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Schedule release most likely in May

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Not sure I'm down with a Monday night playoff game, but if you're the home team hosting the game, the fans might get a bit more reved up no matter how many are allowed to attend.

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1 hour ago, Greg S said:

WTF with a Monday night playoff game. I liked the triple header for Saturday/Sunday playoff games. They should definitely keep that.

To be honest, I think the triple header was "too much" of a good thing. Maybe it is just because the Bills were actually participating this year, but as someone who normally watches all the playoff games, it was tough sitting through that many games on back to back days.


During normal non-covid times, I would be working on Saturdays, and DVR'ing the two Saturday games, and watching them after the fact, avoiding scores all day.  A triple header makes that a bit more difficult.  This year, my weekend job was shut down in January, so I was able to watch.  I think it was too long of a day, especially back to back.


But, I am also not in favor of a MNF playoff game either.  

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15 minutes ago, bigK14094 said:

Lets see....Monday night playoff football in the open stadium in Buffalo in January......naw.....I will pass.  (frostbite adverse I am)

Lets throw a dome downtown! :)

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