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  1. 13 Seconds was such an unforgivable loss that McDermott can't redeem himself in any way other than winning a Super Bowl. Last year, the team was decimated with injuries, this year they'll probably be worse due to cap casualties. My gut tells me that 2025 will be the "all-in" year and also his last chance. Allen turns 30 that offseason, so a change is absolutely necessary if he hasn't gotten over the hump by then.
  2. The Chiefs have been down by double digits in all four of their Super Bowls and came back to win three of them. How do the Bills react when they're down in games? Do we keep our cool and stick to the plan, or do we panic a little bit? We're essentially front-runners; this stat proves it. When things are going well, they go REALLY well. When we face a little adversity, ehhhh...
  3. In all seriousness, he'd probably be the best backup we've had since Barkley
  4. This is 100% going to be a case of two idiots arguing over who "disrespected" the other one, then firing indiscriminately in each other's direction. They'll both have a ton of prior arrests, including felonies that make any ownership of any firearm illegal, and it will be swept under the rug like every other handgun homicide in this country that isn't politically expedient or helpful for certain narratives.
  5. He held KC to fewer than 20 points in regulation, and that was after one of his best players suffered possibly the most inopportune freak injury in NFL history. Seems harsh. He conceded the FG attempt at the end of regulation in order to avoid giving up a huge TD. It was exactly what McD did at the end of the 13 seconds game.
  6. I'm worried that the Bills are going to change their uniforms for the stadium opening and do something "modern" that looks stupid. Look no further than the Jets, Falcons, Rams, Lions, etc. -- don't fix things that aren't broken. Less is more.
  7. It's so lame. In addition to the types that set themselves on fire jumping through flaming tables, it also brought with it a contingent of the fanbase that likes the pageantry of being a Bills fan more than actually following the team. Very reminiscent of the pink-hat era for the Red Sox, where a tortured team with loyal and knowledgeable fans suddenly had to deal with a new breed of annoying bandwagoners.
  8. That chick has one of the stronger Buffalo accents I've heard.
  9. We're about 18 months away from hearing rumors that Allen wants a fresh start and is "open" to being traded.
  10. San Francisco lost that game because they were thoroughly outcoached and also had horrific luck. Sound familiar?
  11. I don't think it's too big of a homer opinion to say that giving Allen Reid and Kelce and Chris Jones turns the tide in virtually every playoff game we lost during the Allen tenure.
  12. Purdy went like an hour without completing a meaningful pass. That really killed them, especially since the SF defense was playing so well during that juncture of the game.
  13. Chris Jones is the type of player McDermott has chased and couldn't get. He was huge against Buffalo and today in OT
  14. Yeah, I don't disagree with you. Their D was gassed and it seemed like they coached that last drive hoping to hold them to 3 and maybe get the ball back.
  15. Their defense had held them to 4 FGs already. I get their thinking on kicking there.
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