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King Crimson 2021 Tour (finally)


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Great dates in Florida and New York... the one down by the finger lakes would be the one I'd hit if I was still back home.


The Dates: https://www.dgmlive.com/tours?artist=1


The Article: https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/king-crimson-north-american-tour-zappa-band/


No Zappa Band for the one closest to us... Clearwater, looks to be the California Guitar Trio whoever that is, I'll have to look them up.

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33 minutes ago, The Poojer said:

Hopefully this will help end the abomination Fripp and his untalented wife have been posting on Sundays these past few months

Been going on longer than that. I remember when I stumbled on one just surfing youtube and I thought "cool"... but after checking out a few yeah, she isn't talented at all. One of them she was wearing a see through top... guess he's into fake boobs.

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We saw them in MI on Sat night and it was a great, great  concert.

There is speculation that KC's North America touring days are at an end.

Fantastic musicians and the three drummer set up works well.

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