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  1. I said that if anyone could do it, it would be Bills Mafia. It was hard to believe 6700 would be enough. They represented us to perfection, Im so proud to be a part of BillsMafia.
  2. Man I got chills reading this. I’m so happy for all of us. It’s been such a long road to get to this point. It’s amazing what 6700 Bills fans can do. The noise was a factor for sure. That’s awesome you got to go to the game. The Taron Johnson play it the top play of my Bills fandom so far. Hopefully we have a few more of those immortal plays left in our quest for the Super Bowl this year. Go Bills!!
  3. I’m just as crazy as everyone else on this forum, haha. Literally every break I have Im looking up Bills information.
  4. I could feel adrenaline shooting in my spine during that video. It probably won’t be a good sleep tonight. Let’s Go Buffalo!!
  5. Seems very efficient and safe. It actually seems like they could probably handle more fans. I wonder if they try and get it above 10k if we somehow host the AFC Championship game. Assuming the other two games are flawless. I expect them to be.
  6. The key is to score enough that Lamar has to be a passer. It’s hard to do but the Chiefs have done it three times now. There is a blueprint to beat the Ravens. Making some big plays early in the game and forcing them out of their game script is going to be key.
  7. We are going to use a heavy dose of 4 WRs for sure Ravens are a physical team that will likely play better in the cold. The weather is definitely not going to provide us with an advantage. They have played plenty of cold prime time games in Pitt too.
  8. The Ravens can’t play the Colts gameplan. If they try to play a lot of zone against us we are going to torch them. I think our offence can put up points against them, the D needs to play much better than last week if we are going to win. The only team that has handled Baltimore is the Chiefs. Allen needs to put up lots of points and put Baltimore in a tough spot where they have to abandon the run game. Easier said then done but we are capable of executing that plan.
  9. Those all sound like fair points. Josh Allen is elite and he won the game even with the rest of the team being outplayed. How many games do you win when the lines on both sides of the ball get whopped.
  10. it would definitely be nice to add some production from the running game. Saying that whoever pass protects and catches the ball better should be the guy. We are not winning with the ground game this year. I think it will be Yeldon.
  11. I think that is the best oline we will go against. Hopefully we can get some more pressure and do a better job stopping the run going forward. Overall Daboll was fine. He had two unacceptable series. You can’t call three designed runs in a row. This teams identify if a passing team and that is how we get first downs. Daboll threw two drives away. Hopefully he doesn’t do that again in the playoffs.
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