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Snow Blower Recommendations


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On 1/26/2022 at 6:05 PM, Nextmanup said:

Without question, Gugny, you are going to want one of these babies from German company Beilhack.


The problem is you will need to build train tracks on your property and you will destroy your neighbor's houses on either side, so they'll probably be mad at you.


But just watch this thing clear snow! 



The roof clear is sweet - is that an option or does that come standard?

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On 1/23/2022 at 12:07 PM, Gugny said:


It's the fuel lines getting gunked up.  I did (I thought) everything necessary to avoid this from happening.  After it happened last year, I decided to fill it with ethanol-free gas AND I started it every 2-3 weeks throughout the spring, summer and fall.


Started right up earlier this winter.  Started right up the other day, too, and I was able to finish about 99% of my driveway before it just died.


Repair guy told me that's all good stuff, but to start adding stabilizer to the gas on top of those measures.  I'm also going to keep the tank full at all times to avoid condensation (also his advice).


I haven't experienced any changes with the ethanol-free gas vs. regular unleaded.


These problems really do seem to only apply the newer machines.  I have a Troy Bilt lawnmower that I've had for 12 years and have done nothing to it but add gas and a little oil over the years.  Runs like a top.


If this snowblower sh!ts the bed one more time, that'll be it for me.  I just don't know how confident I am that buying another make/model will be any better.

In this thread I complained about what I thought was auger impeller issues. I gave up and called a local repair guy working from his garage.  He tells me a dirty carb issue and lack of power. Runs GREAT now. He drained and cleaned tank, replaced fuel line, cleaned carb, jet, bowl told me it was varnished up. New plug too.  He advised starting blower once a month all year and run like 10 minutes. Stabilizer in gas can, and after 2 months dump it in your car and get new gas. Ethanol free.  Even after all that carb may clog again.  My son told me he disassembles and cleans carb every year.  Same year & model Ariens as mine

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