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  1. There is no way we get a high enough pick to get a QB. If the Bill start off like 0-4 next year I’m going full tank mode for Lawrence though.
  2. I agree, Chan was the only one that came close to having a good screen game. It is such a big part of every successful offence in the NFL. I don’t understand why it’s not a part of ours. It is so much easier to play dline when you don’t have to worry about the screen game.
  3. I agree, if we called some timely screens against the Blitz they would have backed off. The screen game has been pathetic this year. They had a very difficult schedule. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they had 8 wins by the end of the year.
  4. It might be good for him to play with an average group so he learns to spread the ball around and not rely on one guy. Hopefully we add that elite talent somehow next year though.
  5. We have NFL quality player but defensive coordinators are not scared of Beasley, Brown, and Singletary. That is a very average group and it would be difficult to find a worse trio. Bottom third of the league talent wise for sure. Now if we add a star WR in round 1, another good RB in round 3, and Knox develops this could turn into a top 10 group. Everyone will be better if we add a playmaker. This is a fantastic post. That is similar to how I viewed his play.
  6. Are you sure it’s an OC issue? Seems more like a talent issue to me. It’s hard to find a worse WR core and RB core than ours and the oline is average. All of those groups are much more talented than the 2018 crew though.
  7. Completely agree, Carpenter was solid for us for about two years then lost it. Haushka seems to be going down that road.
  8. They definitely have better skill players than us. It would be hard to find 5 teams that have a worse WR and RB core than us. I dont agree with Mayfield outplaying Allen though. It was probably a wash, although Allen made more big time throws so I would give him the edge.
  9. I have 0 confidence in Haushka right now, I expect him to miss every kick at this point. He’s got the yips, he’s done man. I think he is sitting around 60% dating back to week 14 last year. He will cost us more games if we stick with him imo.
  10. The Brown throw was terrible, that would have been a huge play in the game. I think in general deep crossing patterns are his best throw. He had a great one to Brown on a rollout at the end of last game too. He is definitely not a pinpoint guy so he needs to hit lots of chunk plays to be effective.
  11. I don’t have any problem with that pass. If Josh hits that there is a good chance we get a TD. Josh does a good job throwing back shoulder so I have no problem with that throw with the game on the line. It worked against the Jets week 1, so you should have a problem with that call too. Either way Haushka needs to be reliable when we need him most.
  12. Weird I thought those were often his best throws. I remember a big play to Knox and Foster just in yesterday’s game. I’m sure there are other examples as well.
  13. Doesn’t matter, Barkley is not winning a playoff game and may not even give us a better chance to win regular season games. Hopefully we can get in the playoffs either way but the only thing that matters is seeing if Josh is a franchise guy. This is likely not a Super Bowl year unfortunately.
  14. I’m not saying 12-4 is mediocre. The talent margin is so slim in the NFL. That’s why you see dominant teams like the Rams become mediocre the next year with essentially the same roster. Year to year league.
  15. No you give Josh the season. If you bench him his time here is up and we have no QB going forward. Just pray he develops. Throwing those deep balls is a lot easier than some of the other throws he hits. His short accuracy improved a ton this year. Maybe he needs another offseason with Palmer to work on long ball accuracy. We need to give Josh the rest of the year to prove if he is franchise material. If not you bring in competition next year.
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