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  1. If they catch it they will have to self isolate for 2 weeks. It would be embarrassing if the Bills didn’t pay them still. Odds are a lot of the NFL players have probably already had it. They travel a lot.
  2. Those number are what is reported but they are not accurate. If you understood virus epidemiology than you would realize that. You would have to test every single person for accurate data and even then there would be some errors due to false positives and false negatives. You also have to factor in multifactorial deaths which gets complicated. What the data shows is a high estimate. The death rate is likely somewhere between 0.5-6.5 %. Hopefully, the numbers they have are incorrect for all our sakes.
  3. Yes but the numbers are greatly skewed because those are confirmed cases. They would be lucky to have tested half of the people who actually had the disease. Still very high numbers and scary.
  4. It’s just common sense. There will be more asymptotic people than expected when testing increases. The highest report I have seen was 4% but that was a long time ago. I don’t really follow the CDC but in Canada it has been getting lower.
  5. I’m not arguing one way or the other but those COVID stats are not even close to correct. This will likely be where the data will end up.
  6. about time they are doing this. A sky judge should have been added 5 years ago.
  7. Allen just has to be willing to take more check downs.
  8. Man I hope so, I think he is going to make a big leap this year.
  9. I’ll go on record that he will be a top 5 NFL QB for at least 5 years. that’s conservative, he will be better than that imo. If he figured out the deep ball this offseason, which I think he has, he is going to be a top 5 QB next year.
  10. Freddie outplayed McGahee, Lynch, and Spiller while he was here. It sucks he didn’t get more touches. He was the only consistent producer on offence for years.
  11. Me too, I hope they stick with this format in the future. I’m hoping to go to the Raiders game. I’m glad it’s later in the year.
  12. Jake Fromm ceiling is David Carr. I wouldn’t rule him out reaching that level.
  13. This post is going to be proven wrong. Fromm is going to be a great backup. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he had a Ryan Fitzpatrick type of career. Barkley is lucky we don’t have a full offseason or Fromm would have beat him out.
  14. Murphy won’t be cut. I think Murphy and Long are the most likely to be traded. I would do this as well. I think they should roll with Allen and Fromm. Then have Webb on the practice squad. It’s tough for me to justify a spot for Roberts and McKenzie. Hopefully one of those guys can win both roles and the other one can be released. We have too much talent to have both of those players.
  15. It’s never a bad idea to take a swing at a QB in the 5th. Especially a prospect with Fromm’s resume. Maybe we strike gold. Having two good QBs is never a bad thing.
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