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  1. Yep, after being clutch & barely ever dropping a ball in his first two years, and his playoff performance against KC last year, I have no idea why Davis even still sees the field! 🙄 He dropped maybe 3 or 4 this year by unofficial count... what is McDermott even doing? 🙄 By that logic, we'd have absolutely zero at tight end, because Dawson Knox would have long ago been jettisoned. And I don't know if you've ever coached anything before, but believe it or not, players tend to respond very well when their coach actually has their back and believes in them a little.
  2. Nice try, but "13 seconds" isn't even close to Seattle's goal line pick IN THE SUPER BOWL or even Atlanta being up 28-3 on Brady IN THE SUPERBOWL. Our poor tackling on defense & Scotty's 47 yard miss with the laces facing holder Frank Reich IN THE SUPERBOWL also qualify.
  3. So with the benefit of hindsight, Gabe dropped a catchable ball earlier, so therefore you believe that McDermott made a coaching blunder by not yanking Davis off of the hands team mid-game, which Gabe has presumably been on all season... got it. Just throw someone in there who hasn't even practiced it as much. Good plan. Who exactly do you suggest we put on our hands team? It's usually your WRs and TEs and others with good hands, right? So in your mind, if anyone drops a ball in the game, the HC is supposed to go tell the ST Coordinator to pull him immediately from the hands team? That's idiotic, and that's why McDermott didn't do that. Now in the case of an Isaiah McKenzie, who messed up enough returning punts to fritter away all confidence in his reliability as a returner... he hasn't been back there since. So McDermott does do the right thing when it is warranted. Go Bills!
  4. I'll also bite. Does Frazier and his supposed "bend but don't break" defense get any credit for adjusting & throttling Nick Chubb last Sunday? Chubb started out gashing us, then he really didn't do much in the 2nd half. We kept kicking field goals, but the defense also kept stopping that Cleveland ground and pound as well. And Dorsey has now officially "been figured out"!?!? Wouldn't that mean that Josh also has been figured out too? Yet Josh & Diggs have made the clutch plays we needed in the last week to garner us two nice road W's, however expected they were by the Vegas line. All I have ever wanted out of my coaches is to do just enough to win. Enjoy the ride, it can get bumpy from time to time, but nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Go Bills!
  5. I see, you want a smart guy like a Mike McDaniel or perhaps Brandon Staley (whom many Chargers fans want fired) "challenge theory"? 🤣 enlighten me...
  6. You can have your opinion, I just disagree with you. What exactly do you mean when you say Andy Reid and Mahomes would be hard pressed to lose games like that? We should win every road game? KC lost to Indy on the road in week 3 this year, doesn't that count as one? My point in calling McDermott our savior is because that's exactly what he is for this franchise. This whole Bills turnaround has happened because he was hired. He then brought along Beane & cleaned house in the scouting department. Defensively, they improved immediately under his influence, and the dynamic duo then did their due diligence & secured our QB position for the foreseeable future with #17, who is what every NFL team hopes to one day find. It wasn't luck, they trusted their process. You seem to find phrases like that & "stay humble & hungry" corny and/or trite, and that's ok. But McDermott is the one who actually changed the culture here. And that is so easy to talk about, but so difficult to do. Every coach everywhere talks about changing the culture when they are hired. Few actually do. From Gregg 'airhorn' Williams to Dick Jauron to Doug Marrone to Sexy Rexy... all of them tried to do it, none of them succeeded. McDermott did it, hackneyed phrases and all. In those post-game speeches, it's also very easy to see that players love to play for him/would run through a wall for him. McDermott is a true servant leader, he does whatever is necessary to help each and every guy become the best version of themselves. Including picking them up in his Silverado if necessary when they are buried in OP snow. Sounds hokey, but it has worked for us. To the point where a free agent like Von Miller actually chooses to come here. Go Bills!
  7. I respect your seniority & opinion. The stfu part was more directed at those that somehow now expect this team to waltz through the schedule and go 17-0 while covering every week since Vegas had us as the favorites - it's just not realistic. As Dick Jauron would say, it's hard to win in this league!
  8. To me, he was just very locked in on being a very good NFL head coach & did his civic duty by being interviewed in the first half for the NFL & TV overlords. The truth is, many Bills fans are now WAY TOO SPOILED by our recent successes. McD's post-game victory speeches do nothing for me. 🙄 The wins are not dominant enough for my liking. 🙄 Something is off with Josh, he's regressing! 🙄 And can you believe we lost to the Jets?! 🙄 And c'mon, what about that Jacksonville game last year?!!? 🙄 Y'all need to just stfu & fully embrace McDermott as our organizational savior & continue to Trust the Process!!!! Or do us all a favor & gtf off the bandwagon. SIncerely, Bills football enthusiasts who have been waiting for this kind of team since the SB years!
  9. Great job, Joel! 👍 What a stud-making power couple! (Joshy's mom still giving Stacy's mom a run for her $$$)
  10. probably his next read, but 17 obviously thought he had Crowder, who probably could have done a better job of not giving the DB a chance to make the play by boxing him out as the ball arrives porn isn't usually this good... I never lost interest!
  11. *subscribed* Excellent video breakdown of Josh's unique skill set by JT O'Sullivan, who had a cup of coffee or two in the league. At the 9:22 mark (deep shot to Gabe Davis), on the all-22 view take note of how well Singletary does his 1/11... GREAT job finding the pressure and saving Josh from taking a shot to the solar plexus upon releasing that one! Go Bills!
  12. given where we will most often punt from (~midfield)... Kern's experience & placement skills 'inside the 20' are exactly what we need in a punter Beane, with all due respect, this is a direct order: Get 'er done!
  13. your response tells me that you have not seen that movie! ☝️ I implore you to watch it at your earliest convenience. Starring Don Knotts as the embattled Head Coach, Ed Asner as the curmudgeon GM ready to fire him, & even Dick Butkus shows off his acting chops! Tim Conway is also in the cast.. Gus, the mascot/mule, proves to be deadly accurate as a FG kicker with unlimited range, and *spoiler alert* ... leads them all to the promised land 😆 I would argue that Major League is basically a rip off of this plot!
  14. OK now I know you're trolling me. Even if his leg is 'generational', his lack of hang time sucks for the NFL and is still a legitimate concern. You'd have a better point if he played almost any other position. Or if he were a Yugoslavian mule named Gus who could kick 100 yard field goals. 😄
  15. Laughable that the release of Haack should somehow make them pot-committed to Araiza's success or demise. Haack is a marginal-at-best NFL punter, and that's why Araiza was drafted in the first place! And with your poor golf analogy, you're trying to say McDermott & Beane should go all-in on the 'punt god' who might also be Bill Cosby Jr. because they already cut Haack. That's absurd. 👎
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