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  1. He is not yet a great QB, but he is going to be one. He is already a true Buffalo Bill, and will always be one.
  2. Reading this, I flashed back to my 20's. How did we make it through all of that? Anyway, I am glad to have 'met' you, and glad to know I wasn't alone.
  3. Brilliant retort! I'll be sure to return next week to see if you've fat-shamed anyone else. You are so good at it.
  4. I'm glad you've made yourself feel better.
  5. Thanks for your contribution. Riveting...insightful.
  6. Our uniforms, right now, are superb. Don't fix superb.
  7. For anyone spiritually inclined (or seeking) Lorenzo and other Bills players will be appearing for a screening of "Kingdom Men Rising--No More Excuses" on October 7, 6:00 p.m. at True Bethel Church, 907 East Ferry Ave.
  8. I heard this exchange as it happened. They went on and on and on and on over a distinction without a difference.
  9. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash,It's a gas, gas, gas.
  10. On the contrary, 'the Bills' may be best name in the NFL. Because virtually nobody (except established fans) knows what the name refers to, it is in the abstract realm and thus can be anything you make of it. So, whereas a Lion is a lion and a Cowboy is a cowboy, a Bill is up to you...and to you...and to you. That's why 'the Bills' make me want to shout!
  11. Barbara Streisand is a diva. All I know about Whitney Houston is that she sang the anthem at the Bills first Super Bowl, and that she's not singing at Super Bowls any more.
  12. I prefer to avoid them like the plague. When it was reported (for a few hours) that AB was coming to Buffalo, I was bummed out, actually sad/mad. Buffalo just isn't a diva town, thank God.
  13. Divas, themselves, bore me to tears, but it fascinates me that we associate 'diva' with 'wide receiver'. Does playing WR turn a man into a diva? Or do natural born divas somehow gravitate towards wide receiver? As a rabid Bills fan, but a casual fan of football at large, I don't keep track of all the melodrama in the NFL. So I am sure there are divas at other positions in the league. But the prominent ones -- T.O., A.B., O.B.J -- all play the same position. Why is that?
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