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  1. Many thanks to the both of you! Will probably do as suggested and park elsewhere and hike over the Hammer’s. Out tickets are first row section 123 end zone, does anyone know what time warm ups generally start/when the gates open? My son is really hoping someone tosses him a souvenir, haha.
  2. I’m also making the trek to the Washington game. Coming from the Scranton area and bringing along the wife and 5yo son. i haven’t been to the Ralph in about 15 years, what are your thoughts on Hammers lot for a 5 yo? We don’t care if he sees people shotgunning and chugging, just don’t want to deal with people falling and vomiting on him. The wife likes the idea of separate port-a-potties, hahaha. Also are ez-up style tents permitted at either Hammer’s or bills lots?
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