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  1. Are you saying you would be surprised by these cuts then ?
  2. Didn't read the 20 pages but poster needs to understand the mental health risk of smoking Crack. But on the bright side it has been reported that he did in fact hit the broad side of a barn in practice. Didn't throw it open.... but still progress
  3. Wow. I must have been living under a rock. I had never heard that.
  4. Frustrating that the Alabama QB, the Georgia QB and the Clemson QB (not eligible for next years draft) will be seen on Saturday's and are significantly better than the QB we have made our commitment to. Just hoping the Dolphins don't lose so many games that they get Tua.. (Not sure about the Oregon QB---- could be as bad as Josh but we'll see). Our defense will keep in purgatory at 7-9
  5. He was a very good interview ---. was on many SportsTalk shows out here on the West Coast. Hope his family will heal very soon
  6. where's the laugh track ? Okay just below average
  7. Unfortunately, he would have to be brought back through a seance
  8. What's Jim Ritcher up to these days ?
  9. When you haven't won a playoff game in over two decades, your comment is about as weak and lazy as it gets
  10. This whole topic of how many bad OLiners we have is kind of a downer.
  11. Believe it means he is still very bad
  12. Game, set and match !!!! Life of the party ?
  13. But McBeane does make the draft fun ! It's the autumn where all hope ends, again
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