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  1. Agreed on Garrapolo, then Trubisky and Tanny. No on TB12... Actually no on all, but if we are playing the game, then Beers ON!!!
  2. I don't want to start drinking after viewing this, but I had the same notion with Trubisky and Tannehill, definitely a hot Garrapolo and a four beer nod to Dak.
  3. the dude was money. now he gets it. Unfortunately, it will set a high bar for Bass.
  4. Now we need a boat parade of asshats who are offended by anything. That should stretch across the US.
  5. I think the fear is that he's had 4 concussions and the cumulative effect is what people are fearing. Personally, if he wants to play and the team clears him to play then we should keep him. I still think he's still a top 10 C. With that said, I'd like Feliciano back at RG Williams at RT and let Ford fight it out with Boettger for LG or go get a mauler in FA and let ford fight it out with Williams at RT with Ford and Boettger as backups. Either way, get competition everywhere and let the best play.
  6. I think the concussions and price tag are what are scaring people off. We need him healthy and ready to play. We can't afford OL on the IR when the cap is tight.
  7. This is what winning in Tampa looks like. Great weather, parties, hot women, fun places. Not freezing in NE with Billichuck ruining the party
  8. He already did. TB can't make elite throws anymore, nor is he that mobile. Tampa's Defense and skill players bailed him out along with a solid OL and the fact that you can't breathe on Tommy without drawing a flag. If you can get pressure on him, he makes mistakes as evident by the 3 INT games. The thing that makes Brady a Top10 QB is his ability to get the ball out quick and read defenses. His mind is #1. His body is bottom #15 and dropping. My guess is that next year teams throw the bus at him and TB goes 8-8.
  9. the OL was night and day difference after Mongo came back. Do what you can to keep him and Williams. Get a mauler at C and RG
  10. Do the math. Metz REC 383 YDS 3686 TD 29 Gronk REC 566 YDS 8484 TD 86 MATH. REC Gronk 1.47 times better YDS Gronk 2.3 times better TD'sGronk 2.96 times better TOTAL AVG. 2.24 TIMES BETTER And Gronk is still going. And Gronk can block. So you can call blocking a wash. My original post said Gronk was 2 times better than anyone we ever had. So corrected he is 2.24 times better. https://athlonsports.com/nfl/25-greatest-tight-ends-nfl-history Gronk at #3 all time. Metz wouldn't make top 100. Edit: I g
  11. I mentioned this in my FA thread a few weeks ago as a target on my list. Gronk at this stage is still 2x better than anyone we have ever had play TE.
  12. Mahomes throws a TD there and I got a shot a one million. Instead I've got $40. Damn!
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