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Josh Allen Embraces Technology to Transform Himself From Loose Cannon to Maybe a 3D MVP


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Josh is a coaches dream ... There have been many physically talented football players who fell short in a lot of other aspects 


Study , preparation, not accountable, lacks drive or attention to detail 


Physically, Josh Allen is absolutely a prototypical quarterback who looks like he was built in a lab... 6'5240... Rocking arm, great athleticism and ability to escape the pocket... Can drop a football anywhere on the football field


Then you have all the little things that were holding him back from reaching his great potential... Inconsistent footwork at Wyoming, which led to some scatter shot throws 


he never developed his lower and upper body in sync , cuz his arm was so strong he never needed his lower body... Which also created inconsistencies in his throwing platform  


Coming into the league his base was off... He had all the tools, his upper and lower body just were not working together 


And I don't know if I've ever seen a quarterback, put it together as well as Josh Allen has... And it's all a testament to the hard work of Josh Allen 


The amount of touch he's learned over 4 years... If you go back and look at his Wyoming tape... Is asinine


Going back to pre-draft.. I called Josh a thrower of the football , not a passer.. The scouting difference is in the advancedness of the quarterback


Throwers tend to be all arm, high velocity, low trajectory, ropes 


Passers , while they have the ability to thread the needle... Display higher advances of touch, timing and placement 


And the amount of improvement Josh has made on his passing ability is crazy... And I think it shows how he has not even reached his potential yet


Because he's still learning how to play QB



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19 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


The one thing that rots my socks in that otherwise excellent article is the beginning, where it is implied that Allen was basically unservicable before the services of this Hess dude:


It's really overstating the case IMO.  Allen did have 12 picks in 11.5 games his rookie season.  That's not great, but it's actually about the same as other rookie QB (Sam Darnold for example) who did NOT have that "much of the time he'd toss it to the other team" narrative about them. 

The following season, before he met Mr. Bionics, Allen cut the INT % to 2.0% and improved his completion % 6 percentage points, the Bills won 10 games and went to the playoffs.  That's better than "barely serviceable" no matter what Sam Momson says.


It builds drama and tells a better story when written that way, I suppose.


I agree 100% - the one nice thing in the article is that Hess does not take undeserved credit:



Hess won’t take much of the credit. He says his 3D mentoring may have created the pinpoint accuracy, but also says Allen is in his third year in the same system, has an elite offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll  — and has thoroughbred receivers such as Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders to run under his lasers.


I think Josh is just a special outlier in that way.  He seems to take and absorb teaching at a phenomenal level compared to others.  It is not with attitude - like I know what it best - it is with humility- I am trying to learn - that he goes into these sessions.


He (and many other QBs) work with Jordan Palmer, but Josh gets more out of it than let’s say - Darnold - Why?


Jordan Palmer sets up a biomechanics meeting with Hess and Josh gets feedback and asks questions and improves from that, but others don’t - Why?


Brian Daboll can be a get in your face, timebomb of a coach and that could totally eat away at a players confidence and make them shut down, but Josh and Brian worked through things and listen to each other and learn together - Why?


I think Josh is just something special when it comes to his temperament- he is smart, but inquisitive; he is a passionate leader that listens and learns;  He is ultra-competitive, but willing to accept he is not the best and defers to others that know more.


Overall - he is a bit of a unicorn in the modern NFL.




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