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  1. If my goal is to get Trump reelected then i want Bernie or Biden- they have long track records with some problems. The one who scares me is actually Tulsi Gabbard- young pretty i think three versions of minorities without a track record who is so far pretty reasonable. People will vote simply for woman and vote against trump.
  2. While i understand why chiefs did what they did, i am glad bills did not make this deal. He is apparently getting 65 million guaranteed which is more than a lot of guys get who i think are better and i will be interested to see his motivation now.
  3. I find this thread hilarious from people who act like Obama did not lie about russian hacking, hillary did not collude with a foreign national in regards to the "Dossier", and trump should not be president because he made a joke about russian jacking hillary. The fact is trump won the election properly and the time to deal with russian interference for that election was in 2014-2016. All this monday morning qb stuff is stupid.
  4. I am most glad because of their loyalty to Buffalo and making it work. The wins will come eventually.
  5. If he takes away from our salary cap- even a little bit- and then does not see the field or even worse is terrible- then he is a net negative. I have not seen him play well since college and have watched him probably 7 times. I am not arguing about roster spots because but i assume he is costing at least a million and likely 3 for the 2 years.
  6. I do see what you saying but i would rather go after an undrafted kid who is hungry than spend a million on Yeldon- but i of course do not know what he cost. I would love to be wrong but we will see.
  7. Give me some time and i will come up with one- but l feel like the raiders with qbs - someone is getting cut that we just signed.
  8. Stub hub has some good deals also- i got 3rd row near goal line for $50 for dec 29th. Might be dud by 5hen but could be great deal.
  9. I am not impressed with this unless it is for league minimum. Yeldon i have watched at least 6 or 7 times as a pro and i was never impressed. Overall i like offseason but this does not improve us.
  10. For traveling from coast to coast the change makes you mentally slow a day or two which causes poor prep weeks. For me traveling from seattle to orlando was worst because depending on time year there daylight could be two hours longer or shorter along with shiftibg time zones
  11. Has anyone seen this being mentioned? everything I see says first only. If we can get him for 40 definitely do it.
  12. I am aware and I am not sure of how much confidence the Seahawks have in wilson sticking around after this year if they did not get this done but If you split the Salary cap between offense and Defense each side gets 90 million with a few left over for special teams, and maybe in 4 years it is 100 million a side that is still 35% of your resources going to one position at a cost to the rest of your positions. Your point is not without merit and I will reiterate if I was going to choose a guy worth all that money he is certainly in the top 5.
  13. My comment about Wilsons worth is based on the idea that in a salary cap league that no individual should eat up that much of the cap. Also i said he is top 5 in worth. I read my comment again and you really did read far into what was an innocous comment.
  14. This is my prediction if he is there. I think they will use 3rd and 5th to get there
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