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  1. The thursday night games just brought in the biggest revenue for a single night. The next tv contract is going to be insane
  2. In this new nfl. If you have a decent oc you better make him a head coach. If you dont someone else will. The bigger question will be all the newlynfired dc coaches where will they end up
  3. Chris66

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    My bet is McDaniels is the next hc in Cleveland.. Any OC worth his salt will have teams falling over themselves to be a hc.
  4. The pick on the slant was a wtf play. That wa totally predetermined.
  5. Eh. He isnt wrong. So far he is what wss expected. Makes some wow plays a nf so me wtf plays
  6. Chris66

    Playoffs at 8-8 this year

    Very unlikely to make playboffs at 8-8. Unless its for the division and thats not happening.
  7. And they both ended up firing their coaches to get there
  8. Bills arent very good and they beat the vikings
  9. No doubt Gronk retires after this year. His cap hit is 12 mil next year and I doubt he takes a pay cut.
  10. A team that knows it will have a new coach come January. Jets are in a better position moving forward If they are smart and hire the right person.
  11. I dont think McDermott s ability to find and coach defensive players was ever in question. Its the other side of the ball thats been the issue.
  12. Nfl will never have parity. To many bad organizations that keep doing stupid things.
  13. Chris66

    Good Head Coaches

    Its skewed because everyone thinks Bellichick is defense. Ever ask yourself who taught McDaniels.
  14. The girl that was there, but you thought wasnt good enough. Now its 2am and you got stuck with the fat chick.
  15. Chris66

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    Ill give the pundits credit. They saw this coming.