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  1. Opening day 2009. 4 min remaining in the 4th quarter.
  2. I think you need to move indy and Houston up a category seeing as one of those teams will win the division. Pitt should also be up there as well. That will leave 8 similiar teams vying for 2 wildcard spots. Should be an interesting season.
  3. Ya havent found a 6 trophy pic yet. I like to think of it as 75% of the time they have had a chance to win it.
  4. You do if you want to get there. It also helps if once you get there you score more than 3pts.
  5. Yup, they went on to win the Superbowl that year. Again! Pats Chiefs in Nov. Its sweeps month. Same reason pats and colts always was scheduled in Nov.
  6. No doubt. Thats why I dont worry what the roster looks like. Pats will get guys on short cheap contracts and coach them up. Last years roster was one of the weakest I can remember and they still won the Superbowl.
  7. Yup 2017 post season. Had some big plays. Went 6 of 7 for 70 against Atlanta.
  8. 2nd in yards allowed. I believe they were about 19th in points. My guess would be they allowed points on a short field.
  9. I think vegas comes in at 8- 8.5. That would be a tough bet at 8.5 either way.
  10. Brow and shelton both sucked last year. Lawrence Guy was the only good interior lineman. Butler was getting better as the year progressed
  11. If Flowers comes in at 14 the Pats would likely resign him. Estimates Ive heard are more in line with 18-19 million per year range. Especially since most of the top edge guys have been franchised.
  12. Bill loves the older players on 1 and 2 year deals. He has made a ton of these deals over the last 5 years
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