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  1. Iron Maiden

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    Of course I'll watch the SB...it's football and it's the last game of the year.....All of NE's SB have been really good games ( except when the were crushed by the 85 Bears )...Go Rams !!
  2. Iron Maiden

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    I'm starting to believe NE is sandbagging the regular season just so it hurts more when they win....can you get bored of winning ?....
  3. Iron Maiden

    Predictions - AFC & NFC Championship Games

    KC wins 28-23 and New Orleans beats LA 35-30.....then Brees gets his 2nd ring....
  4. There's only 3 games left this season......I would watch the Raiders vs the Jets , then the 49ers vs Arizona if those were the match ups.....If you love football, tomorrow is a great day..... If we're totally honest, most of NE's SBs have been really good games.....I hate SB blowouts....
  5. Iron Maiden

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    We would have statues of Brady and Belichick if they were Bills and had won 5 SBs and been to 13 Championship games....we hate them because they absolutely own our team....the cheating stuff is way overblown IMO...they just out prepare teams and win with often less pure talent than the other teams....they don't make stupid mistakes, are disciplined and always make you pay if you mess up....also, no matter how much of a prick he is, McDaniels is a brilliant offensive mind....add Ernie Adams to that staff and you get a 18 year dynasty....
  6. Iron Maiden

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    No injuries.....He's the GOAT.....So is Belichick.....but I want them to lose.....and I think they do vs KC....they are the greatest dynasty in probably any sport but enough is enough...18 years of domination is bad for the sport.....it has to stop..
  7. When you think about it...despite what everyone calls a down season for him and NE ( me included ).....they were 1 miracle play away vs Miami to be the # 1 seed.....again.....and that game would be in Foxboro this weekend....I guess " decline " is all relative.....
  8. He had a couple of 15-20 yarders spot on and on a rope yesterday.....I expect NE to lose in KC but IMO, no one is getting crushed.....Belichick, McDaniels and Brady are too savvy for that to happen in the playoffs.....I remember only 1 game in 18 years where they got crushed in the playoffs......vs Baltimore....what a glorious day....
  9. Iron Maiden

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    NE's winning % is practically identical inside the division vs the rest of the league....they win roughly 75% of their games against the entire NFL....they dominate everyone...except Denver in Denver , Miami in Miami and Baltimore........Brady has a winning record vs all teams except the Broncos....I think they would be dominant in any division.....
  10. Iron Maiden

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    " Unfortunately bad officiating has become a big part of football "....Agree 100% " And until the NFL knocks down some of these rules, bad officiating is going to continue to be a big part of it"...Again, Agree 100% " hence us fans moaning about it."...Why ? Us moaning about it every Sunday has not changed a single thing.....if anything, the NFL has proven many times they don't listen to fans complaints or rarely do.....so if you are aware of the 1st 2 statement, and know it's coming, why bother moaning...just enjoyed the game the way it is...or you will always end up disappointed........
  11. Iron Maiden

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    They didn't have to dig deep this week...lots of expert/columnists were expecting them to lose......I really think they are crazy enough to look at any negative things said about them.....anything...to give them an edge.....
  12. Iron Maiden

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Go SAINTS!!
  13. Iron Maiden

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001010392/article/tom-brady-after-pats-rout-everyone-thinks-we-suck Always looking to get motivation somewhere.....I can picture Belichick plasting comments all over the locker room about NE not being as good as before etc....
  14. Iron Maiden

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    I was...because I'm an idiot....I really thought Brady was done when he busted his knee in 2008...I was thinking..OK, you have 3 SB rings, you've been to 4.....have a perfect regular season.... ...that is enough to put you in the HOF........a crap load of $$ ....what else do you need...
  15. Iron Maiden

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    I disagree.....They need to play much better than yesterday vs NE.....and I think they will.....if they come up with Saturday's effort, NE wins that game...they didn't really put away Indy 'til the end....