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  1. Our season goes as Josh goes- I think he is much better than this dude thinks he is. I expect Josh to be a highly efficient player next year and our offense to flourish.
  2. I do not understand how they ranked players- is it there best year or the best career? Because Willis does not belong either way and Bryce Paup belongs if it is by one year. Also Odomes is better than Clements and White is already the best DB we ever had.
  3. Can you write a contract where the player owes the team money at the end of the year? I do not understand how he is worth 80 million guaranteed to anyone. He is a high level player but does not turn a bad D into a great one, he is a piece of a great defense but that kind of guarantee goes to special players only and Marcel Dareus.
  4. I do not blindly trust anyone but I do know that the Chinese govt are the least reliable source of info on the planet.
  5. His tweets to me are a mild annoyance but it is effective because he shows how much the media lies. I am not on Twitter and would never know about his tweets except for people trying to discredit him.
  6. You are serious- this was a 30 second response to a man pretending to be a journalist who is being dishonest. Unfortunately this behavior from CNN is expected and easily responded by any competent person.
  7. Ok I have figured this much out- Trump is the Devil. Everything else builds from that base. My Brother in law actually sells t-shirts that are supporting the deep state and is proud of people who lie to their bosses instead of just quiting.
  8. I am confused by your insinuation- are you actually stating you trust the Chinese Govt over Trump? I assume I am misunderstanding your point because that would be the definition of ignorance.
  9. I think you might want to expect that the games are likely played in front of empty stadiums. I am quite certain the games will be played but crowds are a different matter.
  10. If you are going by single year then Vick is the ATL King. For Buffalo the surprise guy might Bryce Paup because that one year he was awesome.
  11. I will admit I am wrong if he is a probowler, which means he is top 8, and the standard set by the article.
  12. If Josh is the 13th best player in the league next year it would require this offense to be top 5 overall, which along with this D would mean something special.
  13. I just looked at Miami and they have 42 million a year wrapped up in just 3 DBs- which is crazy to think how we threw so well against them.
  14. You would expect them to cancel the international games since the only reason for them is to have fans see the players and large crowds will likely still not be allowed
  15. I think it is not a strategy as much as Plan A not panning out and no real plan B. NE never thought TB would leave and the Jags went all in on Files.
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