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  1. They lost one unexpectedly. The other they wanted him to take a pay cut. Both happened before the draft. They had ample oppurtunity and blew it.
  2. When you have seen 5 losing one isnt a big deal. I was happy for that 101 year old man that finally got to see his team win a superbowl.
  3. Chris66

    How much blame does Daboll deserve?

    Dont get me wrong BB likes Dabol. He has given him a job everytime he has needed one.
  4. I would say Allen has progressed since minny game. He hasnt fumbled 3x in any game since.
  5. Chris66

    How much blame does Daboll deserve?

    No he wasnt. The reason Dabol left for the jets after the 05 season was because BB gave McDaniels play calling duties. Chad o Shea would have taken over play calling duties had McDaniels left
  6. Chris66

    Mahomes and his offensive gameplan

    I havent seen a player like him since Steve Young
  7. Allen is at 75% completions
  8. Chris66

    1 Trend in NFL does not bode well for Coach McDermott

    No he isnt. BB knows both. Thats his offense they have been running for the past 15 years. All those offensive tweaks is all BB the guy is truly a football savant. Probably the last coach you will see that can gameplan both sides of the ball. Over 1100 yards were posted in the superbowl last year with only one punt. I would say offense is trending a bit. Add that the rules now severely limit what a d can do.
  9. Chris66

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    You missed the point. When there is a sizeable line and a key person is injured. Vegas will usually take that game off the board or adjust the line accordingly. Line is still near where it opened. He is playing Spread is still 10 Moneyline is Bills +366, Texans -425
  10. Chris66

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    Whats the line. if vegas still has it near 10 he is playing. If they tookbthe line down or it dropped substantially. Then he isn't.
  11. Chris66

    How often do "project" quarterbacks work out?

    Not true. I think MvD is doing ok as a hc as far as getting the guys to do the little things needed. The defense is good and will only get better, but this topic isnt about that. I didnt like Allen coming out of college. He was way too raw. Maybe at 2nd round take a chance, but to give up the assets they did after passing on Mahomes deserves criticism. Especially given that you have a first time qb coach and an oc that has never had a decent ranked offense.
  12. If I was betting money I would take kc and the points, but have seen many times where the Pats start slow and then have that statement game which sets up a win streak. Just dont thonk they have the horses on defense to keep up.
  13. Chris66

    How often do "project" quarterbacks work out?

    Get thicker skin. Its not trolling its an opinion. If Allen was coming out just 5 years ago. He never would have had a first round grade.