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  1. I like Kyler Murray, but pay close attention to the redzone struggles the Cardinals had. I think Murray has a tough time seeing the middle of the field when it gets down to that area and the whole thing tightens up. Marrone made the right decison but in typical fashion (some would say Obviously) he called the wrong play. So glad he's not here anymore. everyone was saying "he's the next Parcells." That coaching style doesn't seem to work in the NFL anymore.
  2. Love the tackle against the Raiders where Tim Brown gives him props for play. He was always well respected around the NFL for special teams and deserves the HOF.
  3. I just remember what Tony Romo said in the Vikings game last year how he went into every contest expecting to throw a pick or two. In his mind it meant you weren't taking chances and playing it too safe if you didn't. I'd be OK with zero picks per game, but it is football.
  4. Don't think it's fair just yet to compare Allen & Darnold. Sam is learning a new system, new coach, new coordinator. It will take time. But that being said I loved watching Josh shake off a bad first half and take over the game in the 4th. He was in control and as many have noted some of those turnovers were not on him. Couple of other things. Singletary is shifty as well as fast. You won't see this on the highlight reel but he caught a little dump off from Josh in the 4th, it was only about a 7 yard gain but he faked the LB out of his jock strap with a quick move. This guy can be really good. Our O-line had some breakdowns but they are already better than the group we put out there last year. They are also far more athletic and can get out in front of people for screens etc.
  5. Last year I predicted it would snow in the months between January and March and I was correct too. None of this means anything until they play for real.
  6. Fred Smerlas blocking that kick was a real turning point for me as a long time fan. We went nuts watching that on TV. I just knew we were going to win that game after that and it springboarded us onto years of success even though we didn't win the big one.
  7. Yep that Raiders MNF was great. Sat in the last row at the top with my father. We almost left when the Bills went up 14-13 and then almost left again when Art Thoms scooped up that fumble. That was a brutal break for the Bills, but we stayed and Fergie rallied them. That game wasn't a sellout, odds are if it was on local TV that night more people would remember it.
  8. Not so sure I would put the Giants and Jets that low. Not much higher, but not that far down.
  9. Didn't Travis Henry wear 26 in his rookie preseason?
  10. You younger guys don't know how easy we have it these days. There used to be 6 preseason games and only 14 reg season games. That was murder to sit through all those meaningless games especially when season-ending injuries happened. Personally I think the starters should see at least some game action. Wait until weeks 1 & 2 of the regular season and look at the injury reports. You see a lot of bad things happen because some of these guys are just not in game shape.
  11. They also have varying degrees of bbq and a good Cajun recipe as well, but the wings are the best with the beer-battered fries. Then after all that you have to go bowling somewhere.
  12. Next time anyone goes to the Bar Bill try doing Russian Roulette with the wings. If you order a single (10 wings) they do one with suicidal sauce but don't let you know which one it is. I've only done this once and the suicidals give you the slow face-melt after about 25 seconds.
  13. I don't think McCarthy was a terrible coach, just not highly motivated over the last few years. Having a great QB like Rogers can make you lazy. I think the front office let the Pack down more than anything. That being said I always liked the Packers and Greenbay fans in general. I do hope they can make some noise in that division. The NFL is better when they're better.
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