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  1. BillsRdue

    This WR corps still sucks

    Add DK Metcalf, Marquise or AJ Brown, Paris Campbell, Deebo, Ridley or NKeal Harry and suddenly it's not so bad. I think we end up with one of these guys in the draft. Draft another top TE and pick up RB in Rds 3-4 and suddenly the offense is pretty deep. I haven't soured on the process yet.
  2. BillsRdue

    Here is a new method that the Bills are doing well

    great post and spot on.
  3. BillsRdue

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    Taxes too. Florida has no state tax and nice weather. CA and NY taxes are horrible. When you make that much taxes can add hundreds of thousands in lost revenue, so the "crap" cities in high tax states like Oakland and Buffalo are going to rank higher. You mean I have to pay more to live here and not get laid. Hello Miami.
  4. BillsRdue

    Pass on Metcalf and give me this WR!

    Isabella looks good. If we go T or TE in rd 1, I definitely hope he is there in the 2nd.
  5. BillsRdue

    Bills Offseason (R Talbot - I woulds take this

    If all this happened. SHWING!!!
  6. BillsRdue

    Mike Edwards - S - Kentucky

    nice instincts on this kid. If we get him with one of our 4ths I'd be stoked.
  7. BillsRdue

    What's your 2019 projected offensive line

    This would be sweet, but I think if we get 2 of the 3 FA's here, we'd be considered lucky. My picks would be Morse and Williams. Keep Dawkins at LT and draft someone to compete with Long/Miller at RG.
  8. BillsRdue

    Poor O-Line play is league-wide problem not just Bills

    I'm in the scheme/cohesion camp. Hopefully in the second year of Daboll the OL are coached up and we maintain some continuity for the coming years. Sign 2 FA to 3-5yr contracts and draft 2 high. Keep Dawkins, Teller, Bodine.
  9. I don't get all the hype on Murray. He's not Baker. I think the combine and pre-draft visits will sort it all out and Murray drops to the bottom half of the first or from 9-14 if someone is really desperate. Haskins, Lock, Jones, Murray come off the board in that order. The truth is that none of these guys deserve to be a Top 5 pick and I don't see this playing out like last years crop of rookies. I see Haskins having marginal success and the rest falling into Rosen type years, if they play at all. I think most bridge backups will have better command of an offense then this group.
  10. I think "not ever." McD preaches his culture and "the team game" philosophy. "Me first" guys are out the door. I don't see this FO bringing them back in. Judging by the drafts, FA signings and cuts, having 11 guys playing together is infinitely more important than having 1 guy playing for himself, no matter how good he is. We want stars, not prima donnas and you can't be both here. They want 52 Kyle Williams if they can get them.
  11. BillsRdue

    Looking Back I wish we traded for Mack

    We should have drafted him, end of story. Gronk too. Homegrown elite talent does not come around here often. That's 0-2. If the Sabres get Kane someday, at least that part will be forgiven.
  12. BillsRdue

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    How this kid knows this information is what is truly scary.
  13. BillsRdue

    RG John Miller - stay or go?

    With Castillo coaching and losing Richie and Wood, it was hard to tell who sucked and who got Castillo'd with a bad scheme. Miller showed enough promise to warrant at least a low end deal, but I'd like to think we are going all out to give Allen the best shot next year.
  14. KC is going to need a defense to win the big one or at least get there, but they are probably the best of the rest. Glory be if Buffalo and Cleveland become perennial playoff teams and I do like all 3 QB's for these teams. The Bills need a lot of help on offense to get on track for 10 wins. IMHO Cleveland is a little closer if they get a good DC. I don't get the fuss about Greggo. He had a lot of talent on D, but they got ripped apart most games. I think losing Kendricks hurt a bit too. I think the Jets will improve too. Nothing would make me happier than seeing NE in 3rd in the AFC East, but Belichick is just too damn good of a coach. Even when Brady retires, they may keep winning if they get the right QB. Cue Foles? I think Indy, Houston, Baltimore (great D) LA, Denver (if they sort out QB) CLE, BUF, Pittsburgh and of course NE will all be fighting for playoff spots next year, although with the right moves we might position ourselves to dethrone the Pats. I hope so.