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  1. Should I be angry if the Bills don’t pick up Anger?
  2. Schopp is the weak link in the station. Too bad analytics guy Matthew Coller went to Minnesota instead of Schopp.
  3. WGR should call Matthew Fairborn to see if he would be interested in replacing Mike Schopp on the radio.
  4. Schopp is an embarrassment to sports talk radio. He keeps changing the subject of sports to things no one cares about such as condiments on food, or way too much personal things in his dull day to day life, or he will asks Bulldog about his music interests, etc... Who Cares! I’d like to listen to Buffalo sports talk on my way home from work but have to turn him off quickly to avoid his useless boring rambles about nothing. The only reason to turn it on now at all is hope to catch an interview with someone who can actually offer insite about Buffalo sports.
  5. . Schopp continuously talks about frivolous garbage that no one should care about & Bulldog stumbles over his words. Schopp is very often rude to callers too. It’s a shame that WGR keeps them on the air while other people they have used have gone to other markets such as Pittsburgh, and Minnesota etc.
  6. Wish they would do post game instead. Also the 3 pm weekday time slot. Shopp & Bulldog are aweful.
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