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  1. Lived in SF for 30 years (and saw the BUF/SF no-punts game in person!), so while I'm a monogamous Bills fan, I have to say Go Niners. Really impressive what they've built in the last couple years.
  2. Didn't see this posted elsewhere -- mods, feel free to merge. Great film study by Baldinger on Singletary's performance against the Texans. Bills Future Looks Bright with Singletary at Running Back | Baldy's Breakdowns
  3. Morse was maulin' and ballin' tonight.
  4. Great thread! I'm in California and the only die-hard Bills fan in the house... but I'm also the cook/host. The main course will be homemade wings in honor of the boys in blue, fried and served after the game is over. Fortunately my family "gets" me and thinks this is appropriate!
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