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  1. I did not mean that he can not be held responsible truly- but that he believes it since he gave himself the layer of insulation.
  2. I think he is a lawyer- technically since the guy recording is not a direct employee then the Pats* can not be held responsible. This is been his MO since he was a D coordinator for the Giants, ruin the game through technicalities.
  3. I had not thought about the fact that the NFL has a 20 year legacy here to worry about. I am not pretty certain we will see a " protect the shield" kinda situation
  4. If the NFL is at all concerned about the integrity of the game they have two options IMO: release the video, especially if it is innocent, or suspend BB for the entire next season and anyone else who would be aware.
  5. So you do not think the Pats* employee was filming the other team outside NFL rules?
  6. Bobby I know you mean well and are showing the loophole to prepare us for the NFL allowing them off without punishment but several of your comments sound like defense of Pat's*.
  7. I have said since we drafted him that the Jets lost a chance to have a poor man's Bell in Singletary, they have similar styles and effectiveness. Obviously Singletary has been more available this year so therefore more valuable
  8. I have no idea who that is but I like his name so I am all in!😁
  9. I would certainly rather spend 25 million on 4 WR who are good but not elite then spend 30 on 2 elite recievers and need to be cheap after that. Your 4th reciever needs to be able to make plays because almost any single reciever can removed from a game plan.
  10. I do not think there is any chance he is not cut at that price and saving. He is not worth the 7.2 million in savings.
  11. You set the question almost as two separate questions- to Bills fans Ronnie Harmon is much more the problem but to non Bills fans it is definitely Norwood.
  12. I enjoyed flutie but you are correct in that the Defense was disgustingly good.
  13. I am not against this completely but this kid missed a game winner also- it seems many kickers this year have the yips.
  14. I am not against it completely but I assume he would cost too much for his availability of 3 games a year
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