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  1. put him on ignore, life's too short for his nonsense
  2. Florida has the lowest new cases of the virus in 2 months, deaths and hospitalizations way down
  3. lol, funny story, I tweeted to John Warrow that his AP has lost all objectivity and that most if not all, their journalists are now urinalists, he didn't appreciate that and blocked me....see, you've become a bad influence on me 😉
  4. The days of Huntley and Brinkley, Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert are long gone, to use your words, journalism had turned to urinalism
  5. Lemon is just pissed that with the bars closed he has no place to sexually assault other men
  6. Yep, apparently I'm about 60 years too old for you
  7. A pedophile is anyone who touches kids inappropriately, or has them touch him, that's just one video of him admitting he likes it, go to YouTube there are plenty more photos and videos of him and little kids, the fact you think it's ok makes me wonder about you
  8. Where was Clinton's concession speech, the old bag wouldn't even talk to her supporters, she had Podesta do it
  9. The Unaffordable Care Act was one of the worst bills to come along, remember, " you have to pass the bill to see what's in it". All I know is my premiums went way up as did the deductible, more then double, and if you didn't take it, you get fined...way to go, Ayatollah Obama
  10. Actually the mortality rate for adolescents is less then 1 in a thousand for covid19, far less then the flu
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