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  1. I would have preferred you let me prove I am an idiot before just assuming it.
  2. I will be staying in Pentagon City during Bills Pats* game with my non sport loving Brother in law. I need a place to watch game that is hopefully close to the metro since I will not have a car.
  3. As a bills fan I am thrilled all our starters across the defense are actually talented vs our many years of 8 talented and 3 hacks- so don't get greedy.😁
  4. The only part I disagree with is where you intentionally got louder to irritate them. But I do understand that if you are just being loud at a sporting event with proper language then others should have no issue.
  5. You are correct but does anyone have real depth anymore? I hope Milano is back next week
  6. He had no turnovers and had three scoring drives- that is an F? What did you give Peterman vs SD?
  7. We really need a sarcasm font on here- I have no idea if this is serious.
  8. It seems to me like he learns much better from playing then game film since his first half typically is do much worse then second half. He is not great yet but he keeps winning and we have not had to bail him out of his mistakes since week one.
  9. I do not know how old you are but the early 90 bills struggled to beat every AFC east team by a lot, I remember several years against bad Pats*/Jets teams needing 4th quarter plays. In the NFL a 5-1 team is good regardless of how they came by the 5 wins.
  10. My son was wearing his Fitzpatrick jersey to start game and I made him change it once Dolphins scored 14. I believe my intervention was the true key
  11. I actually wonder if he is done- it seems his talent will get him another shot with someone like the Redskins. I though hope you are correct
  12. A: One word: disaster. CBS and NBC freaked out because their ratings plummeted thanks to a continually depleted Sunday slate; teams complained that they couldn't maintain momentum when they weren't playing enough games in a row; everyone hated losing the week off between the conference title games and the Super Bowl; and most importantly, fantasy owners couldn't figure out who to bench/waive/pick up since we didn't have the Internet yet. The real problem: With only 28 teams and a top-heavy league, that left eight or nine Sunday afternoon games per bye week … and only two or three of those games were good. We didn't have DirecTV's season package back then, or the Red Zone Channel, so if you were stuck with a crappy local game (or even worse, a crappy local team that wiped out the quality national game you could have been watching), your whole day was ruined. Trust me, my Patriots overachieved that season by going 5-11. (Double bye weeks) + (no DirecTV) X (crummy local team) = bitter. And that's why double bye weeks went the way of New Coke, "Cop Rock," Planet Hollywood, Rick Mirer and "The Pat Sajak Show." " 25 years ago it failed and now it is still dead? The TV world has changed a ton since then as has players desires. I am not saying it is a done deal but the landscape is so different that comparing them is line comparing beer salad then and now.
  13. why is a second bye week a non starter? I know it was discussed before but if the players get paid without playing I am quite certain they will be ok with it. secondly I would be shocked if the 17th week is not neutral site games. Third what is "another way" to be fair each year? to argue it over a decade time frame I do not seem flying.
  14. I had not even thought about the half of league making playoffs but it still makes it less % than nhl or nba and since it is one and done I think people will enjoy enough to make it work.
  15. I spent one year trying to prove I could pick games-not only did it take too much time and take most of the fun out of games that even winning at a 62% clip I did not make much money at it unless I knew which games to put bigger money on-which I failed at doing properly. ANyways good luck to you.
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