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  1. I’m flying from UK to NYC today. I’m going to the game on Sunday , and would love to be able to experience a tail gate
  2. To be honest I like a lot of things and just want to take in as much as I can. While I hope I will be able to come back for longer in the future you never know so wanna make the most of it Yeah we are looking at flights or the greyhound
  3. Its my mates birthday and he has organised the full thing. My only two demands was the visit to buffalo and to be at the opener
  4. Hi , I am a UK born buffalo fan. I am travelling over to New York City for a week ( my first trip to USA ) at the beginning of September and have managed to get tickets for the season opener against New York Jets I have just managed to convince my friend I am going with to fly to buffalo for a day trip on the Friday before the game. I am deffo gonna organise a stadium tour but is there anything else people would recommend doing while we are there ?? Cheers
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