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  1. billspro

    2019 draft class qbs look ok

    Ya I would want to trade the pick if we end up with number 1 overall
  2. billspro

    Dwayne Haskins is going to be a stud

    If we end up with the first overall we better take a QB or trade down for three number 1s. As good as Bosa and Oliver are Dlineman don’t turn franchises around.
  3. billspro

    Predict Josh Allen's stats v the Vikings

    That would be rough We need the D to keep the game close this week. You can’t rely on a rookie QB to win a game on the road. They definitely have to improve the red zone D. Hopefully we can run the ball and play some D. I would like to see 14/26, 210 yards 1TD 0 ints
  4. billspro

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Allen has a much better QB personality, Darnold has looked soft tonight.
  5. billspro

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    It will be fun watching these four QBs. There was so much debate predraft. Mayfield has looked very decisive tonight. I hope Allen has a good game as well against Minnesota
  6. billspro

    Red Zone “defense”

    Huge issue right now. We would have been in the game last week if we held them to a couple field goals.
  7. Horrible read, just a waste of time.
  8. billspro

    The OL Is Bad....How Do You Fix It?

    I think Miller has been the biggest issue through two games. I would start there.
  9. billspro

    Vikings or Packers? Which one is tougher? Poll

    They are both tough but I don’t think we lose either game by more than 10. Me too, there is no way I will concede 20 points. We usually play well against Green Bay too.
  10. billspro

    Mcdermott's adjustments...

    As long as we keep Zo on the Dline I think we can keep them in the 24-27 range. It’s going to be tough on them with a rookie QB going on the road.
  11. billspro

    Mcdermott's adjustments...

    No we completely shut them down in the second half, it had nothing to do with them getting complacent. We actually had multiple opportunities to make it a one score game.
  12. billspro

    Josh Allen Fired Up!

    It says a lot about him that his team responded.
  13. billspro

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Limited Excitement

    Hopefully, they can build off the second half next week. The defense looked great with Zo on the dline, I don't think many teams will put up more than 24 the rest of the way. All I want to see is Allen improve every game and it will be a successful season.
  14. billspro

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    That TD pass was amazing as well. There are very few QBs in the NFL that can make that throw. If he is still having trouble with that six weeks from now I would be concerned. You have to give him a chance to learn from his mistakes though. I’m excited to see how he plays the next couple weeks.
  15. billspro

    McD took over defensive play calling in 2nd half

    Coaches have to perform just like the players. I’m glad he holds coaches accountable too.