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  1. McD needs to be in the coach of the year discussion, and Beane in executive of the year
  2. Thought that was strange too, and in what universe is Lamar much more accurate then Josh?
  3. Josh is proving his lack of accuracy is bullcrap, and those who say it can't be improved, again, bullcrap
  4. John Elway has to be thinking, " I could have drafted him and be set at QB for years, instead I took a DE"
  5. How many teams are kicking themselves for not drafting this kid? I'll bet one John Elway wishes he took him over Bradley Chubb, thank you, Lord, he didn't.
  6. Screw him, the Jags should just say, " play for us or don't play at all" he's under contract till 2021
  7. Who picks them? Player vote, or coaches call?
  8. That's it. Rosey Leaks falling into the end zone, breaking an 0 for the 70s streak. Bills made the playoffs that year and only a gimpy Fergy, and a long last minute TD kept the Bills from playing for the AFC title
  9. AOC is blaming Trump for the storm because he pulled out of the Honda Accord
  10. She was listening to the radio when she heard that 2 Brazilian men died, she began sobbing and asked how many is a Brazilian?
  11. When your punter is the worst player on the team, I think it's a good thing. Remember when Moorman was one of the better players on the team? The Bills didn't fare too well. I am not as gung ho on replacing Bojo as others, especially if Hauschka trusts him as a holder.
  12. Butler was secretly negotiating with SD, Ralph got wind of it and let him go, as he should have
  13. In his draft year, scouting report on Webb said talented QB but needs to be coached up, maybe he can get that in Buffalo
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