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  1. Laces out! He lost us the game, along with another pathetic showing on offense.
  2. Yeah, he needs more than 8 carries for sure. I'm also surprised we let Yeldon sit when he was a decent receiving option out of the backfield. Not once, have I seen Yeldon and Singletary in the backfield with Josh using any sort of RPO. With big targets like Duke, Kroft and Knox we could drive teams crazy with dink and dunk, runs by Josh or Singletary, dump offs and screens to Yeldon, jet sweeps by McKenzie and the threat of Josh taking off at any time. Baltimore seems to have a variation of this and it drives defenses crazy even without a true star. We have the O-Line, talent and weapons to move the ball and I blame the lack of creativity and use of weapons on DaBoll. He's neutered the offense and Josh. Let the kid play ball and give him a wide open field to do it on.
  3. The truly sad part is that Roman had Tyrod playing his best football. He designed an offense to play to his QB's strengths and now is doing it in Baltimore. We fire him while Rex ruins a great Schwartz defense. McD comes in and blows up the offense, while hiring an OC that plays to the QB's weaknesses. I have no doubt Josh could be doing what Lamar is doing and more in the right offense. This conservative ball coddling, sack of sh*t offense is holding everyone else down. Don't tell me Baltimore has more playmakers on offense than us. It's a wash. It's just this horrible offensive "wannabe-a-patriot" bulls*t that's screwing up what could be a great season. TBD posters are right! Unleash the F'Kin Kracken!
  4. It was just a bad mix. Wrong plays at the wrong time. And the thing that really pissed me off is when Josh would start to run when a play broke down and he'd hesitate and start looking for receivers then miss or take off and get 2 yards when he could have had 20-30 yds. Last year he would have taken the 30, this year its hold his balls in a sack. Very frustrating to watch drives stall like this over and over.
  5. NO! F'k NO. Pathetic to watch. I think it is regression. Defenses figured us out and Daboll snipped off Allen's balls and keeps them in a Petri dish at UB hoping he can get some of his own mojo back.
  6. BANG!!! These coaches have been stunting him all year and it's my biggest fear. Hell, he ran like a maniac last year and never fumbled. Why all the fumbles now. They have him so timid, it's sickening. This is an 8-1 team if they let us play ball. Maybe 9-0... I think we have it in us to get past NE if we unleashed the Kracken.
  7. Wood is still in concussion protocol if he thinks our offensive play calling is great.
  8. 3 cracks at the 1 and couldn't bring home the bacon. He's wearing down a bit and is not the type of back who can carry a team. HOF most certainly, but now a RB by committee guy who should move the chains and pound it in for TD's. I see him peaking out in the 800 yd neighborhood.
  9. We will see how it all plays out, but this seems to be the direction the D is taking. It seems mostly to be Jordan Phillips taking over for Oliver and perhaps Liegut rotates in. He's only 300 so he seems a little small to be the space eater and take on double teams. Thats V. Taylor and. he will spell Star and perhaps knock his snaps down. The big change is getting Oliver off the field and seeing if Star is part of the problem. Kudos to the Bills for addressing it mid-season. I think a lot of game film from the last 3 weeks is being digested and they are going to make an attempt to figure it out. If Chubb and Hunt run over us, it's going to be a long game for the Bills. The LB's need to be held accountable too. It will be interesting to see if a move for Dodsen happens and if Thompson gets some snaps now that he his healthy.
  10. Gore is definitely good for the team. He may have lost a step, but he's a great role model and influence for Devin.
  11. You can start by firing Daboll. Then you can get me a sandwich and join me in my office for some high profile meetings. I can share insider knowledge from TBD and we'll figure out how to get this offense rolling over a beer.
  12. Watch the all-22, it's embarrassing. On consecutive plays, Star got completely turned around and had his back to the rusher. He got owned multiple times and Peterson was running right past him without a finger touch.
  13. yes, they need to keep it this way. Oliver rotates in, but I'd let these two clog the middle. It works.
  14. I'm happy. A win is always great. However this team is not that exciting to watch.
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