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  1. BINGO!!!!! It's not a race thing, it's an economic thing. 95% of the population is in the same boat, but people want to color it so we fight against each other, instead of fighting against the true enemy.
  2. Healthy Njoku > Healthy Kroft hands down. I'd make this happen. We need a better TE room. The worst thing that happens is a competition upgrade and possible cut or trade of Kroft.
  3. Sports is breathing its last breath. Whether these pampered athletes want to sit, stand or lay on the ground, it will all be a non-issue as they lose their multi-million dollar homes and look for real jobs like the rest of us.
  4. Boom! Ever since that point, something went to his head and he slipped into his backup QB abilities again. Damn we were 5-2 at the time too.
  5. Taking OJ down would just cause more divide no matter what he did or is going to do. If people destroyed cities over a career criminal they'd probably burn a stadium to defend OJ.
  6. Nothing like a baited race war and hot topic bull#### to further divide people. The stats across the board say this is a non-issue. Like we are all supposed to bow and acknowledge privilege we don't even have. These big mouth clowns pocket millions and yet want to spout off about our priviledge and want us to bow to their demands. I guess it's my privilege to work 60 hours a week so I can barely afford to take my family to a game, only to watch the players cry, kneel and pout about injustice while they drive off in cars that cost more than our houses. There is no racial divide, it's an economic divide. Poor people of all races suffer injustice across the board. I feel for the hard working people of the black community who deserve better, but my heart does not go out to thugs looting the streets and destroying the lives of their own people as well as other hard working small businesses. We will see what happens if the league folds and if these players lose their privilege of playing a Childs game for a king's ransom.. Then we will see a change of tune. Or if the NFL reverts to back in the 60's and 70's where athletes made the same wages as working people. Shaq can kiss off. Glad he is gone. Candace Owens should be the NFL Commisoner. She'd put an end to this insanity real quick.
  7. Point taken. I wish Brees didn't take the bait. Seems the NFL is going to be in the crosshairs of this for awhile. I really miss the NBA, NHL and now MLB. The NFL is the only thing left and it's going to be a target to rile people up. I just want to go back to hating on the Patriots while they implode.
  8. That's not even political, just a fact about how Brees was attacked with foul language and rage when his comment was neutral and not derogatory against any person or any specific race. Yet he is called out as racist by the media and other players.
  9. I agree with most of what you said. Here's my big problem. Too many groups and individuals are using this as a cover to commit criminal acts, defame private and public property, hurt and kill innocent civilians and destroy business owners trying to protect their property. They feel justified to steal from anyone, anytime, anywhere under the guise of some movement. The police are now paralyzed to enforce laws and protect people. Look at NYC, I saw phone video yesterday of mobs of people jumping out of cars in traffic in broad daylight to run into a Nike store and steal. The mob smashed all the windows and cleaned out the store. With no police in sight, everyone in the neighborhood jumped in, taking what they wanted. Compound this with setting these businesses ablaze and beating or even killing anyone trying to stop them and we have multiple felony crimes. Now we top it off with celebrities bailing the criminals out. Are we saying that this is the right thing to do. It's not healthy protest, it's a cover to commit felonies without repercussion, destroy the economy, enforce curfews, create shutdowns and further damage and it will cripple the NFL and any sport relying on large public gatherings. Imagine being at a Bills game, the anthem plays and some kneel while others stand. Suddenly, the field is then overrun by the fans. They begin assaulting any player not kneeling. They rush to concession stands, attacking the servers, while helping themselves to anything they want, including looting all the cash registers. They rip out the goalposts and tear up the field. They set fire to the the restrooms, then begin burning the stadium. Police are helpless to take any lethal force to stop the madness and we find out later that 50 innocent people died in the stadium. It sounds like a horror movie, but that is where this will escalate too if it goes unchecked. I'm all for peaceful resolution and curbing police violence against innocent civilians of any race. But I am not for neutering civic response and duty to serve and protect our citizens. Until these groups of demonstrators can separate themselves from the mayhem, they do not deserve public support.
  10. Personally, the responses of other NFL players were more derogatory and offensive than Brees comment. He was flat out attacked for not blindly towing the liberal line.
  11. sure. I just want to watch some football. Just making the comparison for those who think we don't have the right to gather to watch football, but the right to hit the streets by the thousands.
  12. Big Ed is becoming another DairyAss.
  13. If thousands can gather in public to riot, they can gather to watch football.
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