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  1. How about the shooter at the republican softball practice that almost killed Rep. Scalise?
  2. Farther then Mahomes can throw it.
  3. Show me on politician that doesn't lie, in fact, show me one person that doesnt lie, and I'll show you Jesus Christ, every other person who has ever lived has warts of some kind
  4. A true American hero, as were all my brothers who fought in that God forsaken war and others. A big salute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice
  5. I guess Barry has a thing for trannys, since he married one
  6. Kinda like ####### Obama pardoning that traitor Bradley/ Chelsea Manning
  7. As any player signed as FA tryout ever made a NFL roster?
  8. I'm beginning to think he may be the pick, consider, the Bills have met with, worked out every top prospect but Hockenson, why is that?
  9. If the Cards are smart that's what they'll do, Murray is too much of a risk at #1, stick with Rosen
  10. Just to be clear here, Clark is under the non-exclusive franchise tag, meaning he can negotiate with anyone without Seattle's blessing. Once a contract is agreed upon, then said team can negotiate trade with Seattle
  11. How can there be obstruction when there was no crime? How can there be obstruction when Trump and the WH gave the investigators everything they asked for, interviewed everyone they wanted to?
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