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1 hour ago, RiotAct said:

there WILL be, or the county SUPPORTS and HOPES for the idea?



He sounded very confident of having full fans at the stadium, not a pipe dream or some far off goal.  Sports can not survive without fans.  It not a coincidence that baseball is aggressively getting more fans in the stands as they go thru the season.  Maybe the NFL could hold out more than the other three leagues but....the NFL loss 3 billion in revenues by not letting fans in last year.  They can't keep absorbing that loss in revenues every year.  

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And thats the kind of answer that will get this thread shut down.

FYI it all up to the government aka Cuomo and he may be in jail by then so, the short answer is its up to the feds and state government. If all goes well with the vaccines and we wave at the crys

By the Fall there should be no prohibition on gathering with others.  The vaccines appear to be very effective.     CDC Director Rochelle Walensky,  March 29, 2021; “We can kind of almo

22 minutes ago, Offside#76FredSmerlas said:

I just found out that this wasn't coming from the team but by the county so in hearing that it's not a Bills organizational decision.

true, but whatever health and safety rules would apply to the fans I would think will also apply to the team playing in the environs afforded to them by the County... right?

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