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MNF Eagles @ Chiefs Game Thread


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On 11/25/2023 at 5:46 AM, Zerovoltz said:


...I stand by my post for the reasons outlined in that post...but my GOD...the group KC has can't run routes, can't catch a cold...can't hold on the the ball if they do catch it.  (sorry to repsond to this late...haven't logged into TBD for a bit)


And the Chiefs are still 6th in the league for passing yards per game with a 67% completion percentage.  Pretty good for Patty throwing to a group that cant run routes or catch a cold, so Cry Me a River.

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11 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:

Your Gretzky trade though here......has given me something to think about.  



Yeah sometimes bad strategy just works out or is overcome.


Case in point.......the Patriots........who should have won at least another 4-5 Super Bowls that they never even reached during their run.


They were head and shoulders the best coached and QB'd team in the league for almost 20 years.     But with the exception of when they went out and got Randy Moss and speedboated their way to an undefeated regular season........Belichick seemed to relish keeping the cupboard half empty..........and it wasn't just poor drafting.    It was like he wanted the challenge more than the ring.    He even benched his CB1 for their SB loss to Philly.   Imagine Andy Reid doing that.  But usually injuries and a totally unnecessary lack of depth would be just enough to let a clearly worse coached and QB'd opponent like Denver or Pittsburgh get thru and steal a ring.    We remember their late dynasty flourish of wins but they basically went a decade without winning a SB and should have won most of those.


As it pertains to the Chiefs..........I don't think the team that won the SB last season was as good as the one that face-planted in the second half against Cinci in the AFCCG(with Tyreek) the season prior.    That was just an aberration, IMO.    They don't match up nearly as well without him and they've sorta' turned into that Patriots style team that has to win a lot of games late by one score instead of just running teams off the field. 

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