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  1. Lamar has already produced more in the past two seasons then I thought he could. I was wrong and next year he probably becomes more average but he is a good QB who can hide his deficiency with supreme athleticism.
  2. I would prefer Clowney on a two year deal at 20 million a year than 4 at 15 a year. It keeps him hungry and gives him one more chance at a big contract. Though I bet he prefers the 6 year 80 million with 50 guaranteed.
  3. Your overall concept of either/or is incorrect. It is definitely a passing league and if you throw well and defend the throw well you will win a bunch. But running backs generally wear down quickly especially if used like Derrick Henry due to the size of defenders. Also to dog the Bills ability to run the ball during the SB years is short sighted, we ran very well throughout those years- at least 2000 yards on ground each year as a team-but we did not run enough in SB games due to stupidity of first game and being behind in later games.
  4. I am with you on this- I watched as many of the AAF as I have watched non Bills games this year. The officiating is too easy to fix for the NFL to allow it to be so bad. I will give the new league a shot and see what it brings. The reason the AAF failed is no one with real money was backing it. Much of the league money was "pledged" from investors but not ever given to league. It also was thrown together in less than a year while XFL has been set for almost 2. XFL will last at least one full season and if it is not a complete crap show it will be there 2 minimum.
  5. I think Daboll spent much of this year trying out ideas to see what our skill guys could do reliably. I do think next year the offense should look much better with continuity and should jump up to top 12. If not then let him go.
  6. I agree with you that Rosen will never be like Brees but people forget Brees was benched for a 40+ year old Flutie in SD. Brees made his way up the ladder through out working everyone, Rosen does not seem to have that characteristic.
  7. I am blown away by those who are dogging JA for this season. He was 10-5 in games he played the majority of and his defense and special teams scored 0 TDs for us that mattered. Is he a world beater right now? Obviously not, but bad QBs do not win 10 games in a year without a dominant D or an extreme amount of luck and we had a great D but not dominant and most of luck was avoiding Turnovers.
  8. The overall numbers I think are a good indicator of where he is as a player. Josh is certainly not elite but he is average. He is probably 2 years behind RW as a pro coming into his second year since RW was older and was in a better offense in college but JA is closing that gap.
  9. I am certainly not a salary cap expert but I would prefer the general an be shorter contracts for more money per year on the expensive dudes( Lawson/Phillips) and be willing to to go longer on others. If we are guaranteeing 30 million to Lawson I would prefer it be for 3 years all in then over 5 years with lots of money coming later.
  10. I am confused by this comment- do you think they are punishing them because they are successful? Leagues protect the champs because it looks bad for a league when your champs are simply good at cheating.
  11. The NFL still has one test a year and unless you fail multiple times you do not get suspended. The MLB structure has been more strict for some time.
  12. I still would like to have him- at about 5 million a year due to his inability to stay healthy. But some one will give him at least 40 for 4 years.
  13. I am not watching any non Bills games right now and have not since October. I will state they have moved me somewhat- I no longer think the games could be fixed- the officiating is so atrocious at all times, that you would not control games this way.
  14. I agree about the off-season but I have season tickets to the Magic and I enjoy baseball and hockey on TV. I would prefer football to all but I find the NFL now frustrating far too often.
  15. My own little protest against the horrible state of officiating is not to watch any games without Buffalo. The games are simply not enjoyable to me to see rules not even close to being enforced properly.
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