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  1. I second, Sunset grille. Good food lots of local beer. Its right off of Mountain rd. heading up to mt mansfield.
  2. No, its the difference between amateur an proffesional. You will never make the game safe as long as you have 2 abnormally huge men smashing into each other. Guys are only going to get bigger and stronger.
  3. Agreed. Thats exactly what the nfl is saying.
  4. After hearing this. None of this football stuff means crap. I feel so bad for him. Prayers go out to him and his wife. I dont know how he is keeping it together. Im a Bills fan for the rest of the season. I hope they win the superbowl.
  5. League is forcing teams not to challenge. Has any call been overturned.
  6. 1 more game just got a bit easier. Pft is reporting Chubb tore his acl.
  7. Yeah only 2 defenses could pull that off and they just got done playing each other. I dont think either team will see a defense like that till Dec.
  8. Vrabel is pretty smart. If Allen plays he is going to blitz him relentlessly. If its Barkley probably flood the short and make him go long.
  9. Tasker wasnt almost blaming Allen. He was blaming Allen. Murph asked him directly.
  10. That D is spectacular. This will be a good year for Allen to figure it out.
  11. The question os does Allen have the patience to be a game manager. It took Peyton Manning 8 seasons to finally just take what the defense gave him and he had way better mechanics and accuracy.
  12. Has to be Jay Gruden. He is thinking about sacrificing McCoy mext week
  13. Both of those lines leave a bit to be desired.
  14. As underdogs? Whats The Bills line.
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