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  1. billspro

    Would anyone trade for Ogbah

    It would be nice to fill that need and be able to focus on DT and TE in the first two rounds.
  2. billspro

    Beane Coming Up Next on PFT Live on NBCSN

    I think we have the front office to have a playoff contender every season. I have complete confidence in Beane. So much so that I am not even worried about the draft.
  3. billspro

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    I’m sorry they are the ones the lost AB. Our roster has actually improved since last year. The Steelers are a franchise on the decline and the Bills are on the rise.
  4. billspro

    53-Man Roster Competition

    6-10 can turn to 11-5 really quick. If Allen develops this is a playoff team. Best Roster we have had since 2004.
  5. billspro

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    They will take a WR at some point. I think we need to fill DT, TE, and RB first though.
  6. billspro

    53-Man Roster Competition

    This is going to be a tough roster to crack. I would love to see them package both 4ths and late pick to try and move up into the late 2nd or early third and try to get 4 starters from this draft.
  7. billspro

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    There are going to be some real competitions in training camp this year. We have not had this kind of depth in a long time.
  8. billspro

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    Fortunately all of our lineman have position flexibility, so the best 5 will play. Completely agree with this approach.
  9. billspro

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    It should definitely be the best 5 and if Dawkins can’t win the LT job and has to move to guard that is on him. Protecting Allen is the top priority.
  10. billspro

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    LOL the Raiders are probably the worst organization in the NFL right now.
  11. billspro

    Bills sign S Maurice Alexander

    Sounds like they are going to put him back at LB.
  12. I actually think he might be better than Bosa and Allen. He reminds me a bit of Dwight Freeny. He is on my list of four guys that I would be happy with. Maybin had brutal athleticism scores and most of his sacks in college were on plays he wasn’t blocked. That was embarrassing scouting to even consider him a first round pick. That was a terrible FO. We now have a legit FO and Burns is probably a top 5 talent, we would be lucky to have him. Von Miller type bend, that is rare
  13. billspro

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    If Taylor is there I would draft our future franchise RT. Then Dawkins and Nsheke can battle it out for LT and LG. I don’t see any top 10 LTs though.
  14. billspro

    Rotoworld: Bills draft needs & 7 round mock

    I would be fine with that. There isn’t much room on the 53 as it stands.
  15. billspro

    Rotoworld: Bills draft needs & 7 round mock

    We definitely need to address RB and TE earlier than they did in this mock.