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  1. Dante Scarrnechia. Probably one of the best ol coaches ever.
  2. Watch mic'd up on youtube. You will see just how bad mcvay was out coached.
  3. I think the 03 and especially the 04 teams could have competed with any of the 49er teams.
  4. He did the same thing against Seattle. Just before the Butler interception Carrol thought he was going to take a timeout. When Bill didnt he had to scramble. All made possible just by looking across the field to see what Pete was doing.
  5. No not the division. Its not talent that will stop the Bills. Its the coaching. Bills just dont have it. Flip the coaches and the Bills would win the division for the next 5 + years.
  6. Zach Thomas should be on the hof. He was all pro 5 or 6 times.
  7. No definitely not. Get the right pieces. Allen takes a step. Bills should be in the hunt for a wildcard.
  8. Chris66

    Miami officially hires Brian Flores as HC

    Chad is a good coach. He was going to be the Pats oc if McDaniels took the Indy job. Not sure how good of a hc Flores will be, but they have the x's and o's covered.
  9. Chris66

    Hogan will be gone?

    I think they resign him on a 2 year 5 mil contract. With a million signing bonus. His blocking skills are worth that.
  10. With that coaching staff. Very crazy. Im sorry but overall mcdermott sucks.
  11. Chris66

    Sean McVay pre super bowl

    McVay didnt know. Pats played almost all man this year. In the sb they showed man and switched to zone once the clock got to 15 sec.
  12. Chris66

    Hogan will be gone?

    Thats where BB differs from a lot of coaches. He wants football iq over raw talent. He wants smart guys that can do multiple things. Thats what allows him to switch things up on the fly. Look at the roster. I would bet talent wise it probably isnt top 10
  13. Marino was a better passer, but not a better qb. Marino did one thing well. Throw it downfield. I dont know if he would have the football iq in todays nfl. I think todays coordinators would figure him out pretty quick. Its such a different game today than it was 30 years ago.