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  1. This is what I believe as well. I also think we have a good head coach and a better OC, which is very important when predicting records. The Bills should have won that wild card game, this defence will take the next step this season. I love that we are underdogs going into the season. The players will be out to prove everyone wrong. Allen also seems to be much better than I was expecting. Hopefully he can come up with a magical rookie campaign.
  2. We beat the Falcons and Chiefs. We went 3-1 against the AFC West which was considered the best division going into the season and 2-2 against the NFC South which was the best division in the league last year. Typical uneducated reporting.
  3. I think Allen will be the starter week one. It will be hard to keep him off the field when he plays great in training camp.
  4. billspro

    Levi Wallace #1 CB through week 7 per pff

    Fantastic play
  5. Me too, I am so excited to see how Allen performs in training camp.
  6. Josh Allen is going to win the starting job
  7. billspro

    NFL Top 100

    White deserved to be on this list
  8. billspro

    Josh Allen story

    I think that will be his floor.
  9. billspro

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    Real estate is a good investment. He will probably be getting a 10 million dollar signing bonus. It would be crazy not to invest some of that money into a house.
  10. billspro

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    It's pretty easy to root for Allen. He is very well spoken for a rookie.
  11. billspro

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    Link below http://www.wgr550.com/media/audio-channel/06-11-bills-qb-josh-allen-one-bills-live
  12. He forgot the part where the Bills have a top ten defence.
  13. Good options, I would think Denver would have released them by now if it was going to happen. If we could get one of them for a 5th I would do it.
  14. billspro

    Josh Allen, Harrison Phillips crash Buffalo wedding

    These guys are awesome haha
  15. The Jags had an up and coming defence last year. I remember playing them the season before and coming away very impressed with their D. The problem with these guys that make predictions is they probably only watch the prime time games.