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  1. He needs to take more short throws, no argument there. The Bills had the worst WR core in the league last year. There are advanced WR stats showing their separation in the bottom 5. Were there plays they were open? sure. Did Allen look for the homerun ball far too often? Yes. That will be one of the easiest things to fix, especially when you add a WR like Beasley. Really all Allen needs to do is take the short throws the defence is giving him and he will become an elite QB, he has all the talent in the world.
  2. I’m pretty sure Zay Jones said that play was his fault. That play doesn’t really show separation skills imo.
  3. Our slot WRs couldn’t get open last year. Beasley is going to be used frequently.
  4. He was out to lunch there. Allen throws a great back shoulder ball.
  5. He’s bad enough the Dolphins put him on the second team after a week of practice. The Bills backup oline this year would have all been starters last year. It’s going to be a huge improvement this year.
  6. Is it September yet? I can hardly wait to watch Allen this year.
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if he put up a couple 100 yard games when we hit bad weather, so I think it will be really close.
  8. How exactly do you expect a team to take away the long ball and cover the QB scramble? I would love to hear some X’s and O’s for that. If there is a way to do that Allen is going to have the TEs and Beasley wide open and he will dice teams up.
  9. Great post, add me to the cult too because I believe this team is headed for greatness. I actually think it will start this year with the playoffs and 2020 is going to be an AFC championship caliber team. Allen is the biggest reason for excitement. We watched him carry an Offence full of backup caliber NFL players on his back the last half of the season. He has the talent to succeed, the competitiveness to win games, and the leadership skills to elevate the play of the offence and the defence. So my only change is that you should be more excited Shaw, this team is ready to compete this season!
  10. Unfortunately Maybin was not a elite athlete. Below average NFL athlete and small is not a good combo.
  11. Ed Oliver is the prototypical DT for the new NFL. It’s nice to see the Bills being progressive for once. It would not surprise me at all if he created QB pressure similar to Donald and Watt.
  12. They Jets are good at spinning their wheels. I remember when we used to do that with CBs and RBs.
  13. He’s battling for the ninth oline position. He is going to have to play great in training camp to get that spot.
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