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Bills chasm between Regular Season Success and Playoff Failure-Are there Football Strategy Problems?


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2 hours ago, Wayne Arnold said:


I really think McDermott acknowledges that this has been an issue and promoting a young coach in Babich to DC and replacing the entire defensive coaching staff (along with some roster turnover) will hopefully spark something that has been missing on defense these last four seasons.

IMO it will help. They still miss those playmakers like Jones on KC. As group the Bills defense is really good but lack that stuff defensive lineman and those corners like KC has. 

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On 2/11/2024 at 4:15 AM, Chaos said:

I am hopeful this thread avoids discussions of specific coaching or players.  

Here are some facts that are not in dispute:

  1. The Bills have had more regular season success than virtually any other NFL team in the last 5 years.
  2. The Bills have not translated the regular season succes into deep playoff runs


Here is a commonly held opinions:

  1. Playoff football is different than regular season football.  (I am personally on the fence on whether or not this is true)


For purposes of this thread discussion I would like to stipulate that Playoff Football IS different than regular season football.  Here is the question:


Are their any significant football strategic changes that could be made, that would result in playing better "Playoff Football"? If so what are those changes?

Alternatively, its fine to respond "flawed premise, the gap between playoff success and regular season success is because the Bills are less talented, or unluckier than the teams that win the Super Bowl"




Relevant to the Bills,  the big issue that still needs to be addressed IMO is playing consistent football over the course of a 17 game regular season.


Because I believe that's a big reason why they've failed in the playoffs is they always seem to have a midseason lull where they almost look disinterested in being on the field for weeks at a time. Yes they've been able to 'turn on the switch' so to speak in November/December to ensure they secure a spot in the playoffs, but not the next level one like the Chiefs have in the postseason.


And speaking of the Chiefs and the regular season vs playoff debate, ironically they are now at the point where the regular season truly don't matter for them. From here on out their real season begins in January. Obviously they have to keep making in into the tourney but it's no longer a question of having to secure the #1 seed and homefield througout, they know they are going to win wherever the game is held regardless of the opponent.

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8 hours ago, hondo in seattle said:


Generally speaking, I'm of the opinion that playoff football is exactly the same as regular season football.  Same rules.  Same players.  Same objectives.






Intensity is different.  It is win or go home.....and that brings a different type of mindset to the game.

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