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  1. Just consistently call what ever you want, I hated watching the Jags game but it was consistently bad calls all game, so I accepted it and moved on. The Bucs game pissed me off because the calls were wrong only one way, games like that make it hard to watch the NFL.
  2. Actually it is easy for me, I live in Florida and control my own life.
  3. Many here know I teach high school in Orlando and this past week was preplan week. We had meetings about lots of stupid crap but the most confusing one was the meeting in regards to the parental rights bill. Several liberals actually pretended to be confused about how it affects us. Since we don't deal with 5 year olds the only real impact is that if a parent asks what name the child goes by we must be honest with the parent unless we think abuse would be likely. If we think abuse is likely we must call DCF, all of which is actually not new. These rules turned into a 45 minute complaint session for 4 people, out of the 45 in room, one who actually said " I know what these kids need more than the parents". It was appalling from what was supposed to be professional people
  4. Phillips and Jones are different style players, so Jones will start since it will be first down but Phillips will play a lot for sure, maybe even more total plays.
  5. The biggest issue to me is the QB play. The top about 120 QBs on the planet can't play in these leagues because the NFL wraps up the top 100 pros from active rosters, practice squads and future contracts. Also the top college QBs are not available, so the QB play is as weak as my local high school, which did at one time include Trevor Simien and Paxton Lynch. The rest of rosters are fine but what a difference good QB makes to the entertainment factor
  6. You should consider Florida- I was back teaching in August of 2020 my students. We also were more normal in October 2020 than NYS was in October 2021, and all while having lower Covid numbers than NY.
  7. When it comes to the raid I will hold judgement for a little while because it would not shocking to me that a politician was doing illegal things. Both sides have been caught and prosecuted successfully so I will wait. If the FBI does not lay out it's case in short order though this will be blatantly a political hit job.
  8. This response is beyond stupid, the FBI has shown it will present fake info in order to go after someone. You believe the Pats* should be believed about all of their cheating also?
  9. I think you might be confused- it is no longer 2008 when Moorman was our team MVP- at this point our punter might only see the field 35 times all year so not real important. 😊
  10. I am glad you agree that the FBI is working against conservatives
  11. Gretchen Whitmer was only threatened by the FBI, because without them the entire plot would not have happened.
  12. so if I suspend a WASP- I actually don't know his religion but I am guessing - it is antisemitic if his largest fundraiser is a Jew? Even if it is entirely due to his stating he refuses to do his job?
  13. Actually in what I have read I can't figure out what he is being sued for, is it intentional infliction of pain? I just am not a big fan of suing someone for that. I have never listened to Alex Jones and hope he goes away but the lawsuit seems inappropriate to me. Did Alex Jones actually do anything to the families or just say the whole thing was fake?
  14. The current outrage in Hollywood is hilarious in regards to James Franco playing Fidel Castro based on two key points, Franco's father was born in Portugal and is is of Portuguese descent(therefore Hispanic) but also he looks just like Fidel with the beard.
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