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  1. Larry WACHS @houseofwachs Replying to @SportsCenter 8:29 PM · Dec 8, 2019·Twitter for iPhone
  2. Bush league with no positive potential outcome. When their QB breaks his legs and his career mirrors RG3's, I wonder if people will still think this play was cool.
  3. I have all packages delivered to my office now. Too many things stolen when delivered to my place.
  4. They're really running this again. https://news.yahoo.com/what-happens-if-trump-loses-in-2020-and-refuses-to-leave-140639064.html
  5. We've had 1 bad game this year. The Eagles. Patriots and Browns were disappointing, but we could have easily won both. The growth this team has shown since Cleveland has been awesome. Three straight blowouts. One over a division rival which usually makes it a tougher game. One against "the best 3-7 team ever." One on vs a good roster on Thanksgiving against the darlings in their place.. At home, the Ravens should be scared of us. I'll be surprised if we lose.
  6. We win. We have the better QB and the better defense.
  7. Finishing a grapefruit juice and vodka now. Dinner at 1. Shenanigans the rest of the day. Let's go Bills!
  8. I'm gonna guess that having him as the unquestioned starter all offseason helped them to get with his style of play better. Plus having better linemen doesn't hurt.
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