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  1. . Schopp continuously talks about frivolous garbage that no one should care about & Bulldog stumbles over his words. Schopp is very often rude to callers too. It’s a shame that WGR keeps them on the air while other people they have used have gone to other markets such as Pittsburgh, and Minnesota etc.
  2. Wish they would do post game instead. Also the 3 pm weekday time slot. Shopp & Bulldog are aweful.
  3. Cool Find. I wonder how much has changed in his defensive system since then.
  4. That is a tough situation. We should pray for them.
  5. CBS sports has the Bills picking 4th. The Sporting News has The Bills picking 7th
  6. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-mock-draft-2020-raiders-tua-tagovailoa-bengals-lions/ykiugid1ortr15li7uhw0ndor They have The Bills taking safety Grant Delpit from LSU
  7. The Browns Rookie QB threw 27 td passes last season & they have a solid roster overall is why the Browns are favorites this season.
  8. Maybe they didn't realize that free agents are willing to sign in Buffalo.
  9. I’d much rather listen to Tasker over Schopp & The Bulldog
  10. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/2020-NFL-mock-draft-CBS-Sports-132072836/#132072836_9 247 Sports / CBS sports have the Bills taking WR Jerry Juedy of Alabama with the 4th overall pick.
  11. He needs to bring up his bench reps into the high 20's or 30's which could help his power game more.
  12. 3yr for 9 mil seems very high for a blocking TE this late in the signing period. Seems like Beane overpayed on this one.
  13. He looked fine. Looked like a finesse type of blocker who moves his feet to slide very well.. I Would like to see more power to his game.
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