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  1. Interesting thread, OP. I was an RB/DB through high school, voted first-team all-league RB for Finger Lakes East division in the mid-80s. Pretty good player on a very bad team. Recruited by several D3 schools, but decided that the time/energy/injuries to play D3 wouldn't be worth sacrificing the true college experience (partying, girls, music). The thing that sticks with me as a fan/viewer is how hard you have to work to be an all-around RB, especially in the passing game (route-running, crisp play-action fakes, and pass-protection). I literally still have dreams about trying to sort out
  2. Great teammate and had a few games where he looked dominant... but then got repeatedly overpowered by KC's Jones in the AFCCG... meaning, good but not elite. I would love to see him on the team next year but we should not overpay.
  3. NFL Network milking it with a pre-show from 8-9 pm (right now). Speaking of milking, Kay's sparkly dress is quite flattering.
  4. Now I'm picturing him in that 12 Days of Christmas video!
  5. This is great, Yolo! Beggar/chooser here: would be great to have the cap hit as part of the data for each player. But I'll still read/respond anyways!
  6. My words of comfort: "fifteen and four" Go Bills!!!
  7. Sucks to lose, but I'm very happy to be a Bills fan. This team has been an important source of joy in an otherwise bleak time. GO BILLS!
  8. I've always enjoyed their predictive analytics for sports. One the things I really liked about looking at their model today -- it shows that the Bills and the Chiefs are the only two teams left who have 14 wins this season. Fourteen wins! Still can't believe it sometimes. GO BILLS!
  9. As @Shaw66 pointed out in his Rockpile Review, Roberts is tough and his teammates feed off of it. A million years ago, I was the kick/punt returner for my high school team, and that experience actually makes me nervous watching Roberts. One of the hardest and most dangerous ways to handle a return is to sprint north/south at full speed even if there isn't an obvious hole to hit. The chance of a violent collision (even with your own teammate) and/or a fumble is extremely high. But on every return, Roberts accelerates to full speed and just trusts his teammates and his own abilities to make som
  10. I'll never complain about a win, but I most certainly will complain about the quality of the broadcast today. I lost count of all the screw-ups -- the announcers, the down/distance graphics, the scoreboard crediting the Bills with the points for the first LA TD, the doofuses in the truck showing the wrong replay angle time after time, etc etc. Looked like a friggin' juco project by the students in Video Production 201.
  11. No one brings more energy to the Bills sideline on gameday than Chad Hall. Dude is 100% fired up 100% of the time. I love it.
  12. Poyer's rankings in tackles clearly indicate how soft our rush D is. They're also a good reminder of how different our W/L record might be if he wasn't such a sure tackler in the open field.
  13. Interesting topic, OP! The one that comes to mind for me is Shady for the touchdown run against the Colts in 2017, trudging through about a foot of snow. It was the most Buffalo thing I've ever seen in my life.
  14. Bummer about Foster in concussion protocol. The Bills and the media were hyping the play that Norman made on Foster in practice, but it was clear that he dinged Foster pretty good -- landed full force on Foster's head after knocking the ball away. Oof.
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