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  1. Unless he knows how to magically make an accurate QB out of one that's...… not so much, don't have the time right now. My pain killers will be here in twenty minutes, however, and I'll give it a listen. (L-T disability) Sounds like it's worth the time
  2. Only football I.Q. He's a very intelligent person and I soooo want to be wrong. But trying to improve accuracy and learning to not be Superman are hard to change, especially the former. But I would love to be so wrong. I want the Lombardi before I die. My name on other sites was Win1B4IDie. Just one. Just wish Fromm's brain was in his body.
  3. Hearing the truth can really some people's ears... and feelings.
  4. "Overrated . Clap, clap, clap clap clap. Overrated...…… Actually, "Tua is , by far #1. the only question is between the strong-armed, great running, inaccurate, knucklehead and the guy with no weapons and is afraid of ghosts for #2.
  5. My sarcasm may have been too well disguised.
  6. Schedule ? Don't say that in front of Skip Bayless. Of course, now he's switched his allegiance to the Bucs from the pats, I think.
  7. since it's impossible for the QB to Regress, I'll say Spain on off. , with Beasley a close 2nd. Not sure Murphy makes the team so I'd say my fellow Beaver, Jordan Poyer
  8. Agree. The only other schedule difference is that they have to play the Bills two times and we get to play the Jets. So it evens out 💪
  9. @Sportsline ran 10,000 simulations and has the Jets winning the East 78.3 % of the time. Bills:11.9 % Patriots:7.3% & Dolphins: 2.5 % Unable to copy & paste where I'm at so if someone wants to add the tweet to this, please do. Has to be because of schedule. No reason to think they're the best in the East. What do you guys think about this ? Go Bills !!
  10. Then you are too reasonable and there's not enough homer in you. Truth is, he has to play much, much smarter to crack the top 12. Shouldn't we see a couple of games where he dominates before we crown him, "elite" ? He now has adequate talent to start throwing to guys when they are designed to get the ball. He has to throw it earlier and trust his receivers. If so, he can become very , very good. But I think it's too early think his jungle ball playing style will decrease and his QB IQ will rise. I would like nothing better to be wrong and he becomes a top 5 QB for then next 15 years, with a couple of Super Bowl MVP's. I would be amazed if that happens and hope it does. Go Bills !!!
  11. Despite never winning the Lombardi (yet), this is why I would never wish to be a fan of any other NFL team than our Buffalo Bills.
  12. I'm thinking that they should let football fans, not the West Hollywood crowd, design the uniforms.
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