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  1. Hopefully this is a distraction for Julio the week we play them because I agree otherwise it does not seem like much.
  2. I was gonna argue with you but I can't remember which stimulus was which, it is all just so much that benefits the rich over the poor.
  3. So if this hearing can not hold them accountable do you agree it is a political spectacle? And stop pretending 99% of republicans are against what happened.
  4. Why not Brieda? Though I honestly think at the end of the season if all three are healthy all 17 games the total touches will be within 30 for all three for the whole season.
  5. Best line of day to me was from Cheney, she stated this could happen every 4 years unless those responsible are held accountable. Congress can't hold them accountable, the courts can but to stop the next one how about have more than 5% of the capitol police at the building when big things are happening.
  6. Seeing as Algebra is Arabic and Trigonometry is Greek it seems rather ignorant to discuss math as a "white" topic. The first topic promoted by white guys is Calculus, and not many people of any races are good at that.
  7. Anyone who gets medical advice from politicians or athletes or entertainers is pretty dumb. You need to speak with doctors and look at the numbers yourself.
  8. I have spent almost 2 decades being disrespected for my football fandom- you don't change 2 decades of habits in 10 months.
  9. I am sure a guy like him is just trying to get on the field, so if it as the FB so be it.
  10. At what age do you draw the line for it being mandatory? It is the difference being wanting to be a dictator and being evil.
  11. Generally agree with you but I do have a friend with an 8 year old who is high risk and they wear the P95 masks when I'm public. If you are wearing regular mask just socially distance and it will be fine
  12. The amount of shade thrown at Singletary despite being our number one total yardage( obviously Josh not counted) player since he joined the team is crazy to me. He has gone for 950+ yards both years and he is in a time share situation behind an average run block line. He is not a Saquon Barkley or CMC but he is an average NFL starter.
  13. I had not thought of the fact that Tribiskey at that cost(2.5 million) is a great deal if you need a starter to bridge for an injury. I certainly could see someone trading a first for him if they think they will draft later in the draft.
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