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  1. Please share the info on here as it gets closer. Really looking forward to hanging with even more of my Buffalo Brethren!!!
  2. Have fans coming in from Charleston SC and other from Charlotte. Didn't realize some of you guys lived here. A bunch of us will probably stop down that night. We should coordinate a lot to tailgate at Gameday
  3. The start was Jerkron. I liked Mularkey and he had teams that actually played for him ( though I felt he was a work in progress). I couldn't believe he quit a head coaching job. For me, that was a huge red flag. Then that whole Marv/ GM bringing Jerkron fiasco happened. I wanted the ex GB coach( can't remember his name) and they brought in a Dick!! I cancelled the NFL ticket and didn't watch those years, I've been on and off since then but don't have that feeling anymore. I like to think they might be on the right track now but having been burned/ fooled( like the gullible dumbass they repeatedly cause me to be) I won't Billieve until they turn a corner which they don't appear ready to do this year.
  4. Just have no idea what these " kids" are capable of. I don't see us winning 8 games. I would be good with this if I saw improvement but I really don't see improvement with TT behind center. I said somewhere else that I expect this to be a year where McD gets the feel for the players and I expect next off season for there to be a lot of changes to the team as he figures who he can work with. I really have no optimism but I did get tickets for the Panthers game and you can bet I'll be there representing.
  5. Statistics mean Everything..... when you are a TBD TT fanboy😂😂😂
  6. It was a brutally boring 6-6 game. The blocked kick sent it into OT. Crazy day😍
  7. While, technically I know this doesn't count, Smerlas blocking the Jets FG to send it to OT in 88 was the best moment. I don't even remember OT but that feeling!!! Joy, elation and certainty that we would win. We carried the Posts out that day💪💪💪 Then it occurs to me: The Hooks game was my fathers B-Day. The EJ game was my Birthday. My Son was born 75 years to the day after his Grandfather. My picture is from the EJ game, Sept.15 and my son and wife were there celebrating it with me.
  8. Only because Watson might be better. I don't actually think he will make it though. I know TT can't do it. Stats are for losers!!! " ooh, he protects the ball." Easy to do when you don't throw to the middle or anticipate a throw.... ever. Hey, TT lovers, do you really think he gets us anywhere... ever?
  9. Two kinds of coaches: Those who talk and those who do. McD looks like he means what he says. He has no attachment to Sammy and is sending a STRONG message to every player on the team... and in the league
  10. Loser boy here! My plan is evolving. Peterman and Jones battle for the starting position, the other is the backup with Yates at 3 Rd. Then we package Sammy AND TT for someone first next year and we have three number ones which should be enough ammunition to either move up to get the best QB or if we pick first to knock it out if the ball park. Tell me I'm an idiot.... I dare you😝
  11. Who gets us a higher pick next years; Peterman or C. Jones? Maybe we could use both of them....🤔
  12. No!!!! JAG!!! HIs open field tackling is more than lacking. Doesn't have good instincts. Panthers don't even have anybody behind him right now and they still waived him. Put a rookie with a ceiling out there and get the same amount of suck with the possibility of improvement.
  13. New coaching staff with a rookie head coach means they don't " have to" be anything.I would love to be that team that know one expects to come out of nowhere and make a playoff run but wanting and doing are two different things.
  14. McD...... a lot less letters to type on this little iPhone screen😵😳🤓
  15. Hamstring, groin, glute( his ass hurt), ankle, ribs..... He keeps ending up on the injury report. Over and over and over. Not extending him seems prudent of the new staff based on ...... common sense and lack of attachment. It's not a personal attack on him or you , it's business
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