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  1. SWEET!! Great job. You've been my favorite off-season poster. Great insight and analysis.
  2. Well he definitely seemed to be doing a little bit of Gross Alma-Matos activity.
  3. Right, it's going to run past midnight. Cut all the damn commercials and craptime show.
  4. Bungholes are going to look way better with Burrow. I would not trade up for Tee Higgins. Meanwhile Chase comes out and outplays Jefferson. Minus the drop.
  5. Burrow has a bit of a Mahomes flair to him. If Chase pulls that one in, wow, He'd be over 250 receiving with 3TDs.
  6. no love here. He ate money and had no production. We need an upgrade. If we got Henry or Hooper I'd be very happy.
  7. Pretty much. Most staffs are filled out now or in the process of adding coordinators. Daboll isn't making a lateral move and there was some rumors that McD liked Shurmur. Not that it is laid to rest, seems like our coaching staff with Washington is complete.
  8. I think Lamar is wondering if he still gets to breast feed. Baby Tommy needs a new diaper.
  9. Well it looks like Daboll is going to be here much to the dismay of many a Bills fan. I was kind of hoping Shurmur might slip through to us, but Denver moved quick. I guess it's good that Josh has another year of continuity with Daboll. If we see big improvements and make a deep run, I wonder how many looks he will get as a Head Coach for 2020. Do you think the McDermitt tree may one day be like Bellicheck or Reid? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/broncos-will-reportedly-hire-ex-giants-head-coach-pat-shurmur-as-offensive-coordinator/
  10. was hoping they'd pluck McDaniels and watch NE circle around the drain.
  11. #MAJBOBBY, rocking it out once again. Great analysis. You are my new favorite off-season poster. I agree on your assessment and if Beaner followed the MAJ I wouldn't be disappointed. I hope we don't have to overpay for Spain and I hope Ford becomes so good he makes me forget about Metcalf. The Bills FO plan to keep the band together and fine tune a few instruments is music to my ears. I went into 2019 cautiously optimistic, but for the first time in over 30 years, I'm going in with the feeling we can take the division and make a deep run to the SB.
  12. Yes, I want to see him hobble, limp, whine, cry and throw ducks into the air that the Bills turn into pick 6's. I want to see him sacked, stuffed, pounded into submission that he has no choice but to hang it up and hand over the crown to Buffalo for the next 20 years.
  13. All that this is a passing league is BS. Playoff time is running the ball and playing great Defense. All the top rushing teams are moving on. We need to add that 2nd killer RB and a #1 WR and this offense will take off.
  14. Damn, dropped Coleman from my Fanduel lineup to reshuffle and get Ingram in with Lamar. He was a good buy today and so was Bourne. Glad I laid off Cook.
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