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  1. I thought walls were immoral and do not work? NYT. Tear down this wall!!
  2. Are you reading the morning memos? You need to read the morning memos. If you lose your copy, just ask TOC for his and you will have the daily talking points and where you need to focus your faux outrage that day.
  3. I definitely see him at another outlet in time to "report" on the elections.
  4. Leaving Fox News. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/shepard-smith-leaving-fox-news/ar-AAIEahv?ocid=spartanntp
  5. Super Contractor was good quality entertainment, for everyone else but myself and Mrs. KRC. 😉
  6. No need for oxygen. He chose his seat. Getting him his bag of pretzels may be a little rough for the flight attendant, however.
  7. Charge him a fare and take off. No need to hold the other passengers back from getting to their destination.
  8. The "Party of Tolerance" strikes again.
  9. So, did they answer her question in the apology? (Rhetorical}
  10. Feed the media a story, then use the media story to confirm that you are telling the truth. That is how you prove that you are correct.
  11. People probably will not get over it until she gets over it.
  12. Let's be real here. He is not a reliable source for what happened on the call. I need second or third-hand information before I can believe anything.
  13. Same happened to me. Lots of threats. I wouldn't put up with it. The problem is that outside of a moral victory, you are not going to get much else out of it. Depending on the laws in your area and the amount, you may only be able to place a levy and not a lien. Therefore, you will have to constantly renew it and will probably never see it. My contractor was also a politician (his wife was also running for office). That added a few wrinkles. He never paid, but I won in other ways. 😈
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