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  1. I was in a frat in the early aughts. Stuff like nutchecks or teabagging always seemed silly to me, but not like assault. I think average hazing like getting yelled at while doing lots of cardio/pushups or having eggs broke over your head is pretty normal and harmless. I think most people just hear hazing and think of the extreme stories where kids get raped by brooms or take serious beatings. That stuff shouldn't be acceptable. All that said, a lot of reactions in this thread reminded me of this.
  2. I know that I should be concerned for the health of the victim here, but I can't help but think to myself that this grandpa is a boss. Cold as ice shooting each leg and later tells police he'd do it again. No fuks given.
  3. Say a GM legitimately doesn't like any of the candidates the NFL put on the list. They interview two outside candidates, one white and one minority. Good outside candidates (not Perry Fewell). If they end up deciding the white coach is the better fit, what should their punishment be for not liking any of the 12 candidates the NFL chose? If they end up deciding the minority coach is the better fit, what should their punishment be for not liking any of the 12 candidates the NFL chose?
  4. It was hilarious because it was true and his delivery was great. It's also sad because right after the show they all celebrated at their drug filled rape parties knowing that in a day no one will care. They can continue on being awful degenerates who lecture the public on the danger of straws while turning a blind eye to the worst crimes imaginable.
  5. How had I not seen this before? It was just ran during a South Park rerun commerical break.
  6. He's busy giving his interpretation on American imperialism. Anywho, it was a blown call but it is what it is and we can't change it. Saints fans are pissed too. We should just do what the John Bender suggested in the Breakfast Club. I think our fans and their fans should get together and go bowling.
  7. Not sure. I wish I could find a clip of it. Shaq went into an explanation of how his knee was totally fine even after a different follow up question was asked.
  8. I couldn't make out who. Especially after they got sheepishly quiet.
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