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  1. Unfortunately Maybin was not a elite athlete. Below average NFL athlete and small is not a good combo.
  2. Ed Oliver is the prototypical DT for the new NFL. It’s nice to see the Bills being progressive for once. It would not surprise me at all if he created QB pressure similar to Donald and Watt.
  3. They Jets are good at spinning their wheels. I remember when we used to do that with CBs and RBs.
  4. He’s battling for the ninth oline position. He is going to have to play great in training camp to get that spot.
  5. I actually think it is easier to evaluate guys on those type of teams. They are the focus of every team they go against without much help. A lot of player from Clemson and Alabama get vastly overrated because the whole roster is stacked, it’s much easier to produce in those situations because no one can focus on you. Same thing with Josh Allen last year, he had to carry an offence that was vastly overmatched most weeks.
  6. I still think he could be a top 5 WLB in the NFL. I would have done that trade in a hear beat. I still don’t know why the Jets drafted him, you have to factor in your scheme when building a draft board. Similar to when the Bills thought Lawson was athletic enough to play OLB in a 3-4. Beane does an amazing job of finding talent that fits our scheme.
  7. Not just a bad year for QBs, it was one of the weakest draft classes in recent memory. But any class with Matt Barkley as the QB top prospect is a bad QB year. Not even a serviceable starter in that group.
  8. Completely agree, no point trying to develop a great blocking TE when you can just sign one. He is just very basic, no special traits imo
  9. We would be missing out on a strong WR class next year if we did that. 9 sacks can be found a lot cheaper, I think Clowney has reached his full potential, I would not expect more than that.
  10. Didnt he say Oliver was his draft crush this year?
  11. Maybe go listen to his interview.
  12. He can block he just can’t keep OT weight on He blocked well at Oregon, he is just not big enough to be an NFL OT.
  13. Really? He played OT in the NFL, he can block.
  14. That’s just silly because he attempts a lot of vertical throws. I do think he will hit 60% this year though. I also think he has a shot to lead the league in pass completions 15+ yards down field.
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