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  1. I think companies were working on Plan B once the trade wars started. Add the virus on to it and any company that did not plan ahead is probably feeling it right now.
  2. I noticed that Bernie is the only one that supported the concept of the candidate with the most delegates entering the convention would be the nominee. Funny how the popular vote idea is only supported by the communist.
  3. A Dem complaining about biased media coverage. 🤣
  4. Former member of the House Ethics Committee and also on the Rules Committee. Must just be an honest mistake.
  5. It was done publicly because the morans in the media and the Dems keep stating that Barr is a Trump puppet and that Trump is influencing him, therefore IMPEACH and fire Barr. Normal people would just pick up the phone, but Barr is doing this to shut down the Dems and media (not that it is going to matter, because they have a narrative to maintain).
  6. If this is the criteria for long jail sentences, it is going to suck for the Democrats as their actions would get them life sentences.
  7. This guy is really bad at being a homophobe. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-says-he-would-vote-for-a-gay-president/ar-BBZYKo2?ocid=spartanntp
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