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  1. pimp on da' net

    Conditional Picks - The Pats

    In fairness to OBD, they are trying to build a roster by drafting and developing player w/ select FA signing sprinkled in...the Pats on the other hand have less turnover year to year. One caveat, NE has started trading for developing player lately using mid round pick, which I believe don't count against the formula. Case in point: Long before the draft began, the Patriots: Received a first-round pick from the Los Angeles Rams for Brandin Cooks Received a second-round pick from the San Francisco 49ers for Jimmy Garoppolo Gave up a fourth-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for Eric Rowe Gave up a fifth-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for Cordarrelle Patterson Gave up a fifth-round pick to the Seattle Seahawks for Cassius Marsh Gave up a sixth-round pick to the Cleveland Browns for Jason McCourty Gave up a seventh-round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for Marquis Flowers Received a seventh-round pick from the Seattle Seahawks for Justin Coleman Gave up a 2019 third-round pick to the Cleveland Browns for Danny Shelton Many of those deals also included swaps and tinkering with late-round selections I expect Beane to dabble with this approach this year with all these draft picks...
  2. pimp on da' net

    Conditional Picks - The Pats

    Are compensatory picks tradeable?
  3. pimp on da' net

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    This ^^^^^ I would like to see what FA are signed to fill the needs on the team and use the draft for player development & scheme fit. They have to protect Josh first & foremost then get some playmakers to go with this offense. It's more costly to sign WR's, CB & DE in free agency, my gut tells me that management will target OL, DT & TE position there and draft playmakers and develop them going forward. J. Williams may be the guy, if he grades higher than a FA OL pickup...A Dawkins move to the inside would be a great move, does McBeane agree with this assessment? Off-season moves should be very interesting either way...Go Bills!
  4. pimp on da' net

    2019 NFL Draft: Bills officially picking 9th

    Odds are favorable at 9 to find a player who can contribute... McBeane, Git Ur Done!
  5. pimp on da' net

    2019 NFL Draft: Bills officially picking 9th

    Anthony Barr & Tyron Smith are pretty darn good as well... CJ was a specialty back that worked well with a creative coach that schemed to his strength but a luxury type pick.
  6. pimp on da' net

    Poll: Draft Greedy Williams in the 1st Round?

    I would prefer we address the OL in FA...the new age college offensive scheme have made it very difficult to judge adaptability to the NFL. FA is a better route to fill the needs on the OL, imo...keep drafting & developing OL with the 3-5th rd picks for depth with the hopes of finding that gem.