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  1. Got this 6 years ago after Ralph passed
  2. I love the kid and think he’s going to continue to grow and improve and possably be the best we’ve had since #34. However he comes across a bit full of himself/over-confident. Saying he learned “everything” from Gore in one year is a little hard to understand. No one learns everything about anything in a year. If he’s going to be infront of the camera more regularly as our stud RB he needs to choose his words with a bit more finesse.
  3. Sorry, neither completed, both were college drop outs. Most people imply that “going to college” means leaving with a degree. I can’t help but think you’re just splitting hairs here.
  4. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never went to college...are/were they less intelligent than your pal Tom?
  5. From what I’ve read/looked at he appears to have a monster leg, just needs coaching up on accuracy and using appropriate power rather than trying to destroy the ball every kick. He sometimes seems to swing way too hard and pushes the ball left...similar to when I try to smash a drive off the tee and send it OB. If my penalty shot/mulligan is nice and easy it usually goes for 250+, haha.
  6. Personally I don’t believe there were any available at 54. I’m also in the majority that think this was a good quality pick. I’m just attempting to tamp down some of the expectations from posters that think he’s going to be the most dominant force on the line. Someone said he was as a mix of players and said he was something like 25% Bruce. With his utter lack of speed/bend/flexibility anyone saying he has some Bruce in him is not using much of their grey matter.
  7. I think he was a solid pick, I‘m just attempting to provide some balance to those that think he should have gone in the top 15. As far as a let down season I think what most likely let him tumble down to 54 is lack of growth. He is reliable, but his numbers haven’t moved much at all throughout his career. High floor/lowish ceiling guys aren’t bad picks, but certainly not 1st rounders in most cases. I watch a lot of Big ten ball, his sacks are usually coverage or blown blocking assignments. He get a lot of hits on the QB, but just like we have been complaining about for a long time he gets there a step or two late. This was in the Big Ten and QB releases are only faster in the pros of corse. With our secondary being top 5 I think he has a chance to get those coverage sacks, hurries, and hits. So in summation, I think it was a solid pick and I think he can be a solid starter for years, however I’m not creaming my pants like some posters. Good? yes...great? could be but based on his growth plateau and lack of speed I personally am leaning towards not likely.
  8. 31 other Franchises didn’t think he was any better than late second round....most passed on him twice. I hope he’s a very productive starter for many years for us, I’m just not quite as impressed with his film/body of work as most seem to be. He was projected to be a top 10 pick before the 2019 NCAA season...after showing basically no growth/improvement on the field he had an overall letdown of a season and here we are with him sitting in the mid 50s. Quality role player? I think so...dominant game changer? Doubt it but I’d love to be wrong!
  9. I am aware of this, which is why I tried to make the point that they are up the creek in the short term. If they still had major oil investments/business ventures they would still be able to generate cash flow. Granted it would be at low oil prices but being fully vested in the entertainment industry they have extremely limited to zero ability to generate any cash flow at all.
  10. Oil prices have never before in history fallen this fast or remained this low for an extended period of time. They only thing worse to have your money in right now would be entertainment. At least people still need oil, albeit at much lower demand. The entertainment industry (including sports) will emerge from the pandemic a battered and disfigured version of itself. When only essential business are able to operate, you don’t want to have all of your money tied up in the least essential business of them all.
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