Add talent to the recievers corps and offensive line. AKA, an off-season problem.
  11. At least Peterman can throw TD's, maybe not to the right team.... but its still something!
  12. Woodman19

    Finally the end for peterman???

    The real discussion should be on Benjamin, have you ever seen such a horrible performance from a receiver for an entire season? Its pretty clear to me that when they all get healthy its going to be Allen and Anderson where the only thing that will matter for Anderson is his ability to help Allen and not playing on the field. Peterman is clearly on borrowed time based on the health of others and far too many people get worked up about him when we traded all that draft capital for the real future. Peterman never sees this game if our other QB's arent hurt.
  13. Woodman19

    Finally the end for peterman???

    2 receiver deflections for Ints and a dropped TD by Benjamin would drastically have changed things.
  14. Woodman19

    Finally the end for peterman???

    I actually thought all considered he looked half decent today. But don't expect the boxscore scouts to see that.