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  1. Cornelius Bennett or Butch Byrd and Howard Ballard
  2. Much better than just a ST guy. Really like this pick
  3. Interesting this love for butler. all 32 teams seem to feel differently. He had a few too many drops, as I recall. One in the end zone wide open and at a crucial time against , I believe Kansas St (not sure). Don't really see the love other than height. He sure doesn't play like a tough guy. I wonder what reports the Cyclone coaches spread among the scouts.
  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that QB's go flying off the board
  5. White is better than Edmunds..... not real close IMO. But he won't be there at 9
  6. RussellGary as well, Too arrogant.. And watched Florida vs. Georgia and LSU and not real excited about Jawaan Taylor. He played well but I wouldn't trust him against a good pass rusher. I coached linebackers for 11 years in Junior college so no expert on Offensive linemen but @ #9 seems a little high. But I haven't watched him much more than I mentioned.
  7. Don't think White gets to nine. But if he does you grab him. Figure out a plan with Edmunds and him. But you just couldn't pass on White if he's there. NEVER
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