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  1. I've seen McDermott in that same outfit. Go get him !
  2. Hate exposing a very nice asset to other teams.
  3. How many players have gotten sick and nearly died before the vaccine ? Or spread it to family members and they have gotten ill or passed away ?
  4. What's your opinion on "Gutting" the Special teams anyway?? JK---> I'm with you
  5. Looking at the Bills depth chart, I think it's a crime that Gabe Davis is not listed as a starter. He was a great addition to the team. i know he'll play a lot but he is too good not to be a 1A receiver in the next season or two. That's all I have to whine about. !! GOBILLS
  6. I would think that they would keep 4 QB's, at least until after Game 2. And make sure they don't cut too many O' Linemen as they are needed for practice, but when all linemen are available then almost half of the linemen are going bye-bye. Trubisky didn't look much better than Fromm, although he wasn't in enough to get a good read.
  7. No idea but Deshaun Watson is not real high on my guess list.
  8. I thought he was a WR at Tennessee (Could be wrong). Did he workout or eat his way to a position change?
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