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  1. 50 minutes ago, LabattBlue said:

    Was anyone friends with him outside of this board.  Hasn’t been active here since 2020.  I know he had some health issues.  

    One of the nicest people I can remember on this board. 

    Sadly, Millbank passed a few years ago. 

    He was a great guy/poster. 


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  2. 9 hours ago, Sierra Foothills said:

    The Bills drafted running back Zack Moss in the 3rd round (86th overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft. At the time I liked the pick and thought of him as a good physical back. He flashed at times as a Bill but was mostly a disappointment partly because of his inability to stay healthy and partly because of his general ineffectiveness. He never seemed to resemble the player he was at Utah.


    Finally last Halloween we traded him to the Colts for fellow running back Nyheim Hines. Besides swapping him for Hines, we acquired two physical runners (Damien Harris and Latavius Murray) to provide that ruggedness that Moss was supposed to bring us.


    By the time he was shown the door he was pretty much a whipping boy for members of this forum. It hasn't been spoken of much around here but Moss has quietly resurrected his career.


    Here are his stat lines from his last 5 regular season games with Indy:


    Zack Moss last 5 Regular Season Games with the Colts
    Date ATT YDS YPC
    12/17/22 24 81 3.38
    12/26/22 12 65 5.42
    1/1/23 15 74 4.93
    1/8/23 18 114 6.33
    9/17/23 18 88 4.89
    AVERAGE 15.4 84.4 5.48


    I'm curious if anyone here has any insights as to what has changed to make him a seemingly effective NFL running back. Health? Scheme? Also would you say his improvement has vindicated the Bills decision to draft him in the first place?



    It’s difficult for any RB to put up impressive numbers as a spectator. 

  3. 19 hours ago, T master said:


    I get it but patience is a virtue . Besides how soon we forget what was !! Well we do live in a world of instant gratification ..

    Patience?  I’m 52-years-old. 


    There is no instant gratification here. 

    Our best chance at winning a Super Bowl in the Allen era was fuct by inept coaching (13 secs). Just like the Kelly-era Bills. 

    I’ve been patient. 

    We’ve had an elite QB for six years and haven’t even gotten TO the Super Bowl. 

    Show. Me. The. Mother. F*cking.  Baby. 


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