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  1. The reason this is even a topic, is because of the last 13 seconds. This loss is 100% on McDermott. You just can’t make those decision he made in those 13 seconds. It’s because of what he has done so far for the organization that without a doubt he should be here again next year. My point is, if he doesn’t learn and grow as an in game coach and we end up with a similar result where his decisions cost us another playoff game, I think we have to, At That Time, at least consider a change. If this game was his first game with questionable in game decisions, this also isn’t even a topic.
  2. I am noob to posting yes. I have followed this board daily multiple times a day for a long time. I never said fire McDermott. I simply wanted to start a discussion. Granted, I should have waited to start this topic as everyone’s emotions were all over the place. For that, yes I am a “noob”. Situational coaching is McDermott’s biggest flaw. If we don’t see improvement in this area and it again cost us a game in next years playoffs, do we do nothing and stay the course? I would love nothing more than to see coach improve his game management, similar to his improvement on being too conservative, but…. if he doesn’t it’s something we at least have to debate about.
  3. What about dropping every single defender into coverage? Make Mahomes hold the ball an extra second or 2.
  4. I have followed this board a long time, just don’t post. I think it’s a good question and worth a discussion. Do you think no change is needed if we lose again to kc next year?
  5. Add speed on offense. We need a pass rush, do we hope that groot or aje is the answer? I would love a trade for a Mack or c jones type. We get white back that’s almost like an addition already.
  6. McDermott flipped the franchises around but at some point getting to the divisional round/ afc championship game aren’t enough. Does McDermott get 1 more shot? 2? if we meet KC again next year and lose again, do part ways?
  7. Only bad thing.. our def is back on the field really quick again.
  8. Meanwhile Oliver is getting held like crazy every single play with nothing called
  9. In a game like this you can’t give up a 60 td run.
  10. How? Did he drop 2 passes for first down and fumble the ball?
  11. Barkley knows the system, if Mitch gets traded I could see him coming back to Buffalo.
  12. Why waste the to there? What if we miss the fg? Terrible clock management.
  13. Why are we not kicking the kickoff into the end zone?
  14. My issue.. what is the Steelers biggest strength, defensive line, maybe top 3. So why are we running empty sets that let their pass rushers know it’s gonna be a pass. I also don’t recall a single screen pass. Isn’t that like football 101 when your o-line is getting beat up to run a screen pass to keep the pass rushers honest. Where was they play action? I know we didn’t establish any sort of run game but Allen was money last year running play action. Another way to keep the pass rushers on their toes. I just don’t get how you go into this game with this plan that plays right into the Steelers strengths.
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