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  1. This thread makes more sense then the ones started by our resident commie
  2. He's offended because he is bought and paid for by the CCP, which is why he calls everyone a Commie, to hide his own proclivity to communism
  3. I agree with the president, screw the NBA, they should change their name to the CBA, the Chinese Basketball Association, they are all hypocrites, scream about equality but do or say nothing about Chinese slavery, where they make their sneakers for 50 cents a week.
  4. Those who scream racism the most and loudest are usually the biggest bigots, those who accuse others if being communists are usually commies themselves
  5. No he didn't, it was the worse recovery of a recession ever, the military was in disarray, little border security, and allies taking advantage of him and the country
  6. I meant sign as in someone interpret his remarks in sign language. You can't sign gibberish, that's what comes out of his mouth
  7. Seriously democrats, this is the best you can come up with? I can't wait for the debates, or a press conference where he takes tough questions instead of softball questions. How do you sign for someone like that?
  8. Ever hear of the Hong Kong flu? Spanish Flu, Swine flu?
  9. If he's a lawyer, I play center field for the St. Louis Cardinals
  10. Read the Paris Accord, would have cost the US trillions, yet it let's China and India continue to pollute, it really was a bad deal
  11. A stronger military then under Obama, better border security, better trade deals, NATO countries finally paying their fair share, getting out of the horrible Paris Accord and Iran deals
  12. He actually believes there's no riots, burning or looting going on, that it's all a hoax
  13. Do the math, that means just a little over 11,000 died from the virus, that didn't have underlying conditions
  14. 1968-69 over 100,000 died from the Hong Kong flu
  15. Those we're all facts, not the bullcrap you post
  16. not mention Ayatollah Obama funded terrorism, watched as an American embassy was attacked and did nothing, almost emptied Gitmo, letting terrorists back to the ME to continue to kill Americans, but none of that matters to the left
  17. 94% of deaths from covid had underlying conditions, just 6% died from the virus. If you can't do math, Aqualung, it comes out to 11,000
  18. Hoax. Hoaxer, actually only 11,000 died from covid19, all the others died from underlying conditions, that is from the CDC
  19. I've known all along that the numbers was bullcrap, the CDC just proved it. Covid19 is not as deadly as the lamestream media would have you believe.
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