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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that QB's go flying off the board
  2. White is better than Edmunds..... not real close IMO. But he won't be there at 9
  3. RussellGary as well, Too arrogant.. And watched Florida vs. Georgia and LSU and not real excited about Jawaan Taylor. He played well but I wouldn't trust him against a good pass rusher. I coached linebackers for 11 years in Junior college so no expert on Offensive linemen but @ #9 seems a little high. But I haven't watched him much more than I mentioned.
  4. Don't think White gets to nine. But if he does you grab him. Figure out a plan with Edmunds and him. But you just couldn't pass on White if he's there. NEVER
  5. I respect your opinion but I think McCoy might even get bumped up to Round 1 and Hodge; is he going to be drafted ? "WORD" don't give me nightmares, especially with CB------> and my last name is Williams
  6. If you drop to #13 with Sweat, Hockenson and Bush on the board and then draft a WR I'lll be a little more than pissed
  7. Good to know The arrogant "thread police" is on duty.
  8. Keep trading down so we can have the entire 7th round to ourselves😀. Or get 1 or 2 DL, a TE, WR, and a linebacker even if it means trading up to secure the guys you want.
  9. that would be sweet. he is going to play at a high level a long time
  10. Sutton and Hodge.... real doubts.... the rest are Gold !!!
  11. Beane has made the draft very "Must Watch" entertaining.
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