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  1. I get that. You guys should be looking forward to the season.
  2. Doesnt bug me. My original comment was you cant say an unknown Bills offensive line is going to be good and say a known good line (Pats) is going to be bad in the same statement.
  3. Doesnt bother me at all. My point was that a known entity is in a better position than an unknown entity. At least to start, but anyway carry on.
  4. Fair enough. I get it. Its June all rainbows and unicorns in Bills land.
  5. Ol is fine. They are returning 4 of the 5 and Isaiah Wynn is ready to go. You cant say the Bills oline should be good and say NE has a bad oline in the same breath.
  6. I believe over the last 4 years they have given him about 60 million on top of his salary. his cap hit is about 25 mil for this year. Im sure the nfl is quite aware of his business. I would bet they have already looked into that.
  7. He skipped ota's last year as well. It seemed to work out ok in the end.
  8. So what your saying is that tha Pats are paying Brady under the table and the Nfl is aware of it?
  9. I think the dent is kind of funny. 20 years from now kids will still ask why that trophy is dented. Besides there are 5 more in perfect condition.
  10. As far as I know in this country you are presumed innocent until found guilty. So at this point unless you were actually there to witness said crime Kraft is innocent.
  11. You guys should know. Its been 25 years since Bills won a playoff game
  12. The cap is an agreement between the nfl and nflpa that the players are guaranteed 49% of income. Coaches are part of management it would decrease the players portion.
  13. To soon after the nfl season. They should have started after the draft. Everybody is ready for football by then.
  14. 8th in points allowed. Let me know when who ever has the most yards wins.
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