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  1. Would you be satisfied if the draft looked like this?

    I could live with it, I don't think Jackson is capable of beating out McCarron. I love all the other picks though. If you switch Jackson and Mike White I think it would be even better.
  2. Why The Jets Might Pass on Rosen and Allen

    I hope you're right. I still think it would be crazy to continue with Manning. His play has declined significantly the last couple years.
  3. Rank Qb's and why please

    These are my own rankings and will be different from the mainstream media. All of my top 8 have some starter qualities and have a chance of being a starting QB in the NFL imo. After watching 5+ games on the top 10 QB prospects here is how I would rank them: 1) Sam Darnold (Grade 87, top ten prospect) - Pros: accuracy, progression ability, ability to extend plays, pocket presence, mobility, clutch, leader, qb persona, arm strength, winner, can make throws in tight windows, size - Cons: turnovers, unusual delivery, sometimes fooled by coverages, not always consistent with deep ball 2) Josh Rosen (Grade 85, top ten prospect) - Pros: Accuracy at all three levels, great understanding of the game, progression ability, pocket presence, arm strength, ability to throw in tight windows, intelligent, size, quick release - Cons: Durability, few head scratching turnovers, mobility 3) Baker Mayfield (Grade 82, 1st round prospect) - Pros: deadly short and intermediate accuracy, clutch, creates energy, leader, winner, arm strength, mobility, moves around pocket well, progression ability, senior -Cons: size, sometimes misses throwing lanes, size sometimes limits him from stepping up in the pocket, inconsistent deep ball accuracy, occasionally throws late b/c of big arm 4) Mike White (Grade 78, 2nd round prospect) -Pros: Accuracy at all three levels, arm strength, progression ability, throws with anticipation, shows ability to step up in the pocket, senior, size - Cons: Will have to master moving around the pocket because of very limited mobility, sometimes slow going through reads, takes sacks too often 5) Mason Rudolph (Grade 77, 2nd round prospect) - Pros: Accuracy, progression ability, pocket presence, senior, QB persona, size - Cons: Mobility, arm strength 6) Josh Allen (Grade 77, 2nd round prospect) -Pros: Elite arm strength, makes wow throws with arm strength and accuracy that only he can make, tough, competitive, mobility, size, may have arm talent to overcome deficiencies -Cons: Does not seem to process the game, misses open WRs, drops eyes to early and runs, misses routine throws, accuracy declines after 1st read, poor statistics 7) Lamar Jackson (Grade 75, 3rd round prospect) - Pros: Elite running ability, quick release, makes wow plays every game, show ability to go through progressions, escapability, extends plays -Cons: Very inconsistent accuracy, lots of over throws on tape, ugly turnovers 8) Logan Woodside (Grade 73, 4th round prospect) -Pros: Senior, unmatchable work ethic, football intelligence, quick processor, accurate at all three levels, raises level of play of his teammates, quick release, progression ability, pocket presence - Cons: may not have enough arm strength to be NFL starter, size Other QBs that will likely be drafted late in the draft (I consider them developmental back ups): Lauletta, Falk, Benkert, Litton
  4. QB Film Room: Lamar Jackson

    The Bills have been talking about pocket passers all offseason. McDermott is also in recorded saying he knows the limitations of running QBs because he has worked with them in the past. Jackson sails more passes on tape than any other top QB prospect in the past few drafts. Just be ready for that if we draft him.
  5. Why The Jets Might Pass on Rosen and Allen

    I think this is a very real possibility. Mayfield seem like the QB destined for the Jets. He is the anti-Hackenberg. I think the Bills know this and are going to be waiting to trade up for Rosen if he falls. I don't think the Bills would draft Allen even if he fell to 12, it still shocks me that the media views Allen as a first round pick. The wildcard right now is the Giants. Do they want a QB? If they do the Bills are screwed. I just can't figure out why they didn't trade with the Jets. The only reason to not trade with the Jets is because they love a QB. If they wanted one of the top three prospects in the draft they could still get them at 6, plus a whole bunch of other good players. The positional value at RB and OG is so low, it would make more sense to drop down to pick 6 if you wanted Barkley or Nelson. I really hope the Giants are in love with Chubb and don't want additional picks for some reason. I see the Bills plan as follows: 1)Pray Darnold falls to two and offer the Giants an insane amount of draft capital for him (probably 3 1st rounds and 2 2nd rounds) 2) Hope Rosen falls out of the top 4 and find a way to trade up for him 3) Trade up to the top of the second round for White or Rudolph. I trust the process and no matter what scenario the Bills choose I believe this staff will find a franchise QB this year.
  6. YOLO mock draft

    Would make sense if the draft played out that way. Rosen to the Bills and Allen to the Jets would play out perfectly.
  7. Mayfield would be set up to fail with that Jets team around him, which would be awesome. I would be willing to significantly over pay for Darnold at 2. I would also be happy to have Rosen slide to 6 and make a trade with Indy. It would be nice to get a better QB at 6 than the Jets get at 3.
  8. The Browns already have too many picks this year, they are probably going to have to cut some of their draft picks. Unless they want to add like a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd next year I don't see them making a trade in the top 4.
  9. I think at the very least the Browns would let us know what QB they would select if they stay there. If they are not picking our guy, Beane will trade up to number 2 and the Browns will get Barkley at 4. It is in the Browns best interest to have us trade up to number 2.
  10. QB Film Room: Lamar Jackson

    Seems like you view him as a similar prospect as Rudolph, which seem fair. Which one do you take if the Bills are stuck with Rudolph, White, or Jackson?
  11. I will be surprised if Jackson goes in the 1st round. There is no way he is going top ten.
  12. Check Out this Mock after the Jets trade

    I'm starting to think Rosen may drop on draft day. I would trade up into the top ten for him for sure in that scenario.
  13. As long as you pair those guys with a good offensive coordinator they can be a part of great offenses. Just look what Goff did in LA.
  14. That does not make sense. There are going to be 2 starter/franchise guys not named Darnold or Rosen in this draft. I don't know who they will be but this is the deepest QB class I have ever seen. I would not be surprised to see at least 8 QBs gone at the end of day 2. I really like Darnold and Rosen as prospects, but they both have some red flags. It is possible that one of the other QBs becomes the best guy in this class. We need to invest another pick into that position, if we don't take a chance we won't get one. Rodgers, Big Ben, David Carr, Russel Wilson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Jimmy G, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott. There are lots of good starters not taken in the top 5 of their drafts. That list includes the four best QBs in the NFL. Horrible analysis, he loses a lot of credibility saying that. Manziel just ran around and threw jump balls to Mike Evans in college. He is lucky he had Evans on his team. If we miss out on Darnold and Rosen then I will be hoping for Mayfield in the first or White/Rudolph in the second. All of those guys are seniors, which improves their chance of succeeding in the NFL. I think a lot of the biggest QB busts have been juniors or sophomores. He reminds me a lot of Teddy Bridgewater coming out of Louisville. I think Rudolph has a chance to be a solid starter. I agree he won't be elite though. I really hope the Browns pass on Darnold, I would be willing to pay the ransom to the Giants if he is on the board at 2.
  15. Tremaine Edmunds & Best Available QB at 22

    There is no way I am giving the Colts picks after their trade with the Jets. They can add Chubb to their terrible defence and continue to suck next year.