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  1. that’s the biggest issue with the current system imo. Jordan Poyer is going through that right now.
  2. I doubt that, if they cap salaries it just means the money get distributed more amongst the whole team. Then you don’t have a few stars being grossly overpaid while the majority of the team is underpaid. They should absolutely cap it at some point. That’s a good point.
  3. Good on you man. I can only get into watching QBs when the Bills are in the market. Hopefully I won’t have to do that for a while.
  4. KJ Hill is in the discussion too, I’m not as high on Aiyuk, see him more as a round 3 guy.
  5. Can I have all three. I could see the Shiftiness of Singletary, the gadget explosive plays from Leake, and the power of Dillon. Doesn’t have to be those three guys but we need more versatility in the RB room.
  6. It’s crazy to think if we made any of those plays we likely win the game. We didn’t make enough plays at the end of the day. I’m very optimistic about next year though.
  7. I wouldn’t be happy about having Burrow in the division either. Even then, I would only make the trade if I wasn’t sure about Burrow. If you think he is a franchise guy that is invaluable. That would be more for a non QB prospect. They are going to have to overpay if they want him.
  8. I would be surprised is he is slower. We will find out in a couple of weeks. I actually think he is going to be faster. It depends on your OC. A good OC could make him one of the top weapons in the NFL. I would prefer a good route runner though. The Bills are capable of developing athletes so I won’t be worried if we draft him.
  9. It’s because the Bills could have held their own with those squads. They are probably not ready to beat KC yet but with a good offseason we could be right there with them.
  10. They are pretending to move on. Rivers wants no part of playing for that garbage franchise. You could tell he wanted out in his end of the year presser. If they were still in San Diego they would still have Rivers.
  11. We could have beat everyone except for KC. If Allen makes the jump I expect him to make this offseason I think we have a shot of taking down KC next year though.
  12. That would make sense. Winston want too much money. They would have a chance to be a playoff team with Rivers. The Charger are looking like they will be the biggest mess in the NFL.
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