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  1. Of those top 20, the Bills would be ecstatic to get 3, so the majority of FA's they sign will probably come from the 20-50 list with a few under the radar below 50 signings.
  2. Yeah but we got Torell Troup one pick ahead. Good for us.
  3. I can not see NE in another Super Bowl, it's disgusting. Go KC!
  4. f^ck I hate watching this. NE gets early breaks and all the momentum, then just sucks the life out of a team. I don't understand how they keep pressuring Rivers but Brady can dance all day back there. That damn bye week really helped them.
  5. Well this is the year we will answer these questions. Last year was a bit of an anomaly. Losing Wood and Cogs was not in the plan. Trady Cordy however was. They thought they could operate without Cordy based on 2017 and that assumption is fair. Nobody saw the loss of the other 2 and it was crippling. We just did not have the budget or time to address all the issues and QB was the #1 priority after they identified the target. Then it was finding the defensive QB of the future. The question then becomes - Was Harrison Phillips worth the cost of drafting OL here? We passed on- Billy Price, Austin Cortbett, Will Hernandez, Braden Smith, James Daniels, Connor Williams, Brian O'Neill, Brandon Parker, Geron Christian, Martinas Rankin, Orlando Brown, Joseph Noteboom, Chukwuma Okorafor all before the Phillips pick. Was Tauron Johnson? We only passed on Brian Allen before the pick. Was Siran Neal? We passed on Will Richardson and Cole Madison before the pick. Now there's Teller. We passed on Jamarco Jones in that round to make the pick. So is there anyone on this list worth taking before Teller that would have a better impact than the three players we drafted before Teller. (Phillips, Johnson and Neal) Billy Price, Corbett or Hernandez would have come at the cost of losing Edmonds. I don't see that. The others probably don't fall that far. Maybe there is a diamond in the ruff, but it seems the Bills were focused on fixing the D because it was closer to a complete unit and we were bringing in a new OC. We tried to grab the scrap heaps to get us through the season with the little bit of manageable cap, but none of them really worked out. A new scheme, cohesion, the QB competition was just all too much to get this offense ready for the season. The worst mistake made was already identified and addressed in season. The QB room and now it is stable. I am pretty confident that the #1 priority will be to fix the line and there is a plan in place. I'm going to trust the process that this is #1 then on to WR and TE The offense we saw the last 6 games will keep improving. I think they feel Foster (field stretcher), McKenzie (gadget) and Zay (slot) are keepers. It's important to find at least 2 guys with a large catch radius, sure hands and good route running and one more speedster with good hands to stretch the field. The FO also seems to understand they need a sure handed safety valve at TE who can also get separation and block. They will probably need to draft this in the first 3 rounds to get an impact player, unless they discovered some under the radar guy they think will slip. I doubt it. 6'5 250-260lb guys with 4.6 speed don't grow on trees. I could see us realistically fixing 80% of the issues which should protect Allen and propel his development, especially with a full off-season and stable QB room. The offense could move up to break into the top #20 maybe top #15. By 2020 with the right moves the foundation will be in place for a Top 10, Top 5. The trick as with all teams will be to keep the Defense together at a Top 5 level. If we drop to Top 10 to fill holes on offense then we can still be balanced enough to be a playoff team for the foreseeable future.
  6. BillsRdue

    Speculation on Golic and Wingo that Rosen could be traded

    He's a millionaire kid. He's going to keep changing his mind and leaving people hanging. Like anyone, he's going to pursue his best option. And if people are dangling millions to play football he is going to look at it, especially if it means becoming an instant NFL celebrity vs a minor leaguer with a fat bonus.
  7. Tampa is awesome. Big enough to do everything, but small enough that traffic is not a nightmare, housing costs are low and no state income tax. The west coast of FL is beautiful. I live in Miami but want to retire near Tampa in Clearwater/St. Petes. If the money was the same, TB in a heartbeat.
  8. anyone, who cares? a Super Bowl win would be the crowning achievement of my 45 years of fandom.
  9. BillsRdue

    Alabama vs Clemson who ya got?

    Its me. Can I come back and be your DC. I'll bring my brother Rob. He's great at this stuff. We can knock you back down to 25th in the league. Who needs #2.
  10. BillsRdue

    Alabama vs Clemson who ya got?

    That Clemson DL is tough. Let's get us some of that.
  11. BillsRdue

    Alabama vs Clemson who ya got?

    Allen will work out.
  12. BillsRdue

    What QB next year

    QB Room is set for next year. No need to bring in anyone but a PS guy to take some reps and learn in case Anderson is a 1yr thing.
  13. I think I saw a contested catch? Not too many of those floating around OBD these days. Let's hope they come back en vogue.
  14. BillsRdue

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    Chargers look tough today, especially on D. Hope they bring this kind of heat to Brady and knock him out.
  15. BillsRdue

    Playoffs and defense

    Their rookie LB Darius Leonard has been playing great too. More impact than Edmonds.