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  1. Probably had no impact, but at the time it was notable that the ambulance did not immediately rush him straight to the hospital.
  2. I was hoping to see this regarding proceeds for his jersey sales being donated.
  3. We all are. Appreciate the moderation and at the same time a place to commiserate with fellow Bills fans.
  4. Dion regarding playing a game this weekend: "Anything we have to give is for Damar"
  5. I didn't expect much out of Chiefs fans, and they did not disappoint. Or rather, they are quite disappointing.
  6. I’m also taking solace in the fact that the ambulance waited for his Mom before heading to the hospital. That was taken as a good sign.
  7. I guess that was the intent. I have no idea the veracity of the situation.
  8. No problem, I have been corrected. But being "put to sleep" jarred me.
  9. WOW! I'm sorry but being "put to sleep" seems an inappropriate choice of words in this situation, regardless of where it came from.
  10. that just shows the players have more common sense than the league. Quite the stretch to defend the greedy NFL. Everyone else knew within those 9 minutes he was receiving CPR what the right move was.
  11. Just take a look at what time the injury occurred, and what time the league called it. It's readily apparent what the league was thinking.
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