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  1. Im sure they were. This board is pretty entertaing for that as well.
  2. No thats what Bills fans do. Nobody whines like you guys.
  3. Pats fans wont meltdown. Remember all the teams that played this weekend are trying to get where the Pats have already been 9x's.
  4. Its playoffs let them play. Plus I think refs get a little hesitant throwing flags when qbs become runners. Maybe the next generation of refs will be more apt to make those calls.
  5. Rooting for Tenn. would love to see Tannehill get a ring. Would also give Vrabel 4 rings which would be pretty cool.
  6. If BB wanted Jimmy that bad he could have signed him to a 5 year 100 million extension at the beginning of 2017 season and let Brady walk at the end of the season. Brady's cap hit was about 22mil before the extension.
  7. Bill has had total control since he was hired. If Kraft ever interfered with football ops Bill would walk.
  8. That report has already been knocked down by Bill himself. 2017 offseason sf called the pats about a trade for jimmy g Bill turned it down. Sf at the same time asked about a trade for Brady. Bill basically laughed at them. After the sf inquiry pats went to Jimmy and offered him a 2 year 24 million guaranteed bridge deal which jimmy didnt want. They also gave brady a 2 year 40 million extension with a 30 million signing bonus. There was no way they could have franchised jimmy at 24 million for 2018 plus have brady at 23 million against the cap. Hence the trade at the deadline.
  9. Lets hear your counter. There was no way they were going to pay 48 million for 2 qbs
  10. Kraft and Brady didnt force that trade. It had to be done. There was no way to sign jimmy g. That was 100% Bills decision
  11. Te is a big need no doubt. Unfortunately its a big need around the league
  12. I think he is contemplating the quickest way to fix it. He has stated several times this year he is not ready to hang em up. I think the all time win record is important to him.
  13. Very few head coaches have the ability to coach both sides of the ball anymore. I can think of a handful. Belichick Caroll Harbaugh Flores
  14. I cant see Brady at this stage wanting to start over with another system, plus who is going to give him a 2 year 50 mil contract.
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