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  1. Do you work for twitter ? BTW, the Dolphins have the most talented QB, by far, backing Fitz.
  2. Finding it hard to follow ? I felt it was well thought out, but a view that many can't relate to or understand. Fromm was/is a knucklehead but I'm just happy that no other players, media or people on this board have ever had bigoted thoughts or actions in their past. Virtue Signaling is becoming the #1 sport in the country. Go Bills-----> Win1B4IDie
  3. If 31 QB's went ahead of you and you take QB #32 then you should be taken out and immediately be sent to the gallows. And I'd take Bosa and Foles over Allen and Hunter, every day. There are QB's in the draft better than Allen every year and usually more than 1. He's not elite so why bother. Take the elite position player over the mediocre QB.
  4. But what about his Guevara t-shirts ? BB probably has several of his own. Or Not
  5. Will they be interviewing all the 1st round Underachievers" ?
  6. Oh, I thought they were ranking the "Fastest" running back tandems in the league. Then, The Bills would probably be ranked a little high. I'm hoping we don't regret not taking Dobbins @ #54. That said, I haven't been this excited for a roster in, I really don't know how long.👍🏼
  7. If we go through each player's heart and/or actions, we might have trouble filling out a roster. Played with buddy who could not stand Caucasians or Asians. But on the field he was possibly the hardest working guy and a great teammate. But there was no way I was going to hang out with him off the field. That said, Fromm appears to be a Redneck but I'm thinking he's not the only one in the league. He just wasn't mature to "Just Say No" to the "Send" button.
  8. Unless he knows how to magically make an accurate QB out of one that's...… not so much, don't have the time right now. My pain killers will be here in twenty minutes, however, and I'll give it a listen. (L-T disability) Sounds like it's worth the time
  9. Only football I.Q. He's a very intelligent person and I soooo want to be wrong. But trying to improve accuracy and learning to not be Superman are hard to change, especially the former. But I would love to be so wrong. I want the Lombardi before I die. My name on other sites was Win1B4IDie. Just one. Just wish Fromm's brain was in his body.
  10. Hearing the truth can really some people's ears... and feelings.
  11. "Overrated . Clap, clap, clap clap clap. Overrated...…… Actually, "Tua is , by far #1. the only question is between the strong-armed, great running, inaccurate, knucklehead and the guy with no weapons and is afraid of ghosts for #2.
  12. My sarcasm may have been too well disguised.
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