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  1. Mel Kiper's new Big Board and Position Rankings

    he didn't have a choice on many of those. Collapsed pocket. My son is college TE coach at the FCS level and said(for what it's worth) the Wyoming had one of the worst pass protection O-lines in FBS. Still the low % must be investigated. Accuracy ? Bad receivers hands ? Bad receivers ability to get open ? Bills scouts, I'm sure watching the plays for all these guys
  2. Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting: Bills love Josh Rosen

    Didn't read the 1st 19 pages but if someone finds out the Bills Love Rosen then that probably means they love someone else.
  3. Playing Sherlock Holmes, what QB will the Bills draft?

    Mike White W. Kentucky is my guess as a guy not at the top of the list. I have 3 games of his recorded but the defenses are so bad in CUSA that who knows if he is REAL or not
  4. Can he go on the diet that makes you be able to cover running backs or tight ends ?
  5. If he asked the side judge if he was on the line and he said yes, how far he is off the line is irrelevant.
  6. Cardinals owner: We'll be aggressive in finding a QB

    And this will prove what? If you think demanding he answer your silly question, will make TT a good QB.... zzzzzzzz. He isn't. You lose. Let it go. You will convince no one who understands the game
  7. MMQB's 2018 Top 50 Draft Board

    We might BE one of the teams that get scared off. If he passed through 21 & 22 (won't Happen) this place would crash and burn. Also, Finally somebody agreeing with my assessment that James Daniels a better center than Billy Price. MUCH, MUCH better. I know it's QB topic but saw top 50 and stopped feeling like the lone Wolf
  8. Cardinals owner: We'll be aggressive in finding a QB

    Not trying to be sarcastic but who are these teams that are waiting patiently ? He's just not that good IMO
  9. PFF Rates the Bills 2nd in 2017 Pass Blocking Efficiency

    yes we can but how many sacks were because of Taylor's inability to read the defenses thus throwing the receiver open ? Don't want to argue with a fellow Riverside Countian ... just don't see an way TT could be a Super Bowl QB in Orchard Park......and if not, we must find one who IS capable
  10. Cardinals owner: We'll be aggressive in finding a QB

    TT missed throwing to more open receivers than Jalen Hurts, even when we had the Rams 'playoff' receivers. Me thinks you are wrong.
  11. Cardinals owner: We'll be aggressive in finding a QB

    Was just going to post something along these lines.
  12. Maybe he missed the 2nd half of the Rose Bowl Many that played in the Big 12 were very successful and some of them didn't have a great O-line But I believe he is much closer to Manziel in maturity than to Brees and Wilson at the same age. No it's not the boy scouts but it doesn't help to have a knucklehead be the face of the franchise. We need a franchise QB but will he be able to handle everything that goes along with the NFL ? I wouldn't mind having him but to mortgage 21 & 22. .....not so sure
  13. If Darnold doesn’t go #1

    TY.... Just rewatched the Iowa/Ohio St. game and two other games for each and I must be missing something because he seems much stronger and willing to get more physical than Billy Price. Maybe his pass protection is weak; don't know.But I'm not a scout, although my Son is a high school recruiter(NC. State) which means nothing. We all have eyes and opinions. Need to nail this draft Mr. GM !!!!!
  14. If Darnold doesn’t go #1

    If the help is Center James Daniels from Iowa this would be a very good draft indeed.
  15. Bills 2018 Mock Draft Watch

    BTW, guess this is only for us weirdo Draftniks like me, but I've been watching games of Ohio St. and Iowa and I have to say that the James Daniels of Iowa is a better player than Billy Price from Ohio St I know Price is a converted Guard so comparison not totally fair, but Daniels holds his blocks better and moves people ---> much more powerful than Price. I've seen mocks with Price in the 1st round but Daniels is better IMO and could be had (POSSIBLY !!) in the 2nd.