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  1. I think this has a lot to do with how the Redskins handled the games in '87 with replacement players. Polian commented on this recently with NFL Network on how the 'Skins were essentially running another set of practices with guys to have them ready to go for when the players association shut down the season. Polian feels that NFL teams should be doing separate practices with their reserves and keep them isolated from the rest of the team in case there is an outbreak.
  2. The only saving grace may be that if it follows the pattern like in NY, by Sept 8th, these hard hit area may be much better. This is entirely possible. If you look at the bell curves from around the world where the virus has truly hit hard and peaked, they all go about 6-8 weeks and then it drops off. This was the case here in NY, but also in Sweden where there were almost no lockdowns.This virus seems hell bent on proving that excessive lockdowns only delay the inevitable. I would fully expect to see things start to decline in the current hotspots like Fl, Tx, Az and even Ca by mid August. But there is still a large portion of the country namely the central and upper plains that have not had any major outbreaks as of yet. It would not shock me if the virus starts to crop up[more in those areas. Although there is not a lot of population density there compared to places like south Fla, or Houston Tx.
  3. If it wasn't for being able to ride Peyton Manning's coattails in Denver would Gase even be a HC? It's clear Adams just wants out which would suck for them but be good for us in the long run. He's probably their best defensive player.
  4. Shemp was funnier than Curly and the Stooges hit their peak with Joe Besser.
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