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  1. Is "Amazon" the new hip word for Amazing ? This topic/post will not make the Top 100 list.
  2. Josh Allen, our 1st and 3rd round picks for whoever is in position to draft TUA
  3. And Josh, reverting back to the knucklehead rookie we al grew to love has the, "We're doomed" and "Josh will be MVP" crowd hiding under their keyboard
  4. True. And it really hurts their strength of schedule for the 2020 NFL Draft
  5. Could someone tell the NFL network that the Bills and Giants played today ? See the Pats and Steelers 3-4 times now and no highlights from our game. Guess the wrong team won
  6. Kept thanking the Lord that the Bills were playing a team that couldn't take advantage of the turnover margin. Also, as much as I am skeptical that Josh will ever be more than average, I literally thanked the man upstairs that we have Josh Allen and not Darnold or Rosen ! GO BILLS !
  7. 4 turnovers......that is real Throws so much like him. He is "Cutler" that can run and cares about winning.
  8. Thank you all !! Appreciate the info. Go Bills !
  9. This may have been explained in a different topic but I would like to learn this: If another team wants one of our PS players, I believe they must put them on their 53(Hope I'm right on that). Would the Bills be able to stop this transaction by immediately putting their guy on the 53 or is their no recourse for the them ? Thanks guys/gals
  10. Guessing they are good golfers. The three that I know are very good. …… Oh, you meant at punting. No clue
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