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  1. Fantastic deal for the Bills and great security getting almost all money guaranteed for Hughes.
  2. But then again maybe he does. It's not like we have two 25 year olds ahead of him.
  3. I wouldn't for a first or second. Maybe a 3rd and 4th in back to back years.
  4. People get too caught up on needs that it distorts the bigger picture. It's better to have a great player in a position with depth than just another guy in a position of need.
  5. I think the Pegulas are excellent owners. They care enough to be there for all the major events and you can tell they have faith in their staff and support them in what they are doing without any interference or hesitation. The flak they got for inheriting what they did and not rushing for changes when they bought the team was unfounded.
  6. It's simple, if you overpay to keep mediocre players because you don't want to be ruthless with roster management then you soon wont have any cap space to keep good players.
  7. Exactly, you can do better in free agency with $10.2 million than Shaq. Don't overvalue him just because he's home grown.
  8. No reason to pick up the option with his level of performance. He's not hard to replace if push comes to shove.
  9. We are trying to build a championship team and maximise draft value by taking what's there, not help a single player by drafting what we wish was there. He still gets help indirectly a strong supporting cast and the team as a whole benefits from the improved depth.
  10. Don't forget an offensive line that can let Allen drop back and plant his feet, or a defense that can limit the opponents scoring even more.
  11. Whether one trusts it or not doesn't matter. Everyone has to deal with it because the process is happening no matter how unhappy they may be with it.
  12. We kind of already upgraded the WR corps already with two new players abd actually building an offensive line to buy time for routes to develop.
  13. This is the difference between assembling a team vs. just finding good players.
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