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  1. I overall agree but it in regards to the limit of challenges- you should keep having a challenge until the coach is wrong. Allowing a coach the ability to fix 8 wrong calls is good if he only uses 8 challenges. Basically one mistake and no more challenges which would make a coach only throw it on big mistakes not small ones that might not go their way.
  2. I watched game and feel that our center is issue if Morse is not ready and our punter situation, which is weird because for many years Moorman was our MVP. Am I missing some other real problem? I think the final cuts will be hard for good reasons this year.
  3. Gugny he had the right to kneel and offend people just as other morons can fly the confederate battle flag to be offensive. But whether he was right or wrong the dude is not a top 25 qb in leauge and wants to be paid as if he is.
  4. as others have pointed out Rosen will not be epic because he was 4th qb chosen and there are so many top 3 qb busts he will have to cause a good team to suck, which i think he is just normal bad not Peterman bad.
  5. I live in Orlando and have many friends who root for Bucs and after week 2 i told them i felt bad for them because they actually believed in Fitz. i explained i had done the same years ago and the book always ends the same.
  6. no offense taken- one he seems like a guy with great games and bad games even when in college. the 50% is me and brothers and my dad agree which never happens so i am going with it.
  7. I think i speak for at least 50% of Bills fans- talent is great but effort will likely drop once he is paid and therefore not worth trade. He is unlikely to impact games like Mack but will want Mack money.
  8. i read somewhere a long time ago that the knee was allowed due to people getting hurt at the end. People would stop tackling and just try to hurt someone to get the ball back.
  9. he is not very good now but Harold was gonna get cut for certain so this is a flyer without cost.
  10. i have no idea which back gets how much but i would think they combine for about 2500 on the ground, and i hope that Allen is not responsible for more than about 500.
  11. thanks to mt father i was at about 80 games in the years from 88-99. i will take my 14 year old to his first this season.
  12. the wins are equal the first two weeks but I try to keep expectations in check and know the first two games teams are still trying to work out kinks. but 2-0 teams that are 8 -6 the rest of way make the playoffs.
  13. As stated already-if we lose our first stringer we will need a lot of luck to win any games. If we lose our second string qb then we will need a miracle to win. I do not worry about it because our season dies the day it matters.
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