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  1. the higher death numbers last week were for re-classes of people that died in April
  2. You want cases, we'll give you cases everyone's positive!! probably diverting real tests to the NBA in their bubble at least with the new test below now being used in other hospitals, your odds move up to a coin flip https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/covid-19-antigen-test-could-give-quick-results-but-is-not-foolproof#New-antigen-test
  3. this test is now being used in hospitals accuracy is barely above a coin flip who knows where else it is now being used to speed up the process https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/covid-19-antigen-test-could-give-quick-results-but-is-not-foolproof [Edit: here's a paper https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmed.2020.00225/full. It seems to be a lateral flow immunoassay, as discussed here. There are two parts to 'accuracy': sensitivity (if the patient has the disease, is it positive?) and specificity (if the patient doesn't have the disease, is it negative?). It appears the test is not giving false positives. That means it's actually potentially useful to clinicians and as a screening tool. Let's say you're screening 800 workers at a Tyson Chicken plant in Joplin MO. Assuming the test is not in short supply, you test everyone using it. Let's say 200 are positive. You still have to take and send 600 samples for RT-PCR, but you've just reduced the burden on your RT-PCR throughput by 25%, and you can tell those 200 people right away "we know you are positive, please isolate and we'll need to screen the people you're in close contact with." Similar thing for a patient in the ER who has symptoms that might be covid-19. You test for covid-19 right then and there. If the covid-19 test is positive, you admit them or give them home-care instructions accordingly. If it's not, you take a swab and send it for RT-PCR. Could potentially cut the burden on hospital labs by 50%. But to be useful in taking the burden off RT-PCR throughput and reagents, it needs to be used in a consistent and coordinated fashion, with a clear decision chart - not "ok, you tested positive with this test but we'll send your sample for RT-PCR to confirm" ]
  4. if it was available over the counter, the hospital count would disappear, damaging the narrative
  5. Snyder should consider changing the first name ass well, since the team plays in Maryland any equity int he Washington brand is long gone
  6. so how is the PCR test essentially fool proof for all positive results - even those with no symptoms but basically a coin flip when it genrates a negative result even for sick people with obvious symptoms
  7. they will drag out to the election with threat of the "2nd wave" NY already has minimal new cases and no deaths. they are already at herd immunity how can they justify any continuing restrictions
  8. As DeSantis has said repeatedly, Florida has had 6 months to prepare and has the ability to double their ICU capacity The data showing shortages is based on baseline availability, which is misleading for 2 reasons 1. ICU space is being used by regular patients - which is how a well run hospital operates. The Houston CEO's noted they were at 95% capacity which is the same as they were at last year at this time. Hospitals make no money from empty beds. ICU capacity can be managed to handle covid needs 2. Florida has planned to double its ICU beds and add the required nurses, when and only if needed. This availability is not in the media fear porn stats. Florida has plenty of hospital capacity to handle the covid cases. this is after all admittances to the hospital for other treatment are tested and added to teh logs , even though not in the hospital for ccovid also note that the hotspots of south florida have ports capable of utilizing the US navy hospital ships that Cuomo ignored - if the situation became as dire as the media portrays
  9. they are not getting sick they are only testing positive - which obviously means something a lot less than it did in NY
  10. from DeSantis press conf, 2 people at Orlando airport showed symptoms and tested positive. they tested the whole airport found 500 positives, no symptoms similar stories for migrant labor camps and prisons major reason why the count numbers are up and nobody is sick in hospitals also all people checking into a hospital for anything are getting tested. Many are testing positve with no symptoms, but it counts as a case and a hospitalization in the stats Testing is being done because there is a mandate for the states to test, Florida needs to test 30,000 per day
  11. no way to confirm if the case count is legit testing in the lab claimed >95% accuracy that a positive test did belong to a subject with the virus. only 60-70% accuracy in the total realm of infected subjects, as many infected generated false negative readings Recent case counts challenge the accuracy of tests. The bulk of those generating positive now show no symptoms. Since the PCR test does not isolate and test against the actual virus, there is no way to tell if these new positive case subjects actually have the virus. There will never be any visual confirmation of symptoms for the majority of the new "positive" cases. The testing accuracy may very well be closer to the 60-70% - which is no way to set national policy that graph is all projected numbers modeling at its finest you do realize that a well managed hospital actively plans to maintain 95% (in Houston) use of the ICU ward so they can, you know, make money and stay in business
  12. you highlight the challenge of with using PCR to test for the virus. The test is not binary- it does not prove if you have the virus or do not have the virus you are not testing the isolated virus. some brilliant scientist in a lab decided which portion of genetic RNA material should be tested then using best guesses decided which primers to bind to the RNA to create a fabricated DNA strip that can be compared to human DNA of course , none of this can be done without replicating that viral sample (and other genetic material in the swab) into 35 trillion items if the test is so specific, how can it be accurate when covid has mutated 18 times and changed the underlying genetic RNA material
  13. anytime your test requires the virus target (and everything else in the swab) to be doubled 35 -45 times, the test is subject to question at 35 times, you have increased virus in a single swab to 5 BILLION particles at 45 times, the particles explode to 35 TRILLION what could go wrong The PCR process was never intended to be used for diagnostic testing on any scale- due to the limitation of the very process at 45 times, positive tests are likely identifying some coronavirus since it is the most prevalent virus in the body (including the common cold) However, it may not be COVID-19 strain.
  14. based on studying real live infected people, the main WHO researcher determined that it was "very rare" for those without symptoms to spread the virus However, this conclusion was quickly condemned for not fitting the narrative The entire mask farce would be exposed since it would be clear that only sick people should wear them
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