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  1. Don't worry; be happy. The Bills, right now, are in good hands.
  2. https://www.insidehook.com/article/sports/so-a-guy-visits-every-professional-sports-stadium-in-america Best Tailgate Scene “Tailgating, I think I would point to Buffalo. I really liked the way the whole town felt like a Bills parking lot. It felt like you were outside the stadium all over town on the morning of the game. You could see people in their gear getting ready to head out to the stadium. Then, when you get near the stadium, there’s a lot of homes that let you park on their lawn for five or 10 bucks and people set up chairs and set up barbecues. You feel like you’re walking through someone’s barbecue basically. It’s usually bitter cold up there and they’re all huddled together and they’ve all got their woolens on. It’s a pretty cool scene.”
  3. Team MVP on a local level is not the issue. The way the man played gunner changed 1/3 of the NFL game forever.
  4. Except that Todd Collins did not revolutionize the way one-third of the game is played.
  5. Rod Hill, a cornerback who had been a first round draft choice by Dallas in the early 80's. (After a year or two, Dallas traded him to the Bills.) Met him in a bar in Middleport, NY. (Jim Haslett owned property nearby and was often seen around the area with other Bills in tow.) Very quiet demeanor and he seemed too thin for an NFL player, at any position. He asked me for a cigarette because he was trying to quit and didn't want to buy a full pack.
  6. I have seen every Bills game since 1963, and I consider the Leon Lett run-down as the single most iconic play in Bills history. While unsuccessfully attempting to chip away at the statue of a Bills hero, you have managed to define yourself.
  7. I hope he succeeds, and proves the whole sorry lot of you wrong.
  8. Godspeed, Pancho Billa. You've meant, and you mean, much to many.
  9. Sorry for your loss. Radio is my favorite medium by far.
  10. I like both Murph and Tasker. Come to think of it, I like them a lot. And I don't think the alternative names mentioned in these posts would be an improvement over the long haul. What I would rather see replaced is the duo that occupies the 3:00 to 7:00 slot. I would listen to caterwauling cats scraping their claws over blackboards before I would listen to those two.
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