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  1. My prediction is that only the very high population areas will have a negative impact(NYC, SF, SEA maybe a few others) with most other places staying neutral. I initially hoped it would cause values to drop along coast in FL but there is no indication of that happening according to a real estate agent I spoke with this week. I will admit I had a very different prediction in March.
  2. I know you don't live in FL but all but 3 counties have less than 100 deaths and a small amount of hospitalizations. The 3 counties run by liberals are the only ones having issues because people there do not follow laws that they try to stick on everyone else. Please stop comparing FL to NY, it bothers me because it embarrasses me I was ever a NY with what it is now
  3. Thank you for confirming that the only thing you could argue is the wording not the content of my statement.
  4. I am starting to feel that I am living in a strange version of 1984. People who believe in law's are evil but those that burn down innocent peoples businesses are good. Everyone who disagrees with you is scum but cheating for the right cause is proper. Lastly your proud declaration of stupidity and ignorance- that every other candidate went quietly- when Gore did not go quietly and many previous canidates prior to that were very contentious after the election. Kemp I would recommend you do some research but you seem proud of being ignorance, so I will simply pray for you.
  5. I saw something about how to liberals were going to war against conservatives in a Facebook post- I thought it was funny because conservatives have the police, military, and hunters while liberals usually use their guns against other liberals.
  6. I actually admitted previously I had NOT read enough about NZ and I thought they were in worse shape due to the headline till I read the article fully, that was my mistake. I will state I am familiar with Florida because it is where I and several of my elderly relatives live so I keep myself on top of the numbers.
  7. The point with the European countries is that we are comparing completely different situations, they are where FL was on May 7th as far as reopening, we will compare their numbers in a few months. As for NZ I had seen a similar headline to this and did not look into details. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/28/new-zealands-covid-19-isolation-facilities-under-extreme-stress-review-finds
  8. Each of the countries listed all were on major lockdown until the past week. Also the people wanting haircuts are not the ones getting Covid, it is the people who going into packed bars or other situations where many people are in small areas. It is amazing how often people spout off here with information without any idea what it means. Lastly NZ had "ended" Covid in their country and then once they released everyone from lock down it came back. It is as if the lockdown was not to flatten the curve but to score political points when we came out of lockdown.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/party-guests-wont-talk-9-121901370.html Covid is not political but we will use the force of government to force people to comply with our law unless it is politically motivated against conservatives. NY is such a mess they will need a bailout soon but have money for this crap.
  10. The death rate is most tied to age and health issues, not infection rate. I could cause 10000 healthy 25 year olds to get Covid and the deaths would still be single digits. If I got 100 sickly 85 year olds sick with it I would likely have double digits. Those like you who keep predicting the death spike are unable to see what numbers really matter We have been open for 8 weeks- we are fine in all of FL with the only concern being the areas highly populated by snowbirds from NY who only do smart things when required by law.
  11. This thread- not your post- is so full of people who are proud of their ignorance and only want the facts that help them feel better about the bad choices they have made. The purpose of lockdown was not to overwhelm the hospitals, which is why the number of cases is much less important than hospitalizations and deaths. NYers need to come to terms with the fact that Cuomo is why thousands are dead, his poor decision did that. DeSantis is helping FL get moving again, while NY seems to be waiting for the vaccine.
  12. This young lady just learned a valuable lesson and hopefully will evaluate her future decisions more carefully. Though I would truly question the value of my 250K education if at some point in 4 years someone said stabbing people who disagree with you is a reasonable thing to say.
  13. Stop lying- you know almost nothing about Sanger. She was a believer in eugenics and thought if we just got the undesirable people to not procreate the world would be better. When asked who is undesirable she would describe black people.
  14. I read it and think he is overall fair but I would have broken the years up after his first 16 starts and his starts since. Also his conclusion that JA is just like Tyrod is sad because Tyrod had peaked and JA looks like he is ascending. His biggest point is that JA is the key to our winning or losing is correct though.
  15. That was a long drawn out version of NY might have killed 10 times as many as FL but we had a spike in cases. We still are fine in FL with hospitals and our deaths are still small thankfully outside of the deep blue counties. In fact we still have only about 10% of Erie county deaths in Orange county despite being twice the size. As for masks we agree, masks should be worn but a federal law is dumb.
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