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  1. With our offense anything that is 4th and 2 or less and at the 50 should never be a punt. It does matter on who your QB is but we have the right one for it.
  2. You seem to be conflating the right to do something and whether you should, since they obviously have the right legally. As for the riots, all of the ones that happened destroyed primarily minority communities. How do you think those riots helped minorities? How to explain how burning down a black owned business is helpful to anyone here? I will defend the right to protest, even ones I disagree with, but you are defending the riots also.
  3. Kid is from a well off family, and clearly understands all the trappings mean little. Material possessions mean little when you are certain you can have it if you want.
  4. I will point this out in all these threads- I knew with 100% certainty he was gonna bust, too fragile and too much " I can change the world while winning 7 super bowl" crap. You win super bowls them change world.
  5. Epenesa had no training camp and was an avg end by end of season, Edmunds went to the pro bowl with a bum shoulder for 6 games, Phillips was recovering from a huge injury. All played as expected considering situation.
  6. Two ideas here that you don't understand - many people watch sports as a reprieve from the real world, it is dumb and pointless and supposed to be fun. Anyone who thinks sports really matter are too dumb to debate. Secondly the national anthem represents the US military which as a whole has done more good for the world in the past 120 years than any other single entity has done in history, and if you disagree I would love to hear what you have. They have the right to do it but they should be smart enough to look at the whole situation.
  7. Taking a RB in the top 10 is awful but not comparable to taking one at 30. We should take the BPA unless it is QB even if it is a RB. At pick 30 if we get 4 goods year of a RB I think it is a good value pick.
  8. I hope you are correct in regards to the ability to hide him but right now he is absent from every major event and all the liberals still over him. We have so many low information voters I know he will have a chance.
  9. The reason I was asking is that then we should look into the health outcomes of officers who have been at these other outcomes and see if strokes or heart attacks occurred shortly there after because clearly Tibs would be crusading that all those cops were honored in the same way.
  10. So are you trying to state that the stress caused by a riot that causes a stroke means the person died from the riot?
  11. what happens if the jury is deadlocked on whether it is murder or manslaughter? I could see a version of events where some jurors insist it not debatable and they won't budge. I have never heard of that but I could definitely see it happening here.
  12. Do you believe that less than 20 million chinese are enslaved or in a situation worse than an american jail? If you do you are worse than stupid. Please think before you simply repeat what google tells you. The Uighers are at least 12 million in camps. Now count the people in forced camps in the middle east. Your comment is the epitome of not understanding life outside the US and thinking jail is worse thing you can experience while alive.
  13. I believe you are a real person so I will try with you. Google " antifa burns portland" and see if you can find an article that is from a "legitimate" news- I have the hill, oregon live, nypost- so not sure who is good to you. But the bigger issue you and I have is that you are clutching pearls over people delaying a vote for a few hours. Throw them all in jail, very few are against that, and then let us discuss the billions of dollars and 10 of thousands of lives ruined by your side. Your comparison is the definition of myopic vision, ignore your own widespread destruction and focus on the sm
  14. If you are buying a new car I can give advice from doing well and doing poorly myself. Make sure you know what financing is available to you, I had a dealer offer me 8% as best offer but when I showed him I could get 3% elsewhere I suddenly got 3%. I also will warn you that often they will try to wait you out, it took me 3+ hours but I got the advertised special as written. Finally make sure you are willing to walk away, unless you are making millions 10 hours is worth 5K.
  15. I am curious who you consider a trustworthy source- CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT "They misconstrue or inaccurately describe what actually occurred, again and again and again." All of them simply google and you will see. No one should take anyone side and run with it but you don't even dispute the facts you just tried to justify it by claiming something with no evidence.
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