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Tickets for game in Detroit ??????????


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18 hours ago, Albany,n.y. said:

Out of curiosity I have this question:  How do the people in WNY who are buying tickets plan on getting to Detroit when so many roads are shut down?  

This forum is predominantly made up of Bills fans no longer living in WNY.  That is my take, at least.  Tons of out of towners here who live not too far from Detroit and figure "what the hell, I can drive" so they are interested in tickets.  And they are not impacted by the snow in WNY.


NO DOUBT, there are lots of WNYers who are going to try to get to the game too!  How they plan to do that with road closures, etc., I don't know.  My advice is get up into Canada as fast as possible (if possible) and get to Detroit through southern Ontario on the right side of the lake where there is no snow.


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2 minutes ago, RyanC883 said:

anyone know when the public sale is?  presale sold out.  General sale id supposed to be at noon but nothing happening still asking for presale code?


if anyone has lower bowl on bills side DM me.  I’ll pay a slight markup even!



If the presale is sold out, I suspect there won't be a public sale.  If you look at the resale map on Ticketmaster, it seems every seat is either unavailable or available for resale at >$70 (upper deck).  I suspect you will see this price drop when we get closer to gametime, but the clowns that bought up the tickets trying to turn a profit don't have a lot invested, so they may just eat the tickets. 

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Add the entire process involving the sale of tickets for this game onto the list of classic Bills cockups.


Thanks a lot, Buffalo Bills!

Reminds me of days past when the team was good and tickets went on sale for the new season on Day X at time Y.

The rule was SHOW UP IN PERSON at windows at the stadium and PAY CASH ONLY if you want tickets.




And people flocked there like sheep and did it.



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18 hours ago, FrenchConnection said:

That secondary market will have to drop in price as game time approaches.


I expect they'll be back down to the original prices myself for those that want to get their money back.  Then there will be those people that will leave them at their asking price, since it's "only $100 I'm out."

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On 11/18/2022 at 3:22 PM, plenzmd1 said:

was this not the same? I remember waiting during Covid...there were always going to be plenty of seats available code, no code, etc,....anybody look on a browns board ? 

No. Each season ticket holder got a unique code. That only a small number were allowed into the ticketing at the same time. With a new group let in every 15 minutes. Eventually all 7,000 tickets were sold, but it was very restrictive. This was the same code and everybody was allowed in at the same time.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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