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  1. Pancho needs to go on the Wall of Fame at New Era! It's only fitting for the 12th man.
  2. Uh oh. How many baby mommas will turn up. There were a lot of things sliding off him from his days in Buffalo
  3. I'm hoping the Patriots are bad enough to have a pick from 12-16 just far enough away to miss a top flight QB
  4. And we keep forgetting about Andre Roberts. His contribution is ST, but he may even have upside as a WR.
  5. And 2 RB before the draft. Now we draft another RB high who is supposed to be a good receiver. At least there is competition and a solid OL. That should make JA a bit better. Do we have a stud WR who can take over the game. No, but neither did NE and I think that's where Daboll's philosophy on O comes from. I would love to have the next Julio Jones, Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham on this roster, but those kind of guys also bring attitudes into the locker room. Hopefully we finally get it right and have a solid, competitive playoff team for the next decade.
  6. No, I didn't. Beasley and John Brown were brought in. I was talking about hold-overs from last year who are still on our roster. Obviously Brown, Beasley and Kroft were brought in with a purpose and are not going to be replaced. This group is not a sure thing and anyone of them could be cut or traded for an upgrade. I was measuring the draft against these guys.
  7. I think Josh is going to shine and Barkley is one of the better backups. Who knows Tyree may be available.
  8. All I can think is they want to spread the ball all over the place so no one can key on one play and everyone can contribute. It will also open up lanes for Josh to run and throw deep and with 3 TE's who can catch they feel JA will have a good safety valve. They must be high on Foster, Zay McKenzie and Duke Williams and feel Cam Phillips, Ray Ray and DaMari Scott are better than what was available. (Harmon, Johnson, Sills) It will be interesting to see what happens in RD 7 and UDFA. They may see what's left and feel they can let the competition, injuries and camp sort it out.
  9. This sucks. Drew Lock is going to fall to the Patriots. How the hell did the Giants grab Jones?
  10. I Billieve this is the plan. Throw in a young buck to learn the ropes and make an occasional play or two and take over down the road. I'm really anxious to see how we address TE and WR in the draft. I kind of hope we forego OL and get us some playmakers at skill positions on O and some fierce penetrating DL. Only days away!
  11. The article makes it clear that Whaley orchestrated the trade. He might not have been behind all the picks, but he seemed to be the one to pull the trigger to move back.
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