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  1. billspro

    2019 Draft Big Board

    LSU DBd tend to be safe picks. I would be okay with it if we addressed oline in free agency.
  2. billspro

    2019 Draft Big Board

    I think most of them are pretty D heavy. I am not worried about a top 5 pick. I don’t see anyone trading up for a QB right now.
  3. Still enough there to be effective. Similar to Manning his last 3 years with the Bronocos. He not done until it shows up on the stat sheet. It does look like he only has one or two years left though.
  4. billspro

    Bills Sign WR Deonte Thompson to a 1-Year Deal

    Hopefully Allen can spend some time with the new guys over the bye week. WR core is so much better than the last time he was on the field.
  5. billspro

    Offensive Line Continuity

    Oline is my top priority in round 1. We can find a good WR in round two hopefully. The success rate between round 1 and round 2 WRs has been similar lately. My ideal draft would be OT round 1, the WR from UB round 2, and a C round 3.
  6. billspro

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    They did have a poor start to the season. I find red zone D is a lot like turnovers, it comes in waves through out the year. They have improved a lot and I expect that to continue as the season goes on. They are too good at everything to have a bad category.
  7. billspro

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    It really doesn’t matter what you believe. Statistically they are the best D in football. The offence is responsible for a lot of the points against. Turnovers, 3 and outs, and pick sixes are a big factor in points against. That’s on the offence. Any time the offence has shown up we have held the other team under 14 points.
  8. billspro

    Super bowl preview November 19th?

    Could be, their D has improved a lot the last few weeks.
  9. billspro

    The next 6 games... I expect

    Don’t get me excited
  10. billspro

    Bills schedule next year?

    Unless you have a good roster then the only tough games are the Pats, Steelers, and Eagles. The QBs for the other teams are pretty average.
  11. He can definitely be apart of the fan base. The Bills Mafia always welcomes new fans.
  12. I was just thinking that, haha
  13. billspro

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Josh Allen was a much better prospect than Barkley coming out of college. Allen carried that team, Wyoming has been brutal without him on the field. Barkley was a part of one of the worst NFL draft classes I have ever seen. Saying that, I did see some encouraging signs that he could be a quality back up for us. A back up QB is an important piece of a championship team (see the Eagles).
  14. He was just saying that because he is not going to bash a player publicly. He also wouldn’t commit to keeping 4 QBs. As soon as Allen or DA are cleared Peterman will be released imo. I think starting Barkley over him spoke volumes in his confidence.